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Pinterest has nearly 500 million monthly active users, making it one of the world’s top social media sites and a prime choice for driving qualified traffic to your WordPress website.

Website owner installing a Pinterest plugin on their WordPress site

Aside from keeping an active Pinterest business account, you can promote your website on this increasingly popular platform by creating blog posts, images, and graphics with a Pinterest sharing button. That makes your content instantly shareable, allowing you to easily direct traffic to your site.

The best part? You can do this — and more — using a Pinterest WordPress plugin. A Pinterest plugin will allow you to add “Pin It” buttons to your images, as well as add a sharing button to your blog posts.

Now, let’s go over the best Pinterest WordPress plugins you can use on your site right now. Note: If you’re planning to use Pinterest on your website, it’s important to review how to use Pinterest for your small business — that way, you’re growing your audience on the platform and leading them back to your site to continue sharing your content.

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Top WordPress Plugins for Pinterest

1. MonarchScreenshot 2023-08-10 at 12.05.21 PM

Monarch is a powerful social media plugin that includes Pinterest sharing buttons, as well as buttons for more than twenty other social media platforms. You can place your Pinterest button in automatic pop-ups, side banners, floating sidebars, and above or below your content for easy sharing and pinning.

You can also place a Pinterest button on images and other visual media, but the plugin is careful: it doesn’t show the button until a user hovers over the element. That way, the media isn’t obstructed, and the user is prompted to share it only when they show an interest in the image.

This full-scale social media plugin will allow you to add Pinterest buttons anywhere on your site with an easy-to-use shortcode. Its customization options allow you to choose your Pinterest button’s shape, color, and hover effect. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our Monarch plugin review.


  • Ability to customize your Pinterest button’s shape, color, and hover effect
  • Includes buttons for more than 20 other social accounts
  • Shortcodes available for adding Pinterest buttons anywhere
  • Pinterest buttons automatically appear on images when hovered over

Verdict: Because of its premium price point and robust features, Monarch is a great fit for experienced website owners with a growing or established Pinterest following. If you’re just now exploring Pinterest to promote your site, consider going for a free option such as Social Warfare.

Pricing: $89/year (Yearly Access); $249 one-time fee (Lifetime Access)

2. Social Warfare (Free)

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 12.06.36 PM

Social Warfare is one of the most popular social media plugins for WordPress. It comes with all the features you need to create a strong Pinterest marketing strategy and grow your engagement on other social media sites.

Like Monarch, Social Warfare allows you to place Pinterest buttons anywhere on your website using shortcodes. Additionally, you can add sticky Pinterest sharing buttons that follow users as they scroll down the page, making it simple and easy to share your content.

This plugin is a simple but excellent choice. Like its most powerful counterpart, Monarch, it allows you to add Pinterest buttons above and below the content. Unlike Monarch, however, it doesn’t give you the option to make Pinterest buttons show up on hover, not unless you upgrade to the Pro version.


  • Shortcodes available for adding Pinterest buttons anywhere
  • Social buttons included for other top platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter
  • No image hover included
  • No customization options unless you upgrade to Pro

Verdict: Because of its essential features and free price, Social Warfare is an excellent choice for new site owners just starting to grow their presence on Pinterest — or those who are starting a website. As you begin to grow, you have the option of upgrading to Social Warfare Pro and gaining access to more functionalities.

Pricing: Free

3. GS Pins for Pinterest

GS Pins WordPress plugin for Pinterest

GS Pins for Pinterest is a different plugin than the first two in that it allows you to showcase an entire board on your website. You can show plain pins, pins with links underneath them, pins in a popup format, and more. You can also add a Pinterest follow button and a Pinterest profile snapshot on any one of the standard widget areas in WordPress.

This plugin is ideal for highly visual websites where you showcase creative work. In fact, the plugin is primarily used to show your “Pinterest Portfolio,” so if you’ve started a Pinterest board showcasing your work, this would be the plugin for you.

This powerful plugin allows you to add custom CSS and use a shortcode to add Pinterest boards anywhere.


  • Ability to display pins from any board or user
  • Shortcodes available for adding Pinterest boards anywhere on your site
  • Widgets available for displaying a single pin, a Pinterest board, and a Pinterest profile
  • Gutenberg-optimized with a dedicated block

Verdict: GS Pins for Pinterest is a great free option for both beginner and experienced website owners. You can begin to use it at any time in your setup process, but it’s a particularly excellent fit for you if you already have an active Pinterest account and would like to show existing pins on your website. It’s also a great choice for creatives with a Pinterest portfolio.

Pricing: Free

4. Pinterest Automatic Pin

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress plugin for PinterestPinterest Automatic Pin does exactly what it says: it automatically pins images from your blog posts on your Pinterest account with minimal intervention from you.

This tool is incredibly useful for successfully scaling a Pinterest marketing strategy without requiring additional work. The plugin will automatically detect images from your blog posts, and then you can handpick which ones you’d prefer to pin to your Pinterest board.

All pins are automatically linked to your posts, increasing traffic, and there’s no limit to the number of images you can pin. You can choose a default pinboard and establish default text for the pins. You can also choose which images you’d like to pin on a per-post basis.


