This is a comprehensive collection of the best social media plugins for WordPress. 

Social media is an integral part of any online-or offline-business these days. If you are ignoring social media, you are ignoring a huge customer base; social media is a huge source of traffic for your website.

There are some amazing social media WordPress plugins that you can use to promote your website. There are also some social media plugins for WordPress that are created to integrate social media functionality into your site.

When we talk about effective social media integration, it's not only about placing social sharing buttons on the site, but looking at many other aspects such as where you are placing the buttons, the quality of the plugin, making sure it is not affecting the overall loading speed of your site and so on.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and StumbleUpon are the most popular among social media sites, though there are many other social sites that can be equally effective if used properly. However, you must decide which social media sites you want to be active on.

The plugins covered in this article are those which are tried and tested by some users and get a big thumbs-up.

These plugins come with a nice user interface because when it comes to social media presence, the design makes a huge difference.


 Best Premium Social Media Plugins for WordPress

1. Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts is a well-known and effective plugin that will help to guide constant traffic to the older posts on your blog. With this plugin, you can completely automate the process of sharing your old posts; you can schedule it and add hashtags right from your WordPress dashboard.

We all know that the traffic from social media sites depends on a lot on the activeness of your account. If you don't share anything, you will never be able to grow your account and drive traffic. However, sharing your old posts manually can be a time-consuming process.

You can use this plugin to save time and make sure that your accounts are always active with new content. With this plugin, you can share your posts on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, etc.

You can share any content on your site be it a post, page or even the custom post types. You can automate the process and have complete control over the content you share; you can add the hashtag, mention a @username and even add custom text while sharing the content.

The Revive Old Posts plugin can add hashtags automatically from the category or tags. It allows complete automation of the process as far as sharing on social media is concerned. The best part is that you will have full control and you don't have to leave your site to do any of this.

As you keep on adding new posts to your sites, the earlier posts go out of the homepage, thus reducing the number of clicks and traffic to those posts. If you re-share them on social media sites, it will bring new life to those posts and help you drive fresh traffic.

You can also share your old posts as many times as you want to make sure that you don't miss out on any users based on different time zone. You can schedule your posts accordingly at regular intervals.

You can use the URL shortening services you use for sharing with the Google Analytics account and track the popularity of your posts and the number of clicks you receive.

revive old Posts

2. Kiwi Social Sharing

An easy to use yet comprehensive social sharing plugin, Kiwi Social Sharing gives you all the options to attract your users' attention. This plugin has a free and premium version that you can use on your WordPress site.

Kiwi Social Sharing supports all the leading social networking sites, so you can quickly set it up and increase your social media traffic. There are many social media sharing options in the market, but most of them will slow down your site; Kiwi stands out in this regard because it will not affect the loading speed of your site.

No matter where you place the social sharing buttons, they will surely attract your visitors' attention. You have the option to place the buttons above and below your content; you can also set the floating icons so that they grab attention at all times.

This plugin also offers you the ready tweet feature, so that your users can just click and share your post on Twitter.

The Kiwi Social Sharing plugin comes with a quick drag-and-drop setup option so that you can drag and rearrange the sharing elements. As far as the customization is concerned, it offers you four different button designs to choose from and unlimited color options to style your buttons.

kiwi social sharing button

3. Spotlight

If you’re looking for a plugin to help display your Instagram photos on your WordPress site, consider Spotlight.

With this plugin, you can add a live interactive preview of your Instagram feed without typing a single line of code. Spotlight is fully responsive and will adapt the gallery for any device a visitor may be using. The plugin is highly customizable — it pulls your theme’s font style and allows you to make over 40 customizations (such as the number of posts, padding size, layout, button styles, and background color).

Spotlight PRO unlocks a number of additional features. One useful feature is the ability to display tagged posts or hashtag posts from all over Instagram. Another feature in PRO is the ability to filter and moderate posts. This comes in handy if you want to hide certain posts from your feed based on the caption or hashtag — or if you want to manually curate posts on your feed.

The biggest differentiator of PRO is the Promote feature that lets you link specific photos to blog posts, products, pages, or any custom URL. This allows you to drive conversions directly from the embedded feed.


4. Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

Monarch by ElegentThemes is another social media plugin for WordPress that deserves your attention. It comes with over 20 social sharing networks to display on your website. You may add and arrange any number of available networks as you wish.

As mentioned above, the placement of the social sharing buttons can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your social media promotion. Monarch offers you a large selection of locations you can choose to place the sharing buttons.

Another amazing feature of Monarch is the image sharing option. We all know that sharing images on social media sites can make a huge difference to the success of your social media promotion. You'd normally need a different WordPress plugin to share media files on social networks, but Monarch can do that job for you as well.

monarch Social Sharing Plugin

5. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a fully responsive social sharing plugin for WordPress. This plugin offers beautiful and highly customizable social sharing buttons for your WordPress site. This plugin helps you to create in-post tweetable quotes that make it super easy for the users to share your custom messages.

It also offers you an option to upload Pinterest-specific images and descriptions that will help any blog to drive a lot of traffic from the popular image sharing platform. It comes with a widget that will help you to showcase the most popular content on your site depending on the number of social shares.

This plugin also gives you a comprehensive analysis of the social data; it automatically adds UTM tracking to every shared link so you can see how your social shares are performing, and there are some other amazing features that make it one of the best social media plugin for WordPress.



6. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is one of the most important picks.

If you have a license for this plugin, you don't need to look at any other social media plugin, because it's a comprehensive solution for social media integration for WordPress. It provides you some options and features to play around with and design your social sharing buttons as you like them.

This plugin is very powerful and flexible; you can adjust all the features of this plugin to match your needs. For example, you can choose where you want to display the social sharing buttons, how you want to display the buttons, and the design of the buttons, as well as switching on or off social counters and so on.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress comes with some built-in options regarding the designs that you can select and display on your site. You also won't need another plugin for promoting your social media profiles; it comes with a widget that you can place in the sidebar or anywhere you want with the shortcode to display your profiles and the count of fans following them.


7. SocialFans

This is another exceptionally effective social media plugin for WordPress.

It's a premium quality, retina-ready, and responsive WordPress plugin for displaying the number of your social media fans, subscribers and followers. This comes with a lot of features, such as access to 30 social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, and 26 others.

Effective use of this plugin can make your entire site stand out. The icons are very attractive and come with nice animations to amaze your users.

SocialFans WP Responsive Social Counter Plugin

8. ARSocial

ARSocial is a complete social media plugin that will fulfill all your requirements as far as social media integration of your site is concerned. This plugin offers you features like social sharing, social media fan counter, social locker, etc., so once you install this plugin, you will not need any other plugin for these purposes.

This plugin supports over 42 different social media sites. It offers you sitewide as well as section wide placement of the social sharing buttons to maximize the conversion.

It supports automatic display of social media buttons at specific locations; it also offers you the custom placement of buttons at specific locations for mobile devices. The content locker feature is another highlight of the plugin; with this feature, you will be able to maximize conversion.

ARSocial offers you styling options so that you can change the design of your buttons according to your needs. You also have a built-in analytics feature that will help you to get the details of your social sharing instantly.

ARSocial Social Sharing plugin

9. Social Buzz WordPress Plugin

Do you like the Mashable social sharing plugins? If yes, you will like this plugin as well because it is created to provide you an option to place social sharing buttons like Mashable.

It comes with a great looking shares graph along with great looking social share buttons that encourage your visitors to share by giving them visual feedback on the popularity of posts. It's a fully responsive social media plugin that comes with three built-in styles.

Social Buzz WordPress Plugin

Another ultra-modern social media plugin for WordPress, this is a comprehensive solution for promoting your content on social media sites. Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin helps you to set your social icons exactly into the right place with just a few clicks, or you can lock your content by requesting a share on one of the social networks available.

The plugin comes with ten predefined themes that are retina ready and built with CSS3 and the best fonts in the world.

Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin

 11. Maria

Maria is a promising social media plugin for WordPress. It offers you stunning HD & retina social icons to make your site look attractive so that the conversion rate increases. This plugin offers you some different design options for the social buttons that you can choose accordingly.

This plugin supports all the top social media sites, so you don't have to worry about being able to connect your favorite platform. The plugin is fully responsive, and the icons will respond perfectly.

