Are Salespeople Sending AI-Generated Emails and Messages? [New Data]

Tristen Taylor
Tristen Taylor


Salespeople have a tough job juggling in-person interactions, phone conversations, and email communication with multiple prospects and customers. The field is a buzzing industry that can benefit from artificial intelligence.

ai email for salespeople for better sales messages

Since generative AI tools are becoming more popular and salespeople perform many demanding tasks, AI-generated sales emails and messages might become a new norm.

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But just how likely is that? Why would salespeople use this tech for email communication? To better understand how salespeople use AI to communicate with prospects in 2023, we're pulling new data from the HubSpot State of AI Survey to answer. This study consists of 1,350+ business professionals in the U.S. in March 2023 on AI/automation. Let's dive in.

Why Salespeople Use AI for Email

Salespeople use AI for writing sales emails because it can help them nurture multiple prospects closer to a won deal using effective writing and automation.

Sales emails are an integral part of the sales process. They enable sales professionals to connect with prospects, share product information, and ultimately close deals — but only if the messages are timely, clear, and convincing. Let's discuss how salespeople would benefit from this tech for writing sales emails in more detail.

What AI Can Do for Sales Emails

1. Minimize scope creep.

Scope creep in sales refers to the time-consuming administrative tasks that salespeople have to handle as part of their job. These tasks include data entry, scheduling meetings, drafting messages, and updating CRM systems. It can eat into salespeople's time, leaving them with less to focus on the core aspects of their job.

AI can help salespeople minimize scope creep by automating tasks. By reducing the time needed to plan the communication process for each prospect, salespeople can use that time focusing on other key aspects of their sales efforts.

And in the context of sales email writing specifically, AI can help salespeople save time by automating the process of drafting sales emails. Our research found that 79% of sales professionals using generative AI believe the technology actually allows them to spend more time selling.

what ai can do for sales emails: minimize scope creep statistic

AI-powered sales email writing tools can analyze customer data, understand the prospect's needs and preferences, and generate personalized sales emails tailored to the prospect's interests. This lets salespeople send more personalized emails quickly without compromising quality.

AI Tool for Sales Emails

The HubSpot content assistant is an excellent example of an AI tool for salespeople to leverage. Content assistant tools natively integrate with the HubSpot products you know and love, allowing you to toggle between manual and AI content creation to generate copy for sales emails, messages, and more.

hubspot content assistant for sales emails

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2. Improve rapport with prospects.

According to the HubSpot State of AI Survey, 52% of sales professionals who use AI/automation in their role believe AI prospecting tools will boost sales professionals' ability to build rapport with prospects.

what ai can do for salespeople: improve rapport with prospects statistic

Building rapport with prospects is an essential part of the sales process. Salespeople should connect with the prospect, understand their needs and pain points, and build trust. This can be challenging, especially when salespeople are dealing with multiple leads simultaneously.

AI can help salespeople improve rapport with prospects by enabling them to send out personalized sales emails that resonate with prospects. AI-powered sales email writing tools can analyze customer data, generate sales emails tailored to the prospect's needs, and even adjust the tone of the message if needed.

Furthermore, AI-powered sales email writing tools can help salespeople track the prospect's engagement with the email. Salespeople can use it to identify prospects who are more likely to convert into customers and follow up with them — improving the effectiveness of the sales process and helping improve win rates.

3. Streamline the outreach process.

79% of sales professionals who use AI/automation in their role reported that AI/automation was important to their overall sales strategy, and the outreach process is a critical aspect of the sales process. The outreach process can be time-consuming, especially when salespeople simultaneously deal with many leads.

AI can help salespeople streamline the outreach process by automating the drafting of sales emails. In fact, 26% of sales professionals who regularly use AI/automation use generative AI to write emails, social media messages, call scripts, or other types of communication for prospect outreach.

Furthermore, AI-powered sales email writing tools can help salespeople track the prospects' engagement with the emails. Automated sales prospecting helps salespeople to identify prospects more likely to convert into customers and follow up with them. This improves the effectiveness of the outreach process and helps salespeople close deals faster.

How will AI affect email automation?

While we can't predict the future, we can look at fresh data and tell that AI will positively influence how businesses do email automation. We're seeing the real-time evolution of this technology, and salespeople should take advantage of AI as it evolves.

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