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Survey software and questionnaires help companies understand what customers want and how best to deliver it. According to research from Gartner, nearly 80% of growth organizations use surveys to collect customer experience data.

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Create surveys, contacts, and happy customers using HubSpot's free form  builder.

Survey and questionnaire tools help your team test new products, gauge the effectiveness of marketing efforts, and further identify user sentiment about your brand. With this information, you're better equipped to serve your audience the most relevant and useful content, services, and products.

In this piece, we'll explore 30 of the best survey software in 2023 to help you find the right fit. But first, we'll take a quick look at essential survey tool features and some advanced options for more in-depth data collection. 

Essential Features for a Survey Tool

While survey tools differ in form, features, and price, strong contenders should offer three key functions. They should: 

  • Allow the creation and customization of questions.

  • Gather, report, and archive response data.

  • Be shareable and distributable.

It's also a good idea to understand the use case for your survey tool, which can help inform more advanced functions. 

Some professional survey tools include options such as:

  • Intelligent survey logic: Users can skip certain parts of the survey based on previous replies.

  • Piping: Insert answer text from a previous question into another question.

  • Randomization: Randomize the order of your questions, so that users are not tempted to pick the first option just because of placement.

  • Question morphing: When dealing with complex surveys and multiple-answer questions, it's useful to work from a template, rather than start from scratch each time.

Now, let's dive into the top survey management tool options on the market.

1. HubSpot

Survey Software comparison, HubSpotGet started with the HubSpot Free Online Form Builder 

Did you know that you can use HubSpot for your survey software? The platform offers a free online form builder, which makes it an effective choice. (Not to mention it will fit any budget since it's free to use.) HubSpot allows businesses to quickly create conversion-ready forms with ease, quickly customize existing forms, and automatically transfer lead data from forms to your CRM. 

Price: Free

Potential use case: Creating a new, conversion-ready form to quickly onboard new customers.

What we like: The HubSpot form builder works in tandem with the HubSpot Service Hub to offer a host of survey, form, and feedback options for businesses. You never have to manually move any of the data to your CRM — it's already right there. 

2. Pointerpro

Survey Software comparison, Pointerpro

Image Source

Pointerpro (formerly Survey Anyplace) takes the guesswork out of creating a custom experience. It gets your questions answered and makes it easy to give something back to your respondents.

Companies choose Pointerpro because of its wide range of features. For example, the Formulas feature allows you to complete calculations within your survey to give respondents even more insightful feedback and deliver a personalized PDF report. With Pointerpro, you can easily transport respondents through to your CRM or email marketing tool and start building nurturing campaigns.

Price: Professional plans cost $69/month, contact sales for Enterprise, ReportR, and DistributR cost. 

Use case: Capturing data from customer surveys to inform business-driven analytics.

What we like: White-label options let businesses easily integrate Pointerpro into their ecosystem. 

3. Delighted

Survey Software comparison, Delighted

Delighted offers a variety of ways you can gather feedback on your service or product, including NPS, Employee NPS, Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), stars, smileys, and thumbs surveys. You can survey customers via email, link, web, and in-app for real-time feedback.

Customers tend to mention how easy it is to customize and send surveys. They also like the 40+ built-in free integrations. If help is needed, Delighted offers award-winning customer support to help you create a better workflow with such an extensive survey pool.

Price: Free plans are available. Survey Starter is a great option, and costs $17 per user per month. Premium plans cost $224 per user a month. Premium Plus Plans cost $449 per user a month.

Use case: Customization comes standard with Delighted, making it a great choice for building surveys tailor-made for a specific customer segment.

What we like: Delighted makes it easy to get in touch with users via email, links, web pages, and in-app options.

4. Mopinion

Survey Software comparison, Mopinion

Mopinion collects feedback and turns it into actionable data that gives digital marketing teams more insight into the voice of the customer.

Mopinion enables its users to create customizable online feedback forms (including various CX metrics such as NPS, CES, and CSAT) and trigger them based on rules such as mouse movement, time on page, exit intent, and much more.

It also includes comprehensive visualization in customizable dashboards, text analysis, and smart labeling capabilities. To act upon feedback or collaborate among members of your team, users can make use of proactive alerts, and connect to PM tools such as Trello or Asana.

Price: Standard plans cost €329 per month. Discounts are available if you purchase an annual subscription. For Enterprise plans, contact sales. 

Use case: Discovering insight about prospective customers based on their website behavior.

