Creating a seamless balance between content and user experience is the ultimate goal when designing a website. 

Content keeps users engaged, but it can also become overwhelming if there is too much of it. Users can become confused, and if they can’t find what they are looking for, they’ll leave your site. 

Finding a balance between delighting your customers and giving them all the information they need can be complicated. Still, there are various resources available to make the process easier, and website tabs are one of them. 

Tabs are a navigation system that helps you sort your web content, making it easier for users to browse through your website. Luckily, WordPress users have access to a variety of tab plugins. Grow Your Business With HubSpot's Tools for WordPress Websites

While there are numerous high-quality tab plugins available, there’s beauty in simplicity. Below is a list of 14 basic WordPress tab plugins that anyone can use, regardless of industry. They’re straightforward, minimalist, and perfect for those looking to simply make their site look cleaner with no added distractions.

1. WP Tab Widget

This easy-to-use plugin offers a variety of advanced features, allowing you to customize tabs to your liking. The download includes 21 pre-defined templates for tabs, like ‘Related Posts,’ ‘Popular Posts,’ and ‘Recent Comments,’ which makes it perfect for those looking to use tabs to drive user engagement. You can further customize the 21 templates, and no coding knowledge is necessary to do so.

wp tab widget wordpress tab

2. Responsive Tabs by WP Darko

Responsive Tabs is a minimalist plugin, perfect for simple, content-focused tabs. The tab editor allows tabs to be rearranged on your site and customized with your preferred accent colors. 

The tab also has a breakpoint feature, meaning that you can decide when your users will see your tabs. The download also allows you to create shortcodes so that tabs can be inserted into HTML and placed on your website pages.

responsive tabs wordpress tab wp darko

3. Tabby Responsive Tabs by Cubecolour

Tabby Responsive Tabs is highly rated by its users for its semantic headers feature. Semantic headers allow you to denote important content within your tabs with heading markers, like <h1> and <h2>. This gives your readers a clear picture of what content is essential and helps your site rank in search engines. 

In terms of format, the plugin uses responsive, horizontal tabs. Customizations can be made within the website CSS or through the Tabby Responsive Tabs Customizer Plugin.

tabby responsive wordpress tab

4. Gutenberg Blocks by Ultimate Blocks

Gutenberg Blocks is a one-size-fits-all plugin. The download comes with 19 pre-made templates, including ‘Click to Tweet,’ ‘Content Filter,’ and ‘Star Rating.’ The tab can be made horizontal or vertical, and all further customizations are done individually. 

gutenberg blocks wordpress tab

Note: The Gutenberg Blocks tab plugin can only be used if the entire Ultimate Blog plugin is downloaded.

5. Wonder Tabs by Wonder Plugin

Wonder Tabs is an essential tab plugin, perfect for adding tabs with no additional functions. The download allows you to choose between vertical or horizontal tabs, and all further customizations must be done by the developer within the HTML. 

wonder plugin wordpress tab

7. Xpert Tabs by themexpert

Xpert Tab is a shortcode builder that allows you to create tabbed content to display on multiple pages. The five pre-set styles can create an unlimited amount of tabs, and show them on whichever pages. Customizations can be made within the CSS.

xpert tab wordpress tab

8. Squelch Tabs

Squelch Tabs is another shortcode tool builder. Tabs can be made vertical or horizontal, and all are accordion style, meaning that they grow and shrink depending on mouse-over input. This can help declutter the website interface without cutting down on your content. The plugin also allows for customizations.

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squelch tabs shortcode wordpress tab

9. Tabs by wpshopmart

WP Shopmart tabs download comes with 20 pre-set designs and 30 interactive animation features, giving your users a unique experience. Further customizations can be made to the layout, colors, and fonts if desired. All tabs can feature text, images, and video.

wp shopmart wordpress tab10. Responsive Tabs by Oxilab

Responsive Tabs are perfect for those who want to assess their options before deciding on a tab format. The ‘Live Preview’ feature allows you to make customizations and preview them before they go live. It comes with 22 premade layouts, and all tabs have the accordion feature.

responsive tabs wordpress tab

11. CTA Easy Side Tab by AccessPress Themes

CTA Easy Slide Tab is for those looking to increase user engagement. You can create individual tabs and use them to encourage your users to take a specific action, like signing up for a newsletter, downloading a photo, or purchasing a product. You can also customize the colors and add more tabs.

cta easy side tab wordpres tab

12. Responsive Tabs by I Thirteen Web Solution

Responsive Tabs are perfect for those with minimal coding knowledge. You can use the admin tab to create the shortcode, edit the layout, and customize colors and fonts. You can preview changes before they’re live and all tabs have the accordion feature. 

wordpress responsive tab

13. Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate is a collection of WordPress plugins with a tabs feature. It boasts a one-click shortcode insertion with live previews, and edits can be made within the CSS. Colors, fonts, and icons can be customized, and all tabs can feature images and videos.

shortcodes ultimate wordpress tab

13. Product Tabs for WooCommerce by YIKES, Inc.

This tab is perfect for sites using WooCommerce functions. Tabs can be added to products to provide further information to users, like product descriptions and customer reviews. Customizations can be made within the HTML. 

wordpress product tabs for ecommerce14. Slide Tabs

SlideTabs is unique in that its tabs are displayed as popups. You can place them on the side of any website window, vertically or horizontally, and they appear when a user clicks on them. This is perfect for those wanting users to dictate their own experience on your site.  You can customize tabs within the CSS.

slide tabs wordpress tabsNote: This tab requires you to download the Green Popups Plugin.

All in all, tabs are meant to make a website’s user experience easier. You can display all the necessary content to your users without running the risk of overwhelming them and having them leave your site. In turn, your tabs shouldn’t distract from your content, and minimalist designs can help ensure that.Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms  without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.

Originally published Sep 18, 2020 7:00:00 AM, updated September 18 2020


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