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52% of customers will pay more for a great customer experience. Are you using a feedback form to help you find out exactly what they're looking for?

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Most businesses use feedback forms to collect customer insights, but not everyone uses them effectively. The feedback form you use, the questions you ask, and the timing of your survey all have an impact on customer satisfaction.

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Just asking for their opinion can have a positive effect on your customers. If you aren't using a feedback form, it's time to start.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to create a feedback form using HubSpot’s professional form tool, offer examples of some great feedback forms and survey templates, and point you toward some great resources to borrow or build your own feedback form.

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5 Free Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

Easily measure customer satisfaction and begin to improve your customer experience.

  • Net Promoter Score
  • CSAT Score
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    How to Get Feedback From Your Customers

    While there’s no "right way" to collect feedback, there are several common frameworks.

    For example, open-ended feedback forms allow customers to name their issue or concern, relate it to a general category, and then describe it at length.

    A website feedback form, meanwhile, might use checkboxes or drop-down lists to gauge consumer interest, while a survey-based feedback form lets them answer questions about specific, recent interactions.

    Bottom line? The type of form you choose isn’t as important as how you design and use it. And no matter the framework, your feedback form should contain clean-looking elements, clear questions, and easy-to-understand instructions.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a survey-based feedback form with HubSpot. If you're not a HubSpot customer, you can get started with HubSpot here.

    Step 1: Navigate to Service > Feedback Surveys HubSpot Service Hub.

    The HubSpot customer feedback forms tool is available to Service Hub Professional and Enterprise users. If necessary, upgrade your account to access this function.

    Step 2: Click Create Survey in the top-right corner.

    From this screen, you can create a new survey, or edit or clone existing surveys. For now, let’s create a new survey.

    Feedback form instructions: Create survey

    Step 3: Select the Customer Support card and then click Next.

    You can also create customer loyalty or satisfaction surveys. In this example, we’re going to create a customer support survey that lets you discover how easy it is for customers to get help when they need it — and what they think of that help.

    Feedback form instructions: Survey template

    Step 4: Choose the delivery method, then click Create.

    The survey you choose will change your delivery options. For example, if you select a customer satisfaction survey, you have the option to add your survey to a webpage, chat, or email.

    Feedback form instructions: Delivery method

    Step 5: Customize the appearance of your survey email.

    Here, you can customize your survey language, company name, subject line, greeting, featured image, and color.

    Feedback form instructions: Email setup

    Step 6: Click the Feedback tab at the top to create follow-up questions.

    Use the left-hand panel to customize your follow-up questions based on your customers’ scores. You can create three different questions based on the customer score given: Scores from 1-3 represent customers who found service difficult to access, 4-5 were neutral about their interaction and 6-7 found it easy.

    Feedback form instructions: Feedback questions

    Step 7: Write customized thank you messages using score values.

    The Thank you tab at the top is where you can customize thank you messages based on customer score values. You can also add header and body text to describe next service steps.

    Feedback form instructions: Thank you message

    Step 8: Click the Recipients tab to choose who should get your survey.

    In this tab, you can select the pipeline for your survey. If you haven’t made a pipeline yet, click Manage ticket pipelines to create your pipeline.

    Feedback form instructions: Manage ticket pipelines

    Step 9: Manage your settings.

    In the Settings tab, you can choose to send your email immediately or select the number of hours after the customer service interaction takes place to send your survey. More immediate surveys typically garner better responses, but make sure you have enough staff to handle time-sensitive concerns.

    You can also adjust notification settings in this tab.

    Feedback form instructions: Settings

    Step 10: Add automation to ensure the right people on your team are notified.

    Click on the Automation tab to create workflows based on customer satisfaction scores.

    Feedback form instructions: Automation

    Step 11: Click Review and Publish.

    When you’re finished creating and editing your survey, click Review and Publish. After you click the orange button in the top right, a popup will help you check that the delivery method, send time, and notification settings are correct. You also have the option to send a test survey.

