Meowijuana wants to get your cat high

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Sara Friedman
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  • Catnip, a type of plant that’s part of the mint family, gets cats high through a chemical called nepetalactone.
  • In the US, ~31.8m households own cats, and $42B was spent on pet food and treats in 2020.
  • Meowijuana packages catnip like weed and sells everything a cat owner needs, from treats and toys to accessories.

Is your cat stressed out from a long day of scratching everything in the home office? Meowijuana is looking to take the edge off with a line of catnip products packaged like weed.

The company’s hilarious packaging is marketing gold

You can get pre-rolled joints, a jar of buds, or a pill bottle for your high-strung 4-legged friend.

Customers (or their cats at least) seem to be loving it.

Meowijuana’s parent company, SmarterPaw LLC, just made the Inc. 5000 list for the 2nd year in a row, with 789% 3-year revenue growth.

And there’s something for everyone (with paws)

The company introduced a spinoff for dogs — Doggijuana.

With 5-star reviews like “Considering sending my fur baby to rehab,” it would seem this stuff is potent. Have at it, Mittens.

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