Whether you’re an up-and-coming real estate agent or just a homeowner looking to sell a few properties, you’ll need a website to get your business moving forward. In fact, research shows that 90% of real estate firms have websites and 44% of home buyers search online when looking for properties that are for sale.

Building a website might seem like a daunting task, but WordPress themes make it easy for you to quickly set up a site and customize it to your needs. With the right WordPress theme, you can create a stunning real estate website that showcases all of the properties you’re trying to sell.

In this post, we put together a list of the best real estate themes available on WordPress. We provide some pros and cons, pricing, and a quick snapshot of what each theme looks like.Grow Your Business With HubSpot's Tools for WordPress Websites

25 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes

1. Astra

Price: Free, with paid plans available

Astra Wordpress Theme for Real Estate

Astra is a very popular WordPress theme as it integrates well with page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, WP Bakery, and Gutenberg. With the free version, there are over 30 different premade website designs to choose from and over 70 designs with a paid subscription — perfect for finding the exact template you’re looking for when building a new site.

As for personalization, each premade design can be customized to fit your business’s specific needs. You can add sidebars, mega menus, transparent headers, and more to further improve your site.

There are also pre-built Astra widgets that are ideal for real estate websites like the address widget and the info list widget. These elements are handy when creating a property listing because you can include the address of the property as well as some unique features specific to that location.

There aren’t many limitations with this theme — especially if you opt for a paid subscription. While the free version should provide you with everything needed to create a stunning real estate website, the paid version unlocks tons of cool features that can really take your site to the next level.

2. Divi

Price: Free, with paid plans available

Divi WordPress Real Estate Theme

Divi brands itself as an “all-in-one” theme that’s perfect for any business or website that you’re trying to launch. It provides over 800 premade designs for free and over 100 full website packs. New templates are added weekly and each one includes royalty-free photos, icons, and illustrations.

Editing is fairly straightforward with the Divi theme. It has a responsive editing feature that ensures every change and customization you make to your site works well on all devices and browsers. When you’re adding elements like shape dividers, hover effects, and drop shadows, you’re going to want a theme like Divi that makes sure your site looks great no matter what it’s being viewed on.

If you’re considering Divi, it’s important to recognize some of the limitations of this theme. Since it’s a very complex WordPress theme, it may not be compatible with certain plugins or integrations you have installed on your site. While this is definitely something you want to be aware of, it’s a common roadblock for many WordPress developers.

Additionally, you might find that the support documentation is lacking for advanced Divi users. While the documentation that currently exists is great for beginners, there’s not much that caters to someone who has more experience with this theme. If you run into an obstacle down the road, you may need to reach out for more dedicated support.

3. Houzez

Price: $59

Houzez - WordPress real estate theme

Houzez is a WordPress theme designed specifically for real estate agents and companies. It comes with a handful of demo designs, more than 30 Elementor widgets, and a drag-and-drop page builder that’s ideal for WordPress beginners.

Since this theme is directed toward real state websites, there are plenty of unique features that set it apart from the first two options on our list. For instance, Houzez has a built-in backend interface that you can use to manage your leads and deals. There’s also a geolocation option that can identify where your visitors are coming from. That’s perfect for a growing real estate company that has multiple branches or locations and wants to personalize its sales strategy based on customer location.

The strength of this theme may actually be one of its only weaknesses. It’s a great theme for the beginner WordPress user or site developer, but more experienced users might find it too simplistic — especially since there’s no premium version that can unlock more advanced features and designs.

4. WP Pro Real Estate 7

Price: $59

WP Pro Real Estate 7

Real Estate 7 aims to be much more than just your average WordPress theme. It wants to be your “end-to-end solution for your real estate business.”

To accomplish that, it not only provides web-building features, but contact management tools as well — similar to a CRM. You can check out sales activities and deals, and identify where the most customers are coming from on your site.