What we like: Visualization tools make it easy to see what's happening, where, and why. 

5. Nicereply 

Survey Software comparison, Nicereply

Nicereply has been around for some time and provides businesses with tools to build CSAT surveys, NPS surveys, and CES surveys. The tool integrates with many popular CRMs, including HubSpot, SalesForce, and Zendesk, and has analytics and tracking functions.

Nicereply has a beautiful interface, but it's also easily customizable without any coding necessary. While most user reviews are positive, some customers do note the lack of a mobile app for Nicereply.

Price: Starter plans cost $79/month, Essential plans cost $149/month, Growth plans cost $299/month, and Business plans cost $449/month.

Use case: Survey integration with CRM platforms to help drive business insights. 

What we like: A slick, simple interface makes Nicereply easy to use for beginners but has enough features for experts to find value. 

6. Survey Sparrow 

Survey Software comparison, SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is an experience management platform that helps businesses refine employee, customer, and product experiences. It combines the power of surveys, automation, business intelligence, and integrations — all within a single platform.

SurveySparrow helps users roll out classic surveys, 360-degree feedback for employees, chat surveys (chatbot for websites), and Net Promoter Score (NPS), each with multiple question types. Users can embed surveys in emails or even trigger an SMS by scheduling them. 

Their new case management feature, which enables you to create tickets from the survey respondents, makes it a reliable support ticketing management system. 

Price: Basic plans cost $39 a month, but discounts are available if you purchase a yearly subscription upfront. Starter plans cost $59 a month, and contact sales for Teams and Enterprise pricing information. 

Use case: Creating custom-built employee surveys to help understand current staff sentiment. 

What we like: Automation tools allow surveys to trigger based on real-time events. 

7. Paperform

Survey Software comparison, Paperform

Paperform provides a unique form maker with a mix of customization options and functionality. With its free-text interface, Paperform allows you to create surveys hassle-free, and you don't need any prior coding knowledge or experience. 

Each form is fully customizable, allowing you to add and edit your branded images with its in-app editor. If you don't feel like starting from scratch, Paperform has a wide range of survey templates for you to choose from to get you started.

The powerful editor is built for anyone to use and includes over 27+ question fields and advanced workflows to tailor your survey questions. You can send survey results directly to your respondents' inboxes and add conditional logic to build a survey that adapts based on respondents' answers. 

Price: Essentials plans $24 cost per month. Pro plans cost $49 per month. Agency plans cost $159 per month. You can get a discount when you purchase an annual subscription upfront. 

Use case: Building quick forms for customer feedback using one of Paperform's many free templates.

What we like: There's not much of a learning curve with this platform — you'll be able to begin making engaging, visually appealing surveys in no time. 

8. SurveyLab

Survey Software comparison, SurveyLab

Image Source

SurveyLab is an online survey tool and questionnaire software that enables you to create — you guessed it — surveys, automate response collection, and generate reports.

The tool also allows multiple data collection channels, including PC/laptop, mobile, SMS, QR Code surveys, and multi-language support. It integrates with most CRM and helpdesk systems. Most users appreciate the way the dashboard is organized and how easy it is to set up surveys.

Price: Starter plans cost $49 per user a month. Advanced plans cost $99 per user a month. Professional plans cost $249 per user a month. Enterprise plan pricing is available upon request.

Use case: Generate reports based on survey feedback that help inform new marketing and sales strategies.

What we like: Data can be collected via multiple channels to help companies get the big picture.

9. Centiment

Survey Software comparison, Centiment

Image Source

Centiment is an innovative tool you can use to survey nearly any consumer or a B2B audience. This all-in-one survey solution allows you to easily reach consumer and B2B survey respondents in 100+ countries and collect responses using any major survey tool. Or, you can use Centiment's own built-in tool.

You can survey the company's Audience Panel (a community of respondents) or purchase a license to survey your own employees or customers.

Price: If you pay quarterly, the Essentials plan is $69/month, and the Professional plan is $119/month. 

Use case: Build global surveys to reach customers in multiple geographic segments. 

What we like: You get to decide if you want to use the platform's built-in tool, or if you want to use an alternate that you're already familiar with. 

10. Pollfish

Survey Software comparison, Pollfish

Pollfish is a self-service market research tool offering real-time responses from consumers worldwide. It allows you to create surveys quickly and efficiently. This survey management tool boasts over 250 million respondents globally, so you have a large potential reach. Plus, you can use AI the platform offers to help build a robust survey in a matter of seconds. 

