4 CMS Platforms That Have AI Baked In

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Madison Zoey Vettorino
Madison Zoey Vettorino


If you're looking for a CMS with AI integrations, you'll be thrilled to learn that you're in good hands. As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly widespread, more and more folks will look to use it to ensure their digital presence is up to par. You have a few options for a CMS with AI integrations.  

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In this post, we'll walk you through four choices for those who want a CMS with AI integrations. We'll share what we like about each of these content management systems and how to use them best. Let's dive in. 

(P.S. If you want to learn how to create a blog post with the help of AI, we've got you covered there too.) 

CMS with AI Integrations: 4 Options 

Before you choose your CMS, it's time to ask yourself a few questions. Will you prioritize a CMS that features AI tools and integrates directly with your CRM, or are you looking for a solution to build your website entirely? 

Here are four potential CMS with AI integrations you should consider. 

1. Content Hub

You might already be familiar with Content Hub for its wide range of capabilities. Some of Content Hub's most significant strengths include its flexibility, array of themes, drag-and-drop page editor, blog creator, and fully integrated CRM. Now, Content Hub boasts more robust features than ever — including those that allow you to harness the power of AI directly on the platform.

First, there's ChatSpot, which is a conversational CRM bot that connects to HubSpot and supercharges your productivity. By making use of ChatSpot, you're able to get through your to-do list faster. Chat-based commands allow you to use HubSpot more efficiently — including Content Hub.

In addition, you can access content assistant on Content Hub. Because this tool natively integrates with Content Hub, you can produce outstanding, quality content for your blog posts and landing pages — in one place. For example, with AI content assistant in Content Hub, you can write or rewrite blog content to make it more engaging in just a few clicks or generate a headline for your landing page. (Psst: That's not all Content Assistant can do. You can also use this platform feature to generate email headlines and in other capacities across all Hubs.) 

cms with ai integrations: content assistant example is shownGet started with content assistant

What we like: If you've ever got caught up deciding what to make your meta description, you'll love this tool. Content assistant streamlines cumbersome portions of the content creation process, such as creating blog titles. 

Best for: Those who don't want to toggle back and forth between tools — content assistant is a platform feature you can locate directly on Content Hub.

2. Squarespace 

Another CMS with AI integrations is Squarespace. With Squarespace's AI, you can generate content for your site quickly. Of those who use this technology, many will do so to put text on web pages that are initially blank. For instance, if you're starting to write your 'About' page and don't know what to include, the platform's AI tool can help you make a first draft that you can then tweak. If dissatisfied with the initial result, you can also regenerate the content. 

cms with ai integrations: squarespace generate content sample shownSquarespace does remind site visitors that the content its AI tool produces may be similar to that it creates for others. Therefore, you must infuse your voice in anything you may produce using the tool. 

What we like: The ability to regenerate results if you're not fond of what the AI tool produces. 

Best for: Those who want to use AI solely to build their site. (For instance, right now, Squarespace AI doesn't help you make emails with it.) 

3. Wix 

Next up on our list of CMS with AI integrations is Wix. This platform offers a feature called Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, or ADI. When using Wix ADI, you will provide the tool with information regarding what you'd like your website to feature and some rough parameters around how you'd like it to look. Then, the tool gets to work and designs a site for you in a few minutes. 

cms with ai integrations: wix shows how you can select a theme Accessing Wix ADI is relatively straightforward. To do so, head to Wix and get started creating your site. You can make your site with the traditional editor, or you can use Wix ADI. 

What we like: You can modify the design created by Wix ADI. 

Best for: People that don't have a ton of time or experience with website design.

4. WordPress (Kind of) 

Hear us out on this one: While WordPress doesn't currently have AI baked into the CMS, the platform, which Automattic owns, has a workaround. Jetpack is a set of tools you can use to make the most of your WordPress site also owned by — you guessed it — Automattic, which owns WordPress. And Jetpack offers an AI Assistant you can use with your WordPress website. 

cms with ai integrations: jetpack tools for wordpressImage Source

Like the Content Hub content assistant, Jetpack allows you to access AI directly in the CMS. It can generate blog posts, lists, tables, and pages to make building your WordPress site content more manageable. Another highlight is that this tool makes translating your content into a different language easy.

What we like: Thanks to a handy feature, you can adjust the tone of your content with this tool quickly. 

Best for: People just starting with AI — you can begin for free and then opt into the premium version for $10 a month if you like it. 

Start using a CMS with AI integrations. 

By using a CMS with AI integrations, you can save time and energy creating content or building your site. Remember: AI tools can help you get started, but don't forget to add your own personal flair and tone to your creations.

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