This plugin is fully compatible with the Visual Composer plugin as well as all other WordPress page builders.

Maria social sharing buttons


12. ShareGrapes

This is another very easy to use social sharing plugin with over 80 different accessible social networking sites. Like any other top quality social plugin, this plugin offers you multiple designs for the social buttons to choose from.

You have the option to show the buttons at multiple locations; you can show them as floating buttons as well as inline. It also offers you an amazing custom button design for mobile devices, so this plugin will work perfectly on bigger devices as well as small-screen mobile devices.

shareGrapes Social Media Sharing Plugin



13. SharePlus (+)

SharePlus provides your users with a neat and professional experience; it comes with five pre-made themes that allow you to customize the icons with the power of CSS.

It is a user-friendly social media plugin for WordPress; even a newbie WordPress users can learn to work with this plugin quickly.

SharePlus WordPress plugin

14. WordPress Social Board

WordPress Social Board is a similar plugin like the social stream plugin mentioned above; it enables users to combine all of their social networking activities into one single social stream and display it on their website.

It supports thirteen (and growing) social networks and includes about thirty feed options. Your visitors will be able to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google or Linkedin from your website.



15. WP Flat Social Profile Blocks

If you want to show your social media profiles in an attractive flat design, this is the plugin you need. This responsive WordPress plugin helps you customize the design of the flat icons with a drag and drop module.

It comes with a very powerful admin interface where you can adjust almost everything related to the plugin, from the color scheme to the design so that it perfectly matches your site.



16. Instagram Theatre

If you are active on Instagram, this Instagram Theatre plugin offers the best way to integrate the popular platform with WordPress. With this plugin, you can easily pull photos from your Instagram account and display them on your website in a spectacular way.

This plugin is fully responsive, so your photos will look great on all kinds of modern devices. It offers you some different modes in which to view your photos such as Fullscreen Layout Mode, Thumbnail Layout Mode, List Layout Mode, Instagram Feed Mode, Tag Instagram Feed Mode, User Instagram Feed Mode and a lot more.

As far as the customization possibilities are concerned, you have some options to change the view of the pics to enhance the user experience.

User Instagram Feed Mode


Are you looking for a floating social media bar? If yes, this is the plugin you need. Socializor is more than just a social share bar; it offers you an email subscription option as well as the social media buttons.

This single plugin will handle two of the most important functionalities for your site. This plugin is super flexible, and you can make the bar match perfectly with your site. It offers you some different color schemes and unlimited color options to play around.

Socializor is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface where any user can easily set up the bar to meet their needs.


18. Ultimate Social Deux

If you are looking for a customizable, easy-to-use WordPress social plugin that won’t bog down your website, Ultimate Social Deux is an optimal solution.

This plugin comes with tons of amazing options to make your social promotion a success, and it will not affect your site's loading speed, which is arguably the best part.

Ultimate Social Deux WordPress plugin

19. Share This Image

Many bloggers look for good quality and easy-to-use image sharing social media plugins. If you are looking for such plugins, have a look at this amazing image sharing WordPress plugin called Share This Image.

Share This Image is a simple and flexible image sharing plugin for WordPress. It gives you great flexibility to promote your content in the eleven most popular social networks.

Image Sharing Plugin


20. Flow-Flow

A super impressive social media plugin for WordPress, this is a social stream plugin which helps you to showcase important social media activities in a great grid layout. You get some amazing designs and layouts to showcase your social media activity.

Smart caching with the server allows you to deliver content blazingly fast without long page loading times; this is especially crucial when many networks are pulled, or you have significant traffic on your site.


21. WordPress Ultimate Timeline

Do you want to create visually attractive timelines for your WordPress site? If yes, this is the plugin you need. It helps you to create a great looking timeline with your blog posts and other social media.

WordPress Ultimate Timeline

22. AccessPress Social Icons Pro

This is a highly customizable social media plugin for WordPress where you can create, customize and build beautiful icons for your social media profiles.

You can select icons from twelve different beautifully designed sets, or upload your own icons. You can set and customize them, define sizes, add several effects, add a tooltip, set margins, etc.