However, with such a large survey pool, it's important to check segmentation capabilities to ensure you're getting the insights you need for your particular business. The tool is best used for building personas, concept testing, NPS, or online reviews of applications.

Price: Visit the website for additional information and to contact the sales team. 

Use case: Testing new concepts or products on a worldwide scale with real-time feedback.

What we like: More than 250 million respondents globally help provide a comprehensive view of consumer preferences. 

11. YesInsights

Survey Software comparison, YesInsights

Image Source

YesInsights is a customer feedback tool that lets you receive instant customer feedback through NPS surveys across all platforms — including email, blog posts, and social media. Users are impressed with how versatile the surveys are and how easy it is to customize them. Additionally, the tool offers plenty of integrations, making it easier to reach more customers.

Price: Solo plans cost $20 per user a month. Essential plans cost $79 per user a month. Professional plans cost $149 per user a month. Enterprise plan pricing is available upon request.

Use case: Create robust NPS surveys to discover how many customers are willing to promote your brand.

What we like: Multiple integrations make it easier to extend the reach of YesInsights.

12. Startquestion

Survey Software comparison, Startquestion

Startquestion is a system for creating questionnaires, ranging from simple surveys to advanced forms. It has over 50 patterns to customize, allows you to send surveys as a link or in an email, and has analytics and reporting export functions.

Startquestion has a very easy-to-use interface, and users are most thankful for the premade survey options.

Price: The platform offers Free plans, but there are certain limitations on use. Starter plans cost $49 per user a month. Business plans cost $99 per user a month. Team plans cost $199 per user a month. Enterprise plans are available upon request.

Use case: Developing advanced surveys to dig into recurring customer preferences. 

What we like: More than 50 patterns make it easy to customize surveys without having to start from scratch.

13. BirdEye

 Survey Software comparison, BirdEye

BirdEye is a SaaS platform that helps businesses get closer to customers. Its survey solution captures real-time feedback and ratings across multiple channels, including review sites, social media, and surveys.

This all-in-one survey software includes review monitoring, review generation, review marketing, customer surveys, social, support ticketing, listings, webchat, business insights, and competitive benchmarking. Most users appreciate both the speed and ease of use of this survey tool. Additionally, it doesn't have a huge learning curve, so you can get begin immediately.

Price: Input your company details on Birdeye's website to get a comprehensive overview of your estimated cost. 

Use case: Get a sense of social sentiment around your brand in real time.

What we like: A simple interface plus superior performance makes this a great tool for companies just getting started with surveys.

14. Google Forms

Survey Software comparison, Google Forms

If you're new to creating surveys and questionnaires, you might already be using Google Forms. It's the beginner's go-to option and one of the most popular free online survey tools available.

Google Forms offers a wide range of options for online surveys. If you've used some Google products before, such as Google Sheets, then you'll have no problem setting up a Google Form.

It's fairly simple in its capabilities compared to other options on this list, but it's an excellent choice if you're looking for a budget-friendly, no-frills choice. 

Price: Free

Use case: Creating a simple survey to capture customer sentiment.

What we like: Forms is free, popular, and well-supported.

15. HotJar

Survey Software comparison, HotJar

HotJar creates feedback and analytics tools to improve your website's visitor experience. It offers polls, surveys, heat maps, conversion funnels, form analysis, and even test users. 

While HotJar is typically considered a platform for website optimization, it still provides impressive survey features to collect user feedback. Plus, HotJar offers some of its features for free, so you can try it before paying for any additional functions.

Price: Basic plans are free. Plus plans are $59 per user a month. Business plans are $79 per user a month. Scale plans cost $159 per user a month.

Use case: See how users interact with your website using heat maps, then follow up with surveys for more insight. 

What we like: Some of Hotjar's best features are available for free.

16. Typeform

Survey management tool, Typeform

Typeform helps you collect feedback, sign people up for events, receive job applications, take payments, and create engaging quizzes or interactive stories. Users love the intuitive interface, the app's design, and the interface's ease of use.

Price: Basic plans cost $29 per user a month. Plus plans cost $59 per user a month. Business plans cost $99 per user a month. Contact sales for information about Enterprise. 

Use case: Create a simple pipeline for job applications to be accepted, reviewed, and evaluated. 

What we like: Ease-of-use makes Typeform a great starting point for feedback collection.

