17 Best Real Estate Podcasts For Agents and Brokers in 2023

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Precious Oboidhe
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With the hectic daily schedule of a real estate agent, it's difficult to find time to wind down and learn up-to-date industry information and strategies. If you're always on the go and don’t have time to read real estate blogs, then our list of the top real estate podcasts is exactly what you need to grow your skills.


Many of these podcasts feature interviews with top-performing real estate agents who share their secrets to success. See the best real estate podcasts capable of expanding your knowledge, improving your business, and growing your sales.

Here are 17 podcasts to get you started.

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1. Real Estate Today

Real Estate Today podcast

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  • Host: Stephen Gasque
  • Why this real estate podcast rocks: You’ll gain access to fact-packed interviews with experts, learn about creating field reports, know about timely market conditions, and more.
  • Listen on: iTunes | PlayerFM

Created by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and award-winning broadcaster Stephen Gasque, this podcast is a must-listen for learning about selling homes, real estate trends, and how to increase home value. You’ll be sure to gain incredible real estate knowledge.

Start With This Episode: How to Sell a House

2. YES Talk

Yes Talk podcast

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  • Host: Kevin Ward
  • Why this real estate podcast rocks: You’ll get high-level training on the skills and strategies that'll get you more "Yes" from customers and speed up your real estate career.
  • Listen on: iTunes | PlayerFM

Host Kevin Ward is a real estate success coach and author of The Book of YES: The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Conversation Guide. In his podcast, he provides training on strategies, skills, and scripts that realtors can use to get a “yes” from clients.

Start With This Episode: Staging Yourself For Victory

3. Lab Coat Agents

Lab Coat Agents podcast

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  • Host: Tristan Ahumada, Jeff Pfitzer, and Nick Baldwin
  • Why this real estate podcast rocks: It explores “The Science of Real Estate” and raises the bar on what it means to live, work, and win in the real estate industry.
  • Listen on:iTunes | YouTube

LabCoat Agents started as a Facebook group on October 2, 2014, by Tristan Ahumada. One year later, this community was thriving with real estate agents, brokers, vendors, speakers, industry insiders, leaders, and experts.

They were all collaborating to create the best systems for generating and converting leads, including tips and techniques to grow their business. That’s what this podcast is all about.

Start With This Episode: How Not To Fail In Your First 2 Years Of Real Estate

4. Real Estate Coaching Radio

Real Estate Coaching Radio podcast

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  • Host: Tim and Julie Harris
  • Why this real estate podcast rocks: It features industry news, advice for realtors, and interviews with some of the best real estate professionals.
  • Listen on: iTunes | PlayerFM | Stitcher

Hosted by real estate coaches Tim and Julie Harris, this podcast has over 20 million downloads and 2000 episodes since 2014. It's an incredible resource for all agents, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your career.

Start With This Episode: 5 Things to Say to Master First Impressions

5. Coach Tom Ferry

Coach Tom Ferry podcast

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  • Host: Tom Ferry
  • Why this real estate podcast rocks: It’s filled with the knowledge, support, motivation, and tools that’ll help you succeed as a real estate professional.
  • Listen on: iTunes | PlayerFM | Stitcher

Tom Ferry, a real estate educator, is the host of this podcast. With new episodes each week, he creates training sessions for realtors to learn about strategies to improve their marketing, selling, and general real estate skills.

Top Pick: How to Increase Lead Conversion

6. Real Estate Rockstars

Real Estate Rockstars podcast

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  • Host: Pat Hiban
  • Why this real estate podcast rocks: It’s a tri-weekly show that uncovers strategies used by the best realtors and agents in the U.S.
  • Listen on:iTunes | PlayerFM | Stitcher

Pat Hiban, a billion-dollar agent and best-selling real estate author, runs the show and shares tips to make more sales and earn higher commissions.

Pat’s podcast has over 4 million downloads, 915 episodes, and features notable guests like Barbara Corcoran, David Osborn, Ryan Serhant, and Robert Kiyosaki.

Start With This Episode: Niche Down and Up Your Real Estate Income with Christopher Lochhead

7. It's a Good Life

It’s a Good Life podcast

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  • Host: Brian Buffini
  • Why this real estate podcast rocks: Besides featuring in-demand guests, you’ll learn about Brian’s journey to becoming an expert.
  • Listen on:iTunes | Stitcher | YouTube

Brian Buffini was one of the nation's top realtors who has reached exemplary success. He has added entrepreneur, author, speaker, and podcast host to his impressive resume. His coaching company has also served 3 million people in 37 countries.

This podcast explores the mindset, motivation, and methodologies of success to help you in your real estate career.

Start With This Episode: Why Self-Belief Matters

8. Keeping it Real

Keeping It Real podcast

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  • Host: D.J. Paris
  • Why this real estate podcast rocks: You’ll dive deep into how the top 1% of realtors, brokers, and agents built their practice.
  • Listen on: iTunes | Google Podcasts | Stitcher

If you're a real estate broker, this podcast is for you. D.J. Paris, President of Sales and Marketing at Kale Realty, hosts the show and knows how difficult it is for new brokers to find mentors. He interviews successful agents so they can share their stories and successes.

