A Google map makes it simple for your users to find your office address. If you have a location-based business, you must use a Google map in the contact page to show the direction.

If you are using a premium quality WordPress theme, you will likely have the built-in Google map feature, so you will not need a Google map plugin added separately. The one page WordPress themes even come with this feature included in the core.

If you run a travel-related website, the map becomes even more important, as it can help readers visualize the location with more context.

Same for business directory related websites: there are some best business directory related WordPress themes that come with a built-in Google map feature, and if it doesn't have that feature already, you can use the following plugins.

In this post, we have collected some of the best Google map plugins for WordPress that will help you to add Google Maps to your WordPress site easily.

Top Google Map Plugins for WordPress

#1 - Google Maps Travel Route

Google Maps Travel Route is a very easy-to-use WordPress plugin that will help you to insert Google maps onto your site, and you can define the location in the dashboard.

You can place the map in the sidebar with the widget which comes along with this plugin and adds it to any post or page with the provided shortcode.

To use this plugin effectively, you will only need to have a valid Google Maps API key, which you can get here. You can easily change the color, transparency, and width of the route through the dashboard as well as change the marker icon according to your needs.

Google Maps Travel Route

#2 - WP Google Maps

It's a free yet powerful WordPress Google map plugin that will help you to create a custom Google map, with high-quality markers containing categories, descriptions, images, and links.

This is a perfect plugin for any WordPress site contact page because you will be able to easily add a map onto your contact page, thus making it easy for the users to find your location. It's a nice option for travel-related blogs, as well as to show the routes and directions.

It's a fully responsive WordPress plugin that will make your maps respond according to screen size, along with your responsive theme.

You can define your width, height and zoom level for your Google map and drag map markers to an exact location to make your map perfect.

WP Google Maps

#3 - 5sec Google Maps

A powerful premium Google map plugin that comes with 12 predefined markers lots of options to style your maps. With this plugin, you can add as many maps you want in any of your WordPress posts or pages.

The plugin is extremely simple, and you don't need any API's or complicated settings to make the best out of this plugin. You can place the maps with shortcode, and it also offers you a map widget which you can place in the sidebar of your site.

5sec google maps

#4 - CP Google Maps

If you want to place Google maps in your WordPress posts, this is a nice plugin option for you. You can define the geolocation for a post with the marker while creating a blog post which will be shown in the single post, and it will also show the markets in the related posts as you define.

This plugin comes with tons of customization options which will help you to set the map according to your needs. It helps you set the map with some markers, and you can also embed Google maps in multiple languages.

CP Google Maps

#5 - Intergeo Maps

Another very powerful Google map plugin for WordPress that will help you to create great-looking maps quickly. You can also save these maps in the library to edit later, and delete the unnecessary maps.

This plugin gives you the extremely easy option to embed custom Google maps into your WordPress posts and pages to make them sound more comprehensive if the posts are based on location.

You can fully customize the Google map according to your needs by changing the color scheme, initial position, and zoom level. You also have the option to create a direction between different locations.

Intergeo Maps Google Maps Plugin

#6 - Basic Google Maps Placemarks

A simple Google map plugin that adds a custom post type to your WordPress site that will help you to create locations with markers, which you can easily add to your posts or page with the provided shortcode.

You can easily change the marker icons with your image by adding a featured image meta box and customize other details of the map according to your needs.

This plugin also offers you the option to add placemarks to your categories, where you can control which categories are displayed on an individual map. It is a developer-friendly plugin with lots of filters so that the developers can customize and extend the plugin according to their needs.

Basic Google Maps Placemarks

#7 - Google Maps Widget

If you want to display a single map in a widget, this is the plugin you need. It will show a quick loading simple map that can be placed in any of the widget areas, and when a user clicks on the image, it will open the bigger map in the lightbox.

This plugin gives you customization options to change the look and feel of the widget according to your needs, and match the other content on your site.

Google Maps Widget

#8 - Responsive Styled Google Maps

This is a premium Google map plugin with tons of features to help you add great-looking maps onto your WordPress site.

As the name suggests, it's a fully responsive WordPress Google map plugin that gives you the option to place multiple markers on the same map, and multiple maps on a page. This plugin doesn't need an API, and it's super simple to use.

This plugin comes with a shortcode builder that makes it super simple to use the map in any WordPress page or posts. You can place a link in the map marker to point it anywhere you want, it offers you 50 colorful map styles or a hue color, ten marker icons, and you can add your marker to have full control over the map.


#9 - Google Maps Editor for WordPress

Another superb premium Google map plugin that will help you to create great-looking maps using the WordPress text editor. You have the option to choose between classic Google maps and five premium-quality map themes offered by this plugin.

Google Maps Editor for WordPress

#10 - Interactive World Maps

You can create as many maps as you want with this plugin and can have interactive and colored markers, continents, countries or regions.

This is a highly customizable WordPress map plugin, and you can take control over each and every section of the map to change it according to your needs. You can change the background color, box border, and width, and you can have individual colors for each section – plus a lot more.

Interactive World Maps

#11 - Cartogram

You can create fully customized Google maps with tons of amazing features. You can add the map in any of the pages or posts as per your needs.

It offers you the option to add unlimited amounts of overlay shapes to the map with a powerful administration of the map using Google’s drawing controls.

You can set up an info window, which will open when you click on the map marker. You can also set a featured image for the info window and make it open in the lightbox when clicked.

Cartogram Map Plugin

Final Word

A nicely set Google map makes your site look professional – if your site is location dependent, or even for a normal blog as far as the contact page is concerned.

The above mentioned WordPress Google map plugins will offer an easy option to add a Google map to your WordPress site, and most of these plugins come with highly customizable functions to make it even better.

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Originally published Jan 1, 2020 3:36:00 AM, updated August 31 2020


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