17. Qualaroo

 Survey management tool, Qualaroo

Qualaroo is a SaaS company that enables businesses to gain valuable insights from their prospects and customers in real time. Understanding the "why" helps drive better business results — from improving your web conversion rate to increasing product engagement and reducing churn. 

Most users are happy with how easy it is to work with Qualaroo surveys. Additionally, they find the tools and export capabilities relatively simple.

Qualaroo offers an interesting approach to measuring user feedback called "Sentiment Analysis" by IBM's artificial intelligence, Watson. By using AI in its approach, Qualaroo can collect users' opinions, quickly analyze the data, and provide suggestions for improvement. Given its features, Qualaroo is one of the more sophisticated tools on the market, and the price tag reflects that.

Price: Price depends on the capabilities you're interested in. If you want contextual and email surveys, Essentials is $110/month, Premium is $249/month, and Business is $299/month and up. You get a discount when you purchase an annual subscription. 

Use case: Understanding what customers like — and don't like — in real-time.

What we like: AI-driven analytics helps quickly pinpoint user sentiment. 

18. SmartSurvey

Survey management tool, SmartSurvey

Image Source

SmartSurvey is a flexible survey-making tool that's user-friendly and has a variety of features. Users can choose from over 20 question types and customize the branding and design of their survey.

With this tool, it's easy to master the basics while still leaving room to grow with more advanced features. For example, it also has logic and automation tools that can distribute and personalize your survey to optimize its performance.

Price: Basic is free, Professional is £35/month, and Business is £60/monthly. If you purchase plans annually, there's a discount. For Enterprise pricing, contact sales. 

Use case: Develop a user-friendly survey that enjoys high click-through rates. 

What we like: Design and branding can be customized to match business preferences.

19. Survicate

Survey management tool, Survicate

Survicate is a survey software that lets you send surveys via emails or links. You can also run targeted surveys on websites, desktop apps, or mobile apps. Survicate has features that help you get more responses from your surveys, like letting you embed survey questions into email previews to make your surveys more accessible.

With Survicate, you can create surveys in seconds without any code. All survey responses are visible in a dashboard so you can analyze your data at a glance. Survicate has a two-way native integration with HubSpot, allowing you to create custom fields to store survey responses without having to dive into settings.

Survicate has +2000 installs on the HubSpot App Marketplace, making it the most installed survey software for popular use cases like NPS, CSAT, and CES. It also offers native integrations with other CRMs, email software, and analytics tools.

Price: Starter plans cost $59 a month. Business plans cost $129 a month. For Enterprise plan information, reach out to sales. 

Use case: Embed survey questions into emails, in turn increasing response rates. 

What we like: Two-way native integration with HubSpot makes it easy to create custom fields and store survey data.

20. Qualtrics CoreXM


Image Source

Qualtrics CoreXM lets companies quickly collect, analyze, and act on business insights. Using pre-built survey templates, businesses can easily build questionnaires that capture user sentiment and help pinpoint areas for improvement. In addition, multiple integrations allow CoreXM to work with existing systems. 

Price: Pricing is available upon request. 

Use case: Creating simple surveys that help uncover user preferences and improve decision-making.

What we like: A host of analytics integrations makes it easy to find data trends.

21. SurveyMonkey

Survey management tool, SurveyMonkeyImage Source

SurveyMonkey does exactly what you'd expect: It enables you to create in-depth surveys that give your team actionable insights and fresh perspectives on customer preferences. Companies can choose from individual, team, or enterprise plans depending on the features they need and the functions they want. 

Price: For team plans, Team Advantage costs $25/user/month. Team Premier costs $75/user/month. For individual plans, Advantage costs $39/month, Standard costs $99/month, and Premier costs $119/month. Contact sales for Enterprise information. 

Use case: Kicking off a larger survey and customer sentiment campaign with custom-built questionnaires.

What we like: Multiple plan options let businesses find exactly the mix of features and functions they need. 

22. QuestionPro

Survey management tool, QuestionPro

Image Source

QuestionPro offers both survey software and a research suite to help businesses discover more about their customer base. Companies can create basic surveys or opt for more complex research investigations — with more than 5.3 million users worldwide and 10 billion questions answered, QuestionPro has you covered. 

Price: For the Survey Software, you can access Essentials for Free, Team edition for $83/user/month, and Advanced plan for $99/user/month. Contact sales for Enterprise information. 