For customization options, this theme is compatible with Elementor. It has six unique page templates, 14 custom widgets, and eight widget-ready sidebars. There’s also a “draw to search” tool that lets web visitors specify where they want to look for a property by drawing on a map.

It’s hard to find many flaws with this theme. There is a small handful of reviews that report one-off issues, but all of these are answered by the theme’s support team. So, you’ll have some peace of mind knowing even if there’s a problem, you have a dedicated support option available to help.

5. Vellum

Price: $79


Vellum - WordPress Real Estate theme

The Vellum theme comes with 12 website starter packs, unlimited headers and footers, and unlimited home page variations. There are also seven different post formats that you can customize using the WP Bakery page builder.

This theme has some great options for embedding videos on your site. It has a self-hosted HTML5 video player that you can use to showcase videos of your properties. This is great for presenting virtual home and apartment walkthroughs before a client physically visits a location. There’s also a custom audio player so you can add commentary and explain different features of a property. 

Although the makers of Vellum seem to be actively updating and supporting this theme, there doesn’t appear to be an option to automatically update it when new versions become available. To do this, you need to install a third-party plugin that could potentially conflict with other plugins in your account.

6. WP Residence

Price: $59

WP Residence Real Estate WordPress theme

Residence is a regularly updated WordPress theme that’s been translated into 32 different languages. It comes with 12 premade website demos and over 400 theme options. 

One cool feature about this theme is that it integrates with HubSpot’s CRM. Whenever a new client fills out a form or completes a survey on your site, their information is automatically uploaded into your contact base. This makes for a smooth transition to your sales team after an interested lead engages with your marketing content. 

This theme is also compatible with WooCommerce — which means you can install ecommerce features into your site’s functionality. 

One downside, however, is that you can’t set up recurring payments with this theme. You can only process payments for membership packages or paid submissions via WooCommerce support merchants.

7. Real Places

Price: $59

Real Places is another premium theme designed specifically for real estate agents and companies. It’s equipped with various unique features ideal for real estate brands and there are multiple variations available for each page layout. 

What’s nice about this real estate theme is that it focuses on user experience with your website. For example, it comes with an advanced search feature that lets users filter results when searching for properties. This lets them search by price, location, property features, and more, so they can find the exact property they're looking for. 

This also makes it easier for your sales team. They can see which filters your clients have set up, and recommend other properties based on their search criteria. 

The Real Places theme is great if you have experience building websites, but may not be as ideal if you’re new to WordPress or site development. It does require some knowledge of CSS to customize and some users have reported issues with site speed as a result.

8. Reales WP

Price: $54

Reales WP Real Estate THeme

This is a feature-packed WordPress theme that lets you customize pretty much any detail of your real estate site. And, it comes with cool features that you can add like a property wish list, saved searches, and an agent rating system. 

There are also templates available for designing agent cards — perfect for sharing on social media or embedding directly on your agents page. There are three templates to choose from and the rating system can be displayed below the agent’s profile picture. 

It’s hard to find any notable flaws in this theme. Some users have reported compatibility problems with select WordPress plugins. As discussed earlier, while this can present roadblocks during site development, it’s not uncommon, and often there away ways to navigate around these types of issues.

9. Homeland

Price: $35

Homeland WordPress Real Estate Theme

With 60 custom page templates, 81 pre-built backgrounds, and a modest price of $35, you’re getting a solid bang for your buck with this theme. Not to mention the 16 custom widgets and 5 custom post types that can be modified in whichever way you choose. 

This theme is also easy to download. It uses a one-click import that you can set up in a matter of minutes, which is ideal if you’re looking to get started quickly and want to build your site off of the pre-built demo. 

However, that’s not to say that this theme is incredibly user-friendly. Some users have left reviews claiming the theme was too difficult to customize and the user interface wasn’t perfect. Something to consider if you’re a less experienced WordPress developer or building your first site.

