The default WordPress media library is good enough to manage the images for your posts. However, there are plenty of WordPress media management plugins that will offer you more flexibility and better control over your images.

For websites with a limited number of images, it is easier to manage those images in the WordPress media library. If you are managing a larger blog or business site, where you upload a huge number of images regularly, you will need external plugins for better management of media files.

Here are some of the top media management plugins for WordPress websites.

Media Management Plugins for WordPress

1. WP Media Folder

The WordPress Gallery Manager feature of the WP Media Folder plugin can save you a lot of time in managing the media files on your site. With this plugin, you can easily drag and drop media files into different folders and subfolders. This plugin is highly compatible with other plugins and has many additional options, such as cloud connection (Google Drive/Dropbox/OneDrive/Amazon S3). You will also find the server file importer and synchronizer quite useful.

2. Media Library Folders

Manage your WordPress video and photo galleries with ease with this awesome plugin. With Media Library Folders, you can organize your media files monthly. You can add and build new folders and subfolders to label and organize your media.

This plugin offers a clean and logical way to organize media files. It is also the only plugin that is integrated with MaxGalleria.

3. WordPress Real Media Library

This is another fascinating plugin that takes media management to another level. You can drag and drop your files with just a click of the mouse, then simply organize them as you wish. It is also easy to create, rename, or even delete folders. WordPress Real Media Library is also cross-browser compatible. With a 4.9-star rating, this plugin has been a favorite of many users.

WP Real Media Library

4. Media Library Assistant

Manage your media files with ease with Media Library Assistant. This is a free plugin that is simple to use, and it has been rated 4.8 stars by its users.

You can add a content template, meta descriptions, image sizes, and more. With tons of other brilliant functions, this is one of the most popular plugins for media management.

Media Library Assistant

5. Imsanity

Imsanity is a classic option that ensures that your site is not burdened with all of the media files that you upload. This plugin automatically resizes the files you add and allows users to view them on any browser. With this plugin, you do not have to worry if a contributor uploads a larger file, because Imsanity will automatically shrink it to a standard size. It also allows you to free up space with its bulk resize feature.


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Originally published Jun 6, 2017 1:39:44 PM, updated October 18 2019