Start With This Episode: Michael Mandile — 73 Transactions in the First Year

9. CarrotCast

CarrotCast podcast

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  • Host: Trevor Mauch and Brady Winder
  • Why this real estate podcast rocks: The selling, marketing, and professional development tips shared here are best-in-class.
  • Listen on:iTunes | YouTube

CarrotCast is a 2x weekly show that dives into useful marketing strategies that can help you generate consistent leads and sales.

Whether you’re stuck on SEO, video marketing, and negotiation, Brady Winder has your back every Tuesday. And if you're a real estate leader in need of a mindset shift to get your business firing on all cylinders, you don’t want to miss Trevor’s sessions on Thursdays.

Start With This Episode: The Thoughts & Habits that Fuel Your Business

10. GSD Mode

GSD mode podcast

Image Source

  • Host: Joshua Smith
  • Why this real estate podcast rocks: You learn practical tips from real estate folks who dominate their space, do not accept mediocrity, and have clarity on their goals.
  • Listen on: iTunes | Player FM | YouTube

Joshua Smith, a realtor, coach, and entrepreneur, is the host of this podcast. With over 1,000 episodes, Joshua talks to top-performing real estate agents and entrepreneurs about their secrets to success. He even features his interviews with top realtors on his YouTube channel.

Start With This Episode: "The Sale Isn't Everything, it is the Only Thing! Learn to DOMINATE with Sales" — Luke Acree

11. Real Estate Realities With The RebelBroker

Real Estate Realities with the RebelBroker

Image Source

  • Host: Robert Whitelaw (The RebelBroker)
  • Why this real estate podcast rocks: You’ll get honest takes on the real estate industry and know what to do as a buyer, seller, or investor.
  • Listen on: iTunes | Google Podcasts | Spotify

This podcast covers real estate industry news. Robert Whitelaw, a real estate broker and realtor who began his career in 1988, is the host of the show. The show provides information for real estate entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and grow their businesses.

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12. Agent Rise (formerly Onion Juice Podcast)

Agent Rise podcast

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  • Host: Neil Mathweg
  • Why this real estate podcast rocks: It teaches how real estate agents can bring clarity to their business, break through the noise, and build a thriving real estate business.
  • Listen on:iTunes | Stitcher

The goal of Agent Rise is to help agents grow their businesses. If your real estate business is struggling or you need some quick advice, this podcast is for you.

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13. Top Agents Playbook

Top Agents Playbook

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  • Host: Ray Wood
  • Why this real estate podcast rocks: It explores how real estate professionals win more business and dominate their market in not just the U.S., but in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.
  • Listen on:iTunes | Stitcher

Ray Wood is the host of the show. Ray is an entrepreneur, founder, and CEO at Bestagents, a real estate marketing group. In his podcast, he interviews top agents to learn their secrets for gaining more business and excelling in their careers.

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14. Over Ask Podcast

Over Ask podcast

Image Source

  • Host: Eric Simon and Matt Lionetti
  • Why this real estate podcast rocks: You’ll be picking the brains of real estate giants like Jordan Cohen, Ryan Serhant, and Jas Takhar.
  • Listen on:iTunes | Spotify | Youtube

This podcast hosts the OGs of the real estate industry and presents insights in a fun and engaging way. Eric and Matt pack each episode with humor, allowing their guests to open up and dive into the strategies that make them succeed.

Start With This Episode: Selling $2.1 BILLION with Events, Follow-Up and Investor Content

15. America‘s Commercial Real Estate Show

America’s Commercial Real Estate Show podcastAmerica’s Commercial Real Estate Show podcast​​ Image Source

  • Host: Michael Bull
  • Why this real estate podcast rocks: It’s exclusively for people who're interested in commercial real estate-related topics.
  • Listen on:iTunes | PlayerFM | Stitcher

Catch up on the latest real estate industry news with host Michael Bull. He interviews analysts, economists, and more, and they share their insights into commercial real estate-related topics.

Start With This Episode: Crowd Funding for Commercial Real Estate

16. Eye On Real Estate

Eye on Real Estate podcast​​ Image Source

  • Host: Dottie Herman
  • Why this real estate podcast rocks: It features no BS advice from the richest self-made woman in real estate and many notable guests.
  • Listen on: iTunes | Listen Live

With an estimated net worth of $270 million dollars as far as 2016, Dottie is definitely a real estate Queen worth listening to.

If you want to stay abreast of the latest real estate market trends from mortgage news to the answers to all your real estate questions, be sure to listen to Dottie. Her 32 years of experience is a solid reminder that Dottie knows the real estate industry inside and out.

Start With This Episode: 2nd Hour Eye on Real Estate

17. The Massive Agent Podcast

The Massive Agent Podcast​​ Image Source

  • Host: Dustin Brohm
  • Why this real estate podcast rocks: It provides unfiltered marketing and lead generation tips for agents, brokers, and loan officers looking to take their real estate business to the next level.
  • Listen on:iTunes | Stitcher | Spotify

Dustin’s Massive Agent Podcast is interesting because it’s suitable for both novices and real estate pros. As Dustin says often, "If he can do it, YOU can do it!"

So whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner in real estate, you should jump on this podcast to get the motivation and advice you need to scale your real estate business.

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Grow Your Knowledge

The advice of a mentor or advisor is one of the best ways to learn and grow, and podcasts allow this expert knowledge to be shared with all. If you're looking for more ways to grow your business, brainstorm real estate marketing ideas next.

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