WordPress slider plugins can bring in a lot of value to your site by improving look and feel. However, you need to make sure that you use a good quality well-coded slider plugin or it will increase the loading time of your site to a huge extent.

Sliders are always considered as one of the most effective tools to attract a user's attention to your important content. You can use sliders to promote your revenue-generating featured content to drive more traffic to those articles.

Using sliders on a website is not a new practice, but you need to make sure the slider you choose is responsive to cater to mobile devices.

You need to look at all the features offered by the plugin, and if it's user-friendly. You will also want to find slider plugins, which are difficult to understand by a new WordPress user.

Nowadays, many WordPress themes come with a premium slider plugin bundled in the theme package, where you get a premium slider plugin for free. If your theme doesn't offer you a slider plugin for free in the theme package, we have a nice list of top quality slider plugins that you can get for your site.

In this post, we have collected the best WordPress slider plugins that will offer you an easy option to add a beautiful slider to your site.

Top Slider Plugins for WordPress

1. Nivo Slider

Nivo is one of the most widely used WordPress slider plugins. This plugin comes with huge flexibility and features that will make your site look modern and engaging with beautiful slides. The plugin is easy to use and comes with pre-made slider themes that you can use for your site.

How you present your content makes a huge difference regarding some page views as well as engagement, and Nivo has the potential to make things work for you. This plugin has all the features that you need to showcase your content in style.

Nivo Slider is completely responsive and mobile-friendly to make sure that your slides look great even on smartphones along with desktop or laptop. Nivo offers you automatic image crop features as well as custom image size support so that you don't face any issues regarding image sizes.

You have the option to create sliders from the categories and galleries. You can place the slider anywhere with the shortcode it provides you, and it comes with a widget so you can place the slider in the sidebar if you wish.


2. Slider Revolution

If you use premium WordPress themes for your projects, you must have already heard about the Slider Revolution plugin. It is one of the most popular and widely used slider plugins for WordPress that offers you tons of high-quality features.

With this plugin, you can easily create a great-looking slider of any dimension be it full-width or full screen. It offers you powerful admin backend and easy to use the visual slider.

It comes with transition animation styles so you can add captions to your slider, makes edits, and manage your slides at any point in time.

Slider Revolution

3. LayerSlider

Layer Slider is a high-quality responsive WordPress slider plugin that offers you easy to manage high customization options.

This slider plugin offers you more than 200 preset 2D and 3D slide transitions, easy to use drag-and-drop WYSIWYG slider builder, real-time previews, timeline view, Google Fonts, and a transition builder for custom animations.

This plugin comes with built-in lazy load options that will make sure that the slider doesn't affect the loading time of your site. It offers you 13 built-in skins that you can use for your sliders and three navigation styles, as well as multiple slider styles to choose from.


4. RoyalSlider

Royal Slider is a high-performing SEO friendly slider plugin that is created with HTML5 and CSS3 technology. Royal Slider is focused on performance and will help you to create a modern slider that will take your site to new heights.

You can populate data from Flickr, 500px, or Instagram to create your slider with a featured image from your blog posts or WooCommerce store.

Carousel supports YouTube or Vimeo videos that allow you to create video galleries. The smart lazy loading feature will make sure your site never gets slowed down due to the sliders.

Royalslider Plugin

5. Mega Slider

Mega Slider is a modern responsive slider plugin that you can use to create a slider with any kind of content, whether it be text, image or videos.

It offers you a highly customizable design with touch swipe navigation. You can create your sliders with easy to use a drag-and-drop interface to make it easy for any user to create beautiful sliders without any coding.


6. Hero Slider

Her Slider is a high-quality premium slider plugin for WordPress that offers you some amazing features and options to help you create a stunning slider for your site.

This is a fully responsive slider plugin for WordPress that comes with a drag-and-drop slider builder so that you can create stunning sliders without any coding or difficulties.

This is an SEO friendly slider plugin that completely supports the WooCommerce plugin as well, so you can use it as a WooCommerce product slider plugin to make more revenue from your WordPress store.

This plugin offers you some different arrow options, button options, you can create unlimited layers on every slide, and you can use multiple sliders per page.

This plugin offers you a video background option as well as a video element on a slider and comes with auto pause feature while a video is playing on any of the slides.

HeroSlider Plugin

7. Soliloquy

Soliloquy is a very high quality and widely used slider plugin for WordPress. It's really easy to manage this slider plugin and can be used by even a new user.

The plugin comes with over 100+ configurable hooks and filters that you can use to create a slider of any type as per your requirement. Soliloquy gives you complete control over the images you use for the sliders to help you make them SEO friendly.


8. Accordion Slider

Accordion Sliders looks very impressive, and if you are looking for such a slider plugin this is a great option for you. This is a fully responsive touch-enabled plugin that will help you to create a great-looking slider for your site.

With this plugin, you can easily show images from content galleries such as Flickr, which makes it easy for users to get started with the slider instantly. As the plugin is retina-ready, the sliders will look great in all kinds of modern devices.

It is SEO friendly and has a lot of amazing features like deep linking, lazy loading feature, breakpoints, and more.

Accordion Slider

9. Meta Slider

Meta Slider is widely used and offers a really easy option to create a beautiful slider with images from your WordPress media library. Just drag and drop the images you want into the slider section, and insert your link or SEO details for the images.