Use case: Diving into user experiences with in-depth research to uncover key trends. 

What we like: With more than 10 billion questions answered, there's a solid foundation for finding new customer insights. 

23. Jotform

Jotform, survey software example homepage Image Source

Jotform is all about powerful forms that get the job done. Companies can choose from forms that use conditional logic, accept payment options, generate reports upon completion, and even automate workflows. 

Using a drag-and-drop editor, companies can quickly create new forms, integrate them with existing apps, and enable payments directly through these forms.

Price: Starter plans are free, Bronze plans are $39/month, Silver plans are $49/month, and Gold plans are $129. When you buy an annual plan, you save. Contact sales for Enterprise information. 

Use case: Creating forms that connect to existing payment gateways to streamline transactions. 

What we like: Automated workflows help streamline survey data collection. 

24. User Interviews

Survey management tool, User InterviewsImage Source

User Interviews is all about connecting researchers and participants, in turn making it possible for companies to discover new customer insights. Used by research teams at companies including Spotify, Pinterest, and Adobe, User Interviews is a frontrunner in customer data collection.

It's also fast — studies can be launched in minutes and completed in days. 

Price: For the Recruit tool, Pay As You Go costs $45/session, Starter costs $175/month, Essentials costs $325/month, and contact sales for Custom quotes. 

Use case: Doing a deep dive into customer preferences by connecting with members of your target market.

What we like: The speed of sourcing and studies provides relevant, actionable insight for companies.

25. Zoho Survey

Survey management tool, Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey makes it possible to create new surveys in minutes and reach audiences on every device. Results are then displayed in real time and can be visualized graphically to help organizations understand key trends in customer preferences. 

More than 25 question types combined with features such as skip logic and piping make it easy to get started. 

Price: Basic plans are available for free. Plus plans cost $35 a month. Pro plans cost $49 a month. Enterprise plans are $109 per month. 

Use case: Building quick surveys that deliver graphical results to inform immediate decisions. 

What we like: Multiple survey features make it easy for companies to build custom questionnaires. 

26. Constant Contact

Survey management tool, Constant ContactImage Source

Constant Contact uses AI to help improve the reach and impact of surveys. Companies can connect with users via email, SMS, and social media. You can make use of marketing automation tools to reach more customers quickly.

Price: Lite plans cost $12 a month. Standard plans cost $35 a month. Premium plans cost $80 a month.

Use case: Leveraging AI to build surveys that are tailored to target audience preferences and saving time for marketers. 

What we like: AI plus automation means less work for your business and more insight on demand.

27. Attest

Survey management tool, AttestImage Source

Attest offers on-demand access to your target audience, helping businesses discover more about how their customers think, feel, act, and buy. Companies can reach more than 128 million customers across 58 countries, with results verified in as little as a few hours. 

Price: Contact the sales team for pricing information. 

Use case: Uncovering global trends in your target audience to help pinpoint ideal marketing strategies. 

What we like: Expert support helps companies navigate audience sourcing and make the most of their investment.

28. Suzy

Survey management tool, SuzyImage Source

Suzy is an enterprise-level research platform that provides end-to-end consumer insight. The platform is used by more than 400 brands across 22 industries and is capable of integrating qualitative and quantitative data to produce comprehensive survey results.

Price: Pricing is available upon request. 

Use case: Capturing a deep and detailed understanding of what your target market wants. 

What we like: Expert support and oversight come standard with every survey.

29. Respondent

Survey management tool, RespondentImage Source

Respondent helps companies find top-quality participants for user surveys and research. The process is simple: You post a project and payment rate, review and invite participants, and conduct survey efforts to discover insights. 

Price: Cost varies depending on if you're using a B2C plan or a B2B plan. For B2C, Pay As You Go is $39/per B2C credit, Basic is $33/per B2C credit, Advanced is $24/per B2C credit, and Enterprise varies. For B2B, Pay As You Go costs $65/per B2B credit, Basic costs $55/per B2B credit, Advanced costs $40/per B2B credit, and Enterprise varies. 

Use case: Discovering actionable insight about your target market that can help inform ongoing sales efforts.

What we like: Respondents can help cut survey time down from a few weeks to a few days. 

Make Surveys With the Best Tools

There's a whole world of survey and questionnaire tools waiting for you to explore. Be sure to figure out what features you need, what use cases you have, and what price point you prefer to choose the one that checks all the boxes. 

Editor's note: This post was originally published in May 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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