    If everything looks right, click Publish.

    Feedback form instructions: Review and publish

    What does a good feedback form have?

    Every feedback form should be unique to your business and customers. That said, there are some guidelines you can follow for better results.

    1. Give customers a chance to speak their minds.

    It's easier to collect multiple-choice or yes or no answers from a data analysis perspective. But your customers are more than numbers, and they may want a chance to speak their minds.

    So, be sure to add open-ended questions to your surveys. Give them a chance to speak to their individual stories and experiences.

    If you need to stick with limited options, don't forget to add answers like "Maybe" or "I don't know" or make answering optional. These ideas seem small, but they give users a chance to show which questions are most important to them.

    Make each feedback form about your customers and meeting their needs, not about your business goals or strategy.

    2. Make it short.

    Limit your customer survey to a few questions. They’ll appreciate that you're thinking about saving them time. And a shorter survey improves the chances you'll collect more responses and get better engagement.

    It's also a good idea to auto-fill responses for your customers when you can. Again, this saves them time and makes it easy for them to share the data that matters most.

    5 Free Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

    Easily measure customer satisfaction and begin to improve your customer experience.

    • Net Promoter Score
    • CSAT Score
    • Customer Effort Score
    • And more!
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      3. Make it simple and consistent.

      A great feedback form should be easy to scan and read. This means a clear survey design, with consistent formatting and structure.

      Most of the work of a feedback form is in the writing. Use easy but specific words and phrases that make the point of each question quick to understand.

      Remember, simple takes work. You might need to draft each question several times, and run tests to make sure each question is easy for customers to respond to.

      4. Offer it at the right time.

      You'll get different feedback a week after purchase then you will at the time of purchase. And don't just send customers a survey after a great conversation with your customer support team.

      If you want honest and useful feedback, take a thorough look at your buyer journey. Then, set up a workflow that sends the right feedback form at pivotal moments for your customers.

      Feedback Form Templates

      If you’re looking for free feedback form templates, here are a few great options.

      1. Smartsheet

      Smartsheet offers free website feedback forms, customer feedback forms, and even employee feedback forms. Download them in Excel or PDF formats — they’re ready to use when you’re ready to engage your customers.

      a feedback form template from smartsheet

      Why we like these feedback form templates: Their templates are fast and easy to use. They also offer conditional logic and custom branding for forms.

      2. JotForm

      JotForm provides more than 300 feedback form templates that users can access and download on-demand. Guests can download five forms for free, or upgrade for improved access.


      Why we like these feedback form templates: Besides the wide assortment of form templates, Jotform offers templates for unique use cases. Their templates include smart forms that help you get more targeted feedback from your customers.

      3. Formstack

      Formstack lets you quickly browse by form and category type — sign up for a free trial and get access to hundreds of forms instantly.


      Why we like these feedback form templates: Formstack makes it simple for small businesses to automate processes and their form templates are super easy to use.

      4. FormCrafts

      When you register for a free account, FormCrafts gives you access to six customer feedback forms. Their templates offer illustrated visuals and a comfy UX.

      a feedback form template from formcrafts

      Why we like these feedback form templates: Their templates are easy to use even if you're new to form building. They also offer easy-to-understand analytics.

      5. Typeform

      Typeform has excellent feedback and survey form templates. Their templates have sleek designs and background images. The free plan is limited, but you can upgrade to a paid plan for $25 per month.

      a feedback form template from typeform

      With Typeform's integration with HubSpot, you can tailor subsequent questions to build on their last answer. Learn more about this integration in the HubSpot Marketplace for Marketers.

      Why we like these feedback form templates: These templates let you customize your feedback forms in response to your customers' answers. With each response, you can offer a new question that builds on their last answer.

      Best Customer Feedback Form Builders

      There are also more full-featured feedback form tools.