You can use the provided shortcode or template included to easily embed slideshows in your blog. This plugin gives you the option to preview slides before you make them live on your site.

It offers you effects and different slider styles to choose from, so this a comprehensive slider plugin that is a perfect fit for any website.

Meta Slider

10. Slider Pro

Slider Pro is a comprehensive premium slider plugin for WordPress that offers you tons of options to help you create custom sliders for your site.

This plugin is created to give you a great user experience in the back-end admin area as well as the front end of the site. You can create fully responsive touch swipe enabled sliders with a smooth transition.

Slider Pro Plugin

11. All Around

All Around is a high quality flexible all-in-one type of slider plugin that can be used to create sliders with both images and videos.

This is a perfect tool for any niche website, you can create a great-looking carousel for your business site, portfolio, and other details. You can create a slider with a vertical or horizontal layout and you have the option to select from 6 premade layouts.

You have a lot of flexibility and customization options to help you create the perfect slider you need. You can have your font, font styles, and color for the text sliders.

All Around WordPress Slider

12. Master Slider

Master Slider comes among the most popular WordPress slider plugins, it's a highly responsive top quality slider plugin. It offers you a number of amazing features and 25+ ready to use templates that you can use for your site.

It's an awesome layer slider as well, with the ability to add any HTML content in layers to attract your users. You can use this plugin to create a full-screen slider with a video background.

It offers you a number of amazing slider style options to choose from, and you can create almost any kind of slider with this plugin.


13. Cloud Slider

Cloud Slider is a fully responsive WordPress slider plugin that comes with 18 highly customizable skins that you can use for your site.

From a simple image gallery to a product showcase page, you can create any slider with this plugin. You can create a fully-featured 2D and 3D Carousel to attract users to a particular section.

Cloud Slider Plugin

14. xSlider

xSlider is a fully responsive SEO friendly WordPress slider plugin that comes with a comprehensive admin section to help you create stunning sliders for your site.

This plugin offers you an easy option to copy sliders, slider settings, and duplicate elements as per your requirement. Once you create the sliders, you can have a real-time responsive preview to make sure everything is alright.


15. Smooth Slider

Smooth Slider is one of the best free WordPress slider plugins for featured content, it creates a dynamic slideshow for featured Posts, Pages, Media Images, and Custom Post Types on a WordPress site.

It's a fully responsive slider plugin that will respond according to the screen size and offers you a beautifully smooth transition effect.

It comes with a powerful plugin options panel where you can customize your sliders and have a preview in the admin panel before you make the sliders live.

Smooth Slider

16. SlideDeck

SlideDeck is a beautiful slider plugin for WordPress that comes in both free as well as the pro versions. The free version of the plugin is good enough for general use and offers a fully responsive design so your sliders respond to any screen sizes.

You can create a great-looking slider with any content by using SlideDeck plugin, and you can use content sources such as YouTube, Flickr, WordPress posts, and Pinterest to create gorgeous, dynamic sliders on your site.

Content Slider

17. Easing Slider

Easing Slider is another beautiful free plugin that helps you to create fully responsive sliders for your site with ease. You can upload images in bulk by using the WordPress media uploader and use them for your slider.

It offers you beautiful CSS3 transitions to make your sliders look attractive, and you can customize the slider settings with a visual editor.

It comes with nice arrows & pagination to make the navigation easy for your users, and it offers you some extensions that you can use to enhance the functionality of the slider.

Easing Slider Plugin

18. WOW Slider

WOW Slider is a fully responsive free WordPress slider plugin with tons of amazing features and stunning effects. WOW Slider comes with a point-and-click wizard that will help you to create beautiful image sliders in a matter of seconds without coding and image editing.

With 30k+ downloads, WOW Slider is one of the most widely used free slider plugins available. As far as the effects and possibilities are concerned, WOW Slider is not less than any premium slider plugin.

WOW Slider WordPress Plugin

19. Responsive Photo Gallery

Responsive Photo Gallery is a Bootstrap framework based high-quality free image gallery plugin that will help you to create beautiful image sliders within a couple of minutes. You can add an unlimited number of images to your galleries, which you can showcase with the stunning animated effect.

This plugin offers you the option to preview images with lightbox and comes with two gallery layout as well as some different fonts to style your site.

You can place the image galleries in any WordPress page or post with the help of the shortcode offered by the plugin. You can create multiple galleries and use them as per your needs.

Responsive Photo Gallery

20. Jssor Slider

Jssor Slider is a very easy to use free WordPress slider plugin that offers you a drag-and-drop interface to create your sliders. This plugin offers you some features that are expected in any premium quality plugin you get for free.

Once you activate the plugin, you can use its interface to create your sliders. Just upload the images using the admin dashboard, write your caption, description or link, and your slider is ready.

You can re-order your slider by dragging them in any order you'd like. You have the option to preview your slider before it goes live on your site, and it even supports full-width slider.

Jssor slider plugin comes with 390+ caption effects/transitions, 360+ slideshow effects/transitions, 18+ arrow skins, and 16+ bullet skins. Overall, a great slider plugin for WordPress that you must have a look at.

Jssor Slider


Sliders are the best tools to grab your users' attention and drive more traffic to the important content of your site to bring you revenue.

We have listed the best WordPress slider plugins with proven track records that don't affect your loading time. If we missed any good quality slider plugin, please let us know by using the comment section below.

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