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February 11, 2016

The One Thing Sales Teams (Should Definitely Not) Suck At

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What's the one thing sales teams generally suck at?

Onboarding new sales reps.

It isn't anyone's fault, though.

It's difficult to nail down an effective onboarding program, but it's important to get it right because, according to sales and marketing research firm, TOPO:

72.5% of high growth companies hire sales reps with 0-1 year of experience.

That will likely apply to your company in the near future if it doesn't already.

But, most teams don't have an onboarding process and assume new reps already know the job. Unfortunately, this sets reps (and the team) up for failure. The sad part is they have the potential to become top performers, but only they receive proper onboarding.

If those reasons aren't enough, an effective sales onboarding process is crucial to:

  1. Maximizing the impact of your new reps' tenure (an average of 14.2 months)
  2. Growing your sales and revenue
  3. Scaling the size of your sales team

HubSpot has partnered with sales software company, Datanyze, to create an 8-week onboarding program that you can use as a resource to set the foundation of your onboarding process.

Click below to get the framework:


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