AccessPress Social Icons Pro


Best Free Social Media Plugins for WordPress

1. AddThis

AddThis is probably the most widely used social media sharing plugin for WordPress at the moment. One reason for such a huge user base is the age of the network.

AddThis was founded in 2004 and currently supports more than three hundred social media sites. This plugin comes in a free as well as a paid version; any user can get this plugin up and running within minutes.

AddThis WordPress Plugin

2. Mashshare

If you are looking for a modern, social media sharing plugin for WordPress, Mashshare is a great option for you. This plugin is created in the Mashable social sharing style, which is one of the most widely read publications on the internet & is highly popular on social media.

Although this is a free plugin, it is highly customizable and looks very attractive. There are very few free plugins like Mashshare which offer modern designs and great features that you would expect from a premium plugin.

It has the option to display the share count alongside the buttons which will act as social proof to establish your brand:

  • Most Shared Posts Widget
  • Async share count aggregation
  • Dashboard for total share count on the posts screen
  • Short URL integration




3. Blog2Social

Blog2Social is another very effective free social media plugin. With this plugin, you can automate the process of sharing your posts; you can schedule & publish blog posts automatically & individually to all your social media networks.

With Blog2Social, you can publish your content to profiles, business pages, community pages and groups of your configured social networks. You can define the type of content and create a backlink to the post so that you can drive traffic to your site.

This plugin supports all the top social media sites, and it will save you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend manually sharing blog posts.

Blog2Social Social Media Auto Publish

4. Ultimate Social Media Icons PLUS

A comparatively new social sharing button plugin for WordPress, this plugin can help you add more than 200 social media platforms to your site, as well as adding your custom social media icons too.

You can place the social sharing icons above or below the posts, and you can also show the icons next to the post on the homepage. It offers sixteen different designs of social icons to select from; you can also set custom animation for the social icons as well as a sharing counter.

This plugin also enables your users to subscribe to your blog, so it's a premium quality, all-in-one type of plugin that will improve the visibility of your site.

Ultimate Social Media Icons PLUS

5. Jetpack Social Sharing

If you are using WordPress, you have probably already come across the Jetpack plugin. This single plugin can do a lot of things for your site, and social media sharing is one of them. Jetpack offers beautifully minimalist social sharing buttons that are widely used and look professional.

Once you activate and connect your WordPress account, just go and activate the social sharing module and set it for your site.



6. Click To Tweet

This is a very interesting and widely used social sharing plugin these days; this plugin makes it simple for your users to tweet you a custom message. This plugin creates custom tweetable content inside your post body so that your user can just click the button and share the message that they want to share.

Click To Tweet

7. Flare

A popular free social sharing plugin for WordPress, Flare gives you tons of possibilities to customize the social sharing buttons for your site. You can have a custom color scheme for the buttons to make it match perfectly with your site.

This plugin also gives you the option to place the icons above, below, left or right of the post. You can also mute the icons for specific posts if you want to.

Flare Plugin

8. Share Buttons by AddToAny

Another interesting WordPress plugin for social integration, Share Buttons exposes your site to over 100 social networking and social bookmarking sites and helps you get tons of traffic directed to your site.

With this plugin, you can add responsive social share buttons in vertical as well as horizontal orientations. The buttons are fully customizable to make it look unique.

Share Buttons by AddToAny


9. Simple Social Icons

This is a very professional-looking social media plugin created by StudioPress (Creator of Genesis Framework). With this plugin, you can display social icons that will link to your social media profiles.

You get full control over the icons and can customize them to match your site's theme.

Simple Social Icons


10. Simplified Social Sharing

A very professional-looking, free social media plugin for WordPress, this plugin can add a social sharing widget on your homepage, posts, feeds, content pages, etc.

This plugin is fully compatible with BuddyPress as well as bbPress so you can use this plugin effectively on your social networking sites.

Simplified Social Sharing



Social media marketing is an unavoidable part of running a website. The good news is that if your website is on the WordPress platform, the options are almost unlimited. There are a huge number of plugins for social media sharing that can make a huge difference to your site.

However, you need to choose from your options wisely. It might be a worthy investment for you to pay a few dollars and go for a premium quality plugin, as you will get a quality design, features, and regular updates.

Get the all-in-one marketing and lead form plugin for your WordPress website.


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