10. WP Estate

Price: $49

WP Estate WordPress Theme

WP Estate brings a modern look and feel to your WordPress website. It has a clean design and high-quality visuals that are perfect for grabbing your audience’s attention. It’s built using the WP Bakery page builder and includes both Revolution Slider and Ultimate Addons. 

This theme has 4 premade demos, one of which is a one-click import. It also has a virtual tour option where you can upload YouTube or Vimeo videos directly to the property’s listing page. 

For ecommerce options, you can integrate this theme with PayPal, Stripe, or Wire Transfer. You can also set up a membership package so clients can make recurring payments. 

There’s a lot to like with this WordPress theme and it’s an all-around great option for building a website. That being said, it may have too many customization options for those who are looking for a simpler approach to site development.

11. Quick Sale

Price: $59

Quick Sale WordPress theme

Quick Sale is a “modern, stylish, and trendy real estate WordPress theme.” It caters to all types of real estate businesses like rental businesses, residential and commercial developers, brokerage agents, and construction companies. 

It comes with six homepage layouts, 13 blog styles, 19 portfolio variants, and more than 20 different gallery page options. There’s also an appointment booking feature that clients can use to set up meetings with agents. 

Ease of use seems to be this theme’s Achilles heel as a few users have reported having difficulty setting up and customizing the theme. This shouldn’t pose as much of a problem for a more experienced WordPress user.


Price: $41

Kallyas WordPress theme real estate


Rather than using WP Bakery, Elementor, or Beaver Builder, KALLYAS built its own page builder for its WordPress theme. Why? It wanted to build a one-of-a-kind page builder that gives you complete control over the design process.

This theme has 70 pre-built templates, 65 premade websites, and more than 100 builder elements. It also has an auto-update feature, so you’ll get the latest templates and demos installed automatically as soon as they’re available. 

This theme is built for speed. It has a 96% PageSpeed score and a 93% YSlow score on GTmetrix. Page speed is a critical ranking factor for search engines, and the faster your website is, the higher it will typically rank on SERPs. 

The only limitation we can spot with the KALLYAS theme is its mobile responsiveness. Some users reported having issues getting elements like mobile menus to appear the same on mobile and desktop devices. This may require you to install a third-party plugin to compensate for responsivity issues.

13. Agile

Price: $49

Agile WordPress theme for Real Estate

Agile lets you choose between two page builders to create your site: Visual Composer or Site Origin. With Visual Composer, you get 50 custom addons and with Site Origin, you get 40 page builder elements. Both page builders have their advantages, and you can switch between each when building different pages on your site. 

Additional features include image galleries, smartphone slider modules, and a powerful shortcode builder. There are unlimited sidebars to choose from and the theme is compatible with Contact Form 7. 

There’s also an extensive knowledge base that you can search through if you have questions about the theme or any of its features. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can turn to a dedicated support forum that can help you resolve your issue.

While this theme might have some minor flaws and compatibility issues, it seems most problems are resolved by its reliable support team.

14. Freehold

Price: $59

FreeHold Real Estate WordPress Theme

Freehold is ideal for a beginner WordPress user. There’s no coding required to edit this theme and pages are designed using a drag and drop builder. 

Freehold comes packaged with the Boosted Elements add-on. This is a plugin that lets you create slideshows, maps, popups, and other eye-catching elements to keep your visitor’s attention. 

There’s also a premium slider plugin integrated within this theme. You can use it to create slideshows that showcase your various properties.  

Like with most themes geared towards beginners, the biggest limitation is that as you become more familiar with WordPress and website development, you might feel like you’ve outgrown this theme. In which case, you might have to purchase another theme to continue growing your website.

15. HomePress

Price: $59

HomePress is another high-quality WordPress theme designed specifically for real estate websites. It comes packaged with 10 listing templates, five property templates, advanced search features, and a mortgage calculator. 

While many of the themes on this list offer a map widget, HomePress gives you options when it comes to embedding an interactive map on your website. You can install Google Maps, Mapbox, or you can install the OpenStreetMap integration — an integration designed by the theme’s developers. 

