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Meg Prater (she/her)
Meg Prater (she/her)



How many times have you received a business email and scrolled to the email signature to learn a little more about the person, only to see something that looks a little like this:


sales-email-signature example

Yep, that's me. There’s nothing inherently wrong with my signature -- but is there anything really great about it? No.

It doesn’t tell my readers anything they don’t already know from my email alias and introductory first sentence ( "Hi, my name is Meg, and I’m the editor of the HubSpot Sales Blog.").

Other than your subject line, email signatures are often your first impression. Whether you’re conducting outreach or emailing a new customer, your email signature should grab attention, inform, and include a CTA.

So, I’ve gathered nine great email signatures from my inbox, and I’m sharing what they get right along with tips for how you can quickly transform your own signature below.

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Professional Email Signature Examples and Tips for 2024

1. Generate a personalized signature

It's important for your signature to be as unique as you are, so use HubSpot's Email Signature Generator to fill out the links, images, and fields that are the most relevant to your recipients. 

email signature generator

Source: HubSpot

2. Share your latest publications

I love this signature from Avenue Talent Partners CEO Amy Volas. Her email signature is engaging, informative, and action-oriented. It shows her readers exactly where she’s active online, offers the ability to quickly schedule time on her calendar, and links to her most recent blog posts.

Volas’ signature shows that she’s engaged in her work and industry, an active thought leader, and proactive about setting meetings. A playful quote also gives readers a glimpse into her personality and work values.


Source: Amy Volas

3. Include your picture

Humans like to help other humans. Including a headshot in your email signature makes you more than a faceless salesperson on the other end of the internet. Make sure it’s professional and appropriately sized.

Donald Kelly, founder of The Sales Evangelist, includes a sharp photo, a link to his website, and social media icons to guide his peers to other channels of connection. This signature is friendly and invites the reader to connect over more than just email.


Source: Donald C. Kelly

4. Tout your accomplishments

Sales expert Kristin Anderson prominently features her company’s most recent awards in her signature. Whether you’re emailing prospects or longtime customers, these accolades matter to them.

Prospects want to know you’ve been recognized by peers or customers as a top-tier company, and customers like to be reminded they’re with an award-winning company.

When you win an industry accolade, ask the awarding company for badges to include on your website and in your email signature.


Source: Kristin K. Anderson

5. Keep things branded

Include a branded image of your company’s name. It’s professional, memorable, and gives your reader a good impression of your business. My eye was immediately drawn to this SmartAcre logo in Marketing and Sales Technology Director Jenay Sellers' email signature.

Sellers also smartly linked to her company’s inclusion as an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company. Because not every accolade will come with a badge, hyperlinking is the next best thing to share news with your contacts.


Source: Jenay Sellers

6. Include customer reviews

Salespeople know peer reviews are one of the most important tools available to sellers today. Include a link to customer reviews right in your signature, like Senior Account Executive Jack Matsen does below. Make it easy for prospects to hear how great your company is -- straight from the mouth of the customer.


Source: Jack Matsen

7. Include a calendar link

Avoid the endless email chains of "Does this date work?" "What about this time?" by including a link to your calendar in your email signature. CMO Eric Quanstrom makes it easy for colleagues, customers, or prospects to grab time on his calendar without the back and forth that can sometimes lead to a loss of interest.

Quanstrom says CIENCE built an email signature template for their employees, creating a clean, cohesive, and well-branded first impression across the company.


Source: Eric Quanstrom

8. Share product announcements

Show prospects there are exciting things happening at your company by linking to your latest blog posts or feature landing pages.

This signature from Canva also includes a link to the company social media pages, which is an alternative for folks who don’t want to advertise their personal pages.


Source: Canva

9. Use a template

Don’t have a design team? No problem. Create an on-brand template to use across your company. This example, from Senior Director Chris Orlob carries Gong’s signature purple color across phone, email, and website icons, and wraps things up with the company’s eye-catching logo.


Source: Chris Orlob

10. Include a slogan or value proposition

"Your 6-figure sales career in 6 weeks " serves as a tantalizing glimpse of how you’ll benefit from CEO Josh Jordan’s company. It’s a quick way to sneak in a pitch without pitching anything at all.

Paired with a headshot and a Top 50 badge from Sales Hacker, this email signature is one to copy.


Source: Josh Jordan

So, what have we learned? Well, for starters, I have a lot of work to do on my email signature. This valuable real estate should be put to good use, so block off 15 minutes this week to refresh your email signature -- and don't forget to make sure it renders well on all major browsers and devices.

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