If you've ever purchased something online, you may have interacted with a pricing table as you considered your level of investment. These pricing tables are effective in showing product features and different packages side-by-side so users can compare and make an informed purchasing decision.

This functionality can come in handy for WordPress site owners who want to display information clearly and concisely. However, pricing tables don't come standard in every WordPress theme, so you may need a plugin to do the job.

If custom coding a pricing table does not sound appealing, read on to discover the best pricing table plugins out there.

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List of Pricing Table Plugins

1. WP Table Manager

WordPress Table Manager is a great solution for creating tables with a modern design. It comes with pre-packaged design themes, and you have the ability to customize the buttons, layout, and CSS styling within its easy-to-use visual editor. 

example of pricing table in wp table manager plugin

2. Go Pricing

Go Pricing is a super-powerful, completely modern and feature-rich WordPress pricing table plugin that will help you create stunning pricing tables for your site. This plugin offers you more than 150 great looking table design, so once you buy this plugin, you'll never need anything else.

This plugin offers you over 650 Google Fonts, over 1900 Font Icons, over 250 starter templates, PayPal button shortcode, modern media option, unlimited button styles, unlimited color options, easy to use plugin admin options, and more.

a peek into the go pricing plugin's back end in wordpress

3. Pricing Table

WordPress Pricing Table features a drag-and-drop interface to make designing and adjusting your table easy. This tool doubles down on simplicity by generating a shortcode that you can use to embed the table on any page or post.

The best part about this plugin is the ability to highlight specific packages to draw the user's attention. The final result is mobile-responsive and elegant.

an example of a pricing table using the pricing table wordpress plugin

4. Pricer Ninja

Pricer Ninja is another plugin that emphasizes simplicity, boasting that no coding knowledge is necessary to create and implement the stunning designs you create. Choose from dozens of skins for your table design and then customize using the WYSIWYG editor. Pricer Ninja also gives you metrics so you can track the effectiveness of your packages.

an example of a pricing table using the plugin Pricer Ninja

5. PriceX

PriceX also offers pre-made designs that are customizable for your branding. With this plugin, there's no limit in the number of tables you can make, and you'll benefit from the included Google Fonts and Font Awesome icons for design.

PriceX pricing table example

6. ARPrice

With more than 300 templates, unlimited color options, over 3000 icons, and 900 Google Fonts, ARPrice provides you with all the tools you need to create a custom, attractive pricing table. It even has the capability of toggling between monthly and yearly pricing, adding custom ribbons, and displaying a background image on every column.

ARPrice Plugin pricing table examples

7. CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

CSS3 Web Pricing Tables comes with 2 table styles and 20 predefined color versions. It offers a powerful options panel and tons of amazing features to create modern tables for your product packages, such as popups for active columns, hover animation, and ribbons. It's intuitive and easy to use, so you can have a pricing table live on your site in as little as 2-5 minutes. You also get customer support and free updates for life.

homepage banner for the css3 responsive wordpress compare pricing tables

8. Easy Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin

If you're a fan of flat, retina-style aesthetics, this plugin comes with 9 templates that fit the bill. Plus, it allows the customization of 9 different elements: the title, text, price, button, icons, image, video, HTML, and shortcode. You can also customize with ribbons and hover effects.

banner illustrating the features of easy pricing tables wordpress plugin

9. CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables For WordPress

CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables For WordPress is a plugin for WordPress based on pure CSS3 that will let you create high-quality pricing tables for your site.

This plugin offers you different layouts for the pricing tables that are based on rows instead of traditional columns. It also offers you ten pre-defined color schemes, smooth CSS3 animation, and other customization options.

CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables banner that labels the different features of the plugin

10. Responsive Pricing Table

If you want a pricing table plugin that works across devices with no limitation on the number of tables you can create, this is a good option. You can add as many features as you want to each package, and you can highlight packages for emphasis. It also allows for more advanced button customization, including adding PayPal or Stripe buttons. 

example using responsive pricing table pluginImage Source

11. Pricing Table by Supsystic

Alternate background colors by plan, integrate column images and icons, and use hover animation to create a pricing table with this plugin. Pricing Table by Supsystic supports unlimited rows and columns as well as price toggles in their drag-and-drop builder among other features. It also has the ability to schedule columns to appear during specified time windows (good for scenarios like running sales). 

example using wordpress plugin pricing table by supsysticImage Source

12. WP Pricing Table Builder

WP Pricing Table Builder is a great choice if you're not keen on designing a pricing table from scratch because it comes with 89 ready-built designs to choose from and customize. It can also generate color schemes for you, making the process of matching (or choosing) brand colors easy. On top of that, the plugin comes with Font Awesome icons, animation styles, and 6 months of support. 

banner advertising wp pricing table builder templates in wordpressImage Source

13. Pricing Tables Add-On for WPBakery

WPBakery is a popular WordPress page builder, so if you have a theme that already uses it, getting the add-on is a no-brainer. It's 100% responsive, and you don't need to know coding to use it. You get access to custom layouts, animations, and round-the-clock support. 

an example of pricing tables using wpbakery plugin add-onImage Source

14. WordPress Pricing Tables, Sliders & Comparison Tables

This plugin comes with more than 50 templates and is compatible with the most popular page builders. It's also a good choice for developers who want to make their own templates. CSS and HTML can be fully changed to meet your needs, and it comes with toggle pricing, Font Awesome icons, and support. 

examples of pricing tables made with WordPress Pricing Tables, Sliders & Comparison Tables pluginImage Source

15. WRC Pricing Tables

With tool ticks, ribbons, and its color picker, customizing WRC Pricing Tables for your site is easy. What's more, if you change your mind about a design, no data is lost if you switch to a different one mid-edit. It also comes with column shadows and simple animations. 

Consumers want transparency as they consider their choices, and pricing tables are just one way to meet that need on your website. Once your pricing table is on your site, continue iterating ways to connect with your website visitors and win them over with the best experience you can give them.

Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms  without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.

 Use HubSpot tools on your WordPress website and connect the two platforms  without dealing with code. Click here to learn more.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in January 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

Originally published Jun 18, 2020 8:12:00 AM, updated April 01 2021


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