  • Ability to automatically queue post images for pinning
  • Option to select which images you’d like to pin from the post
  • Pins are automatically linked back to your blog posts
  • Ability to choose a default pinboard

Verdict: Pinterest Automatic Pin is an excellent tool for distributing your content on Pinterest. While Pinterest Automatic Pin wouldn’t be the best choice for adding Pinterest buttons on your website, it’s a handy tool for anyone who’d like to distribute their posts on the social media platform. It’s especially a good fit for you if you’re an active blogger or plan to blog actively.

Pricing: $21 one-time fee

5. Weblizar Pin It

Weblizar Pin It WordPress plugin for PinterestWeblizar Pin It is a lightweight plugin for adding a Pinterest “Pin It” button that appears when users hover over an image. You can also adjust the settings so that the button appears in posts and in pages.

Don’t let its simplicity fool you: The plugin also allows you to customize the button’s color and size, an option you’ll see in Monarch, the most powerful option on this list. You can also disable the “Pin It” button on mobile to keep your site’s user experience bug-free regardless of the visitor’s device. If you disable the button on mobile, however, you could potentially hurt your content’s reach across the social platform.

The plugin is also a great choice for manually pinning your own posts to your Pinterest boards. If you’re looking to automate this task, we’d recommend Pinterest Automatic Pin (number four in this list).


  • Ability to show “Pin It” button on image hover
  • Ability to show Pinterest button in posts and pages
  • Option to customize the button’s color and size
  • Option to hide “Pin It” button on mobile

Verdict: This simple and free plugin is a must-add to your arsenal if you’re just ramping up your Pinterest strategy. Its easy setup and minimal buy-in makes it a great choice for new website owners or for those who are still building their following on Pinterest. Once you’ve gotten more followers, you can upgrade to a more robust tool such as Monarch.

Pricing: Free

6. Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons WordPress plugin for PinterestEasy Social Share Buttons is a premium WordPress plugin for managing and growing your Pinterest presence on and off your website. As a full-scale social media plugin, it also allows you to grow your follower base on other social platforms.

The plugin’s Pinterest-specific features are impressive. You can automatically add “Pin It” buttons to images in your blog posts and pages. You can also create shareable quotes that can be pinned by users. This last feature is not available in any other tool on this list, so if you’d like quotes from your blog post to be pinnable, this is most definitely the plugin for you.

In terms of customization, you have access to five button styles, thirty button animations, and more than fifty templates for your social buttons. You can also control the size and alignment of the buttons.


  • Ability to show “Pin It” button on image hover
  • Extensive customization options for Pinterest buttons, including color, animation, and size
  • Includes buttons for more than 50 other social accounts
  • Includes a “share counter” that shows your popularity on the platform

Verdict: Easy Social Share Buttons is up there with Monarch in terms of functionalities and features, but comes at a much lower price. Because the investment is smaller, it’s a great option for any website owner with a new or established Pinterest account. It also offers the additional benefit of growing your presence on other social media platforms.

Pricing: $22 one-time fee

7. Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share WordPress plugin for PinterestSassy Social Share is one of WordPress’ most popular social media plugins and a handy tool for adding Pinterest buttons on your website. Like Monarch and Easy Social Share Buttons, Sassy Social Share allows you to customize the button’s appearance down to its size, color, and shape.

You can customize the target URL for your Pinterest buttons and add a counter to show the popularity of your content on the social platform. The one limitation of this plugin is that there’s no option to add a “Pin It” button when users hover over an image. However, if you still have a Pinterest button above or below the blog post, Pinterest will automatically choose the featured image as the pin, so that’s one potential workaround.


  • Extensive icon customization options to rival paid tools
  • Official button design included for Pinterest
  • Ability to add a share counter to Pinterest buttons
  • No “Pin It” button on image hover

Verdict: As a free tool, Sassy Social Share packs plenty of Pinterest-friendly features that will please both new and experienced website owners. Whether you choose it over another plugin will depend on whether you enjoy the backend experience and like the front-end button designs.

Pricing: Free

8. PI Button

PI Button WordPress plugin for PinterestPI Button is a simple and free plugin for adding a “Pin It” button to images in your pages and blog posts. You can also add a Pinterest follow button, as well as a Pinterest board in common WordPress widget areas such as the sidebar and footer.

Like the more powerful options on this list, PI Button allows you to customize the button’s color, size, and shape. Even more importantly, it gives you access to shortcodes that you can use to add a Pinterest profile and pinboard widget on any section of your site.

This plugin’s standout feature is its latest pins feed. You can create a feed to generate engagement for your latest pins.


  • Ability to change the color, shape, and size of Pinterest buttons
  • Shortcodes available for adding Pinterest buttons and widgets anywhere
  • Ability to display a feed of your latest pins
  • “Pin It” button on image hover

Verdict: PI Button is a surprisingly robust tool for its free price. With essential customization options and diverse widgets, it’s an excellent tool for any website owner interested in seriously growing their engagement on Pinterest.

Pricing: Free

Use a Pinterest Plugin to Grow Your Following on Pinterest

Using a Pinterest plugin is critical for anyone who wants to gain traffic from Pinterest and grow their presence on the platform. With a Pinterest plugin, you can make your posts and images automatically pinnable and optimize your WordPress website for engagement. A plugin will empower you to tap into the platform’s expansive user base, driving them to your website and helping you gain more customers.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in October 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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