The one downside to this theme is that it is not WPML compatible, which means you might have to download an additional plugin to translate your site. This theme is also updated frequently, which can sometimes cause conflicts with third-party plugins.  

16. Palazzo

Price: $39

Palazzo WordPress real estate theme

Palazzo balances its user-friendly frontend features with a powerful backend administrative interface. It provides nine home page demos, four custom post types — including agent and agency page templates — and one-click installation for a quick and reliable startup. 

Other features include a live property search feature, a fully detailed agent dashboard, and an option that lets users compare multiple properties through one interface. You can even compare floor plans as this theme provides a tool that lets you display a property’s layout and floor plan on its listing page.

With limited support options and advanced customization features, this theme is definitely geared towards a more experienced WordPress developer. Newer users might experience a steeper learning curve with this theme and won’t have as many channels to reach out to for help.

17. Creator

Price: Free, with premium plans available

Garden Real Estate WordPress theme

One of the few free themes on our list, Creator is one of the many industry-specific themes built by SM Themes. It’s installed via a one-click download and it's ideal for creating a website, blog, or personal page for your real estate business. 

This theme comes with custom sidebars, a social sharing widget, and a Google Maps shortcode. There’s also a dynamic content loader so users can load new posts on their page without having to reload their browser. This not only makes for a better user experience, but can help you rank higher on search engines, too. 

Since this is a free theme, what you see is pretty much what you get. To unlock more advanced features like the ability to turn off sponsored links, you’ll need to pay for a premium subscription.

18. Rental Services

Price: $75

Apartment for Rent WordPress thme

If you’re in the business of renting, this might be the right WordPress theme for you. It's built with the MotoPress Editor and is designed to be SEO-friendly

Its also equipped with the Cherry Framework 4 plugin which helps you manage the administrative aspects of your site. This is ideal if you’re renting out multiple properties in various locations, and might not have time to dedicate to site maintenance and upkeep. 

Additional features include a parallax scrolling template, WPML compatibility, and a mobile responsive layout. There’s also a map tool where you can list where your properties are located throughout a specific country.

For limitations, it’s hard to tell how many features are included with this product. While you can do your research based on the theme’s listing page, $75 may feel like a steep price for not knowing exactly what you’re getting into.

19. Realocation

Price: $56

Realocation WordPress real estate theme

This theme is designed to be scalable, so you can grow your website at the same pace your business does. Unlike other themes that have limited capabilities for enterprise organizations, this one provides everything you need to build an effective real estate website, no matter how big your organization gets. 

These features include advanced search options for frontend users, a Google Maps integrations, and various monetization tools. There’s also a frontend submission feature, so agents who are qualified can post new listings to your site. 

One nice thing about this theme is its transparency. When it updates or publishes a new version, it lets you know what features are being added and which ones are going away. In its latest update, it appears it removed the ability to build custom fields within your contact forms.

20. Renting Agency

Price: $75

Housing Real EState wordpress theme

The Renting Agency WordPress theme was created with a Bootstrap design template. It comes with six custom post types and six unique page templates like a home page, full-width page, FAQ page, and testimonials page.

Additional features include WPML compatibility, drop-down menus, and an SEO-friendly design. It also comes packed with an audio and video player so you can add multimedia elements to your content. 

Similar to the Rental Agency theme, it’s hard to identify all of the features that are included with this product. While it appears to offer some great core features and services, all of its perks aren’t listed on the theme’s product page. 

We can say that if this theme is built with a Bootstrap design template, you’re going to need a fundamental understanding of HTML and CSS. This might be more intimidating for those with less experience with coding languages and are just looking for a simple, user-friendly drag and drop builder.

21. Real Homes

Price: $59

Real Homes Real Estate WordPress themes

Real Homes is a real estate WordPress theme built with Elementor. It’s equipped with a range of unique widgets including five property widgets, two agent widgets, three testimonial widgets, and four featured property widgets. 

What really makes Real Homes stand out on this list is its vacation rental features. This WordPress theme has elements designed specifically for promoting vacation homes like a booking widget, an availability calendar, and a vacation rental search form. This can help you create a vacation rental site that rivals the functionality of sites like Airbnb and Vrbo. 

One limitation of this theme is that site visitors can’t refine searches by a specific location when using the search function on your website. Location needs to be added as its own category when you’re setting up your property listings. This can take more time to set up rather than having a native location filter.

22. Realtyspace

Price: $59

REaltyspace Real EState wordpress theme

With a custom currency feature and fully translatable text, the Realtyspace WordPress theme is ideal for creating a real estate website anywhere in the world. 

This theme gives you the choice between two different page builders: Visual Composer and its native drag and drop editor. It also provides you with five home page variations, two agent profile layouts, and two property listing templates. 

Three premium plugins are included with this theme. There’s the Slider Revolution plugin that you can use to create slideshows, the Visual Composer which is used for designing pages, and the Advanced Custom Fields 5 Pro plugin which allows you to add new fields to your WordPress account. 

While this certainly isn’t a slow WordPress theme, it is important to note that it scored a 76 when reviewed for page speed by Pingdom. That’s about an average score for a website, and while that shouldn’t hurt your chances of ranking higher on search engines, there are definitely faster themes available.

23. Dreamvilla

Price: $29

Dreamvilla wordpress theme

Similar to the last theme, DreamVilla is also built using the Visual Composer page editor. It’s equipped with three home page variations, multipage and single-page parallax options, and WMPL compatibility. It’s also stocked with PSD files so you can add high-quality images to your site as soon as you start editing. 

For customization, there are unlimited color variations to pick from as well as unlimited font variations. You can also add a live Twitter feed so visitors can see what your agents are saying on social media or updates that your brand is posting its own Twitter account.

Some users have found this theme to be somewhat hit or miss. While the majority of users are happy with their experience, others have reported various bugs and issues with compatibility.

24. Zoner

Price: $59

Zoner WordPress Real Estate Theme

This WordPress theme uses AMP technology for its mobile pages — meaning your site will load significantly faster on mobile devices. It’s responsive, too, so you won’t have to worry about optimizing your mobile design every time you add a new module or element to your site. 

This theme comes with 15 home page variations, eight color schemes, and a handful of pre-made email templates. You can use these templates to follow up with clients after they show interest in a property on your site. 

If you have clients who visit your site frequently, or if you are managing a team of real estate professionals, you can enable a signup feature via a social media login. Visitors can use their social media credentials to log into your site and save information like previous searches and favorited properties. 

One limitation of the Zoner theme is its customer support options. There isn’t much documentation available for users and support can sometimes take longer than expected to respond to inquiries. This is a factor you should definitely consider if you’re a newer WordPress user and may need a little help getting started with building your site. 

25. Citilights

Price: $49

Citilights WordPress Real Estate Theme

Citilights is designed for both property listing portals as well as real estate agencies. It has six pre-built website demos, two header variations, and four layout templates intended for property listings. 

This theme comes with a pricing table shortcode that you can add to individual property pages or a designated landing page. The shortcode pulls information from your membership package settings and displays it as content. Or, you can design the table using the Visual Composer if you would prefer to customize it with drag-and-drop functionality.

Unfortunately, when properties are sold, there isn’t a native feature that will tell visitors a listing is no longer available. While there will be a notification for internal users, you will need to update your listings manually whenever a property is sold.

Choosing the Best Real Estate WordPress Theme

As you can see, there are plenty of great themes available for building a real estate website. Each one has its own unique features, as well as its own pros and cons. Use the information above to learn more about the options available and pick a theme that best suits your business’s needs and ambitions.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in January 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms  without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.

 Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms  without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.

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