      1. HubSpot WordPress Plugin

      Whether you access HubSpot's form builder through your account or with the WordPress plugin, it’s free, powerful, and easy to use. Plus, it automatically syncs forms and contacts with the HubSpot CRM. This connection streamlines both the collection and application of customer feedback.

      Why we like this form builder: HubSpot’s form builder offers a range of advanced tools to create forms. It offers automatic emails and notifications, robust integrations, and custom forms that can connect directly to your client database. This single system capability creates a better customer experience. It saves time and helps cut potential errors.

      2. Gravity Forms

      Gravity Forms is a powerful, adaptable tool that lets you quickly create feedback forms for your WordPress website. Build your form with their visual editor, or choose from more than 30 ready-to-use form fields. Plans start at $59 per year.

      Why we like this feedback form builder: Gravity Forms is one of the most popular form builder plugins for WordPress. This tool is best for people who have some experience creating forms because of the volume of features. It's a great way to build complex and personalized forms on WordPress.

      3. Forminator

      Forminator surveys to quizzes to customer feedback forms, Forminator has you covered. This free tool makes it easy to create forms with a drag-and-drop visual builder for WordPress.

      Why we like this form builder: This free plugin has an extensive features list. It also connects directly with over 2,000 third-party apps. These integrations can help your business to create forms for seamless customer engagement.

      4. Zoho

      Zoho lets you easily create and share online surveys. It also provides tools to quickly manage feedback data with integrated applications. Get Zoho basic for $10 per month, or upgrade to Premium for $90 per month.

      Why we like this form builder tool: You can use this tool to create and share forms online as well as offline. It's also helpful for managing email forms. This tool is also super user-friendly, making it easy to customize.

      If you're looking for more form builder options, check out this list of tools.

      5 Free Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

      Easily measure customer satisfaction and begin to improve your customer experience.

      • Net Promoter Score
      • CSAT Score
      • Customer Effort Score
      • And more!
      Learn more

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        Feedback Form Examples

        What does a great feedback form look like? Here are a few examples.

        1. Airbnb

        Feedback form example: Airbnb

        Why we like this feedback form example: Using the host's first name creates the feeling that this customer was staying with a friend for a visit. The form also shares that customers can submit separate public and private comments. This helps put the customer more at ease as they fill out the form.

        2. Blick

        Feedback form example: Blick

        Why we like this feedback form example: This form offers a range of questions about the online shopping experience. Each question is simple and specific. Each question gives the customer a chance to remember and narrow in on the pros and cons of their shopping experience.

        3. Office Depot

        Feedback form example: Office Depot

        Why we like this feedback form: This is another online shopping experience form. It's different from the Blick form above because it's much shorter and to the point. But the two forms are similar. The text highlights the positive parts of the shopping experience and gives customers a chance to agree or disagree.

        4. Columbia

        Feedback form example: Columbia

        Why we like feedback forms like this: This form gets specific from the start, focusing on three key parts of the buying experience. Besides offering useful data to Columbia, this customer survey shows shoppers that it sees what is important to them.

        5. Resy

        Feedback form example: Resy

        Why we like this feedback form: This three-part form is appealing because it offers simple interactive graphics. It also lets customers share the reason behind a positive or negative review. Then they have a chance to give more detailed feedback.

        6. Wayfair

        Feedback form example: Wayfair

        Why we like this feedback form example: This customer satisfaction survey is short and direct. While Wayfair is collecting numeric feedback, most of the space on the form is for its customers to talk about their individual stories.

        7. McDonald's

        Feedback form example: McDonald's

        Why we like this feedback form: This form is simple, clear, and easy to understand. Instead of a broad survey, it talks about specific parts of the fast-food dining experience.

        8. Chatbooks

        Feedback form example: Chatbooks

        Why we like this feedback form: This form and its follow-up are attractive and highlight Chatbook's most popular products.

        Feedback form example: Chatbooks

        The second form is also open-ended and personalized, prompting the user for insights after the first feedback form.

        9. Mood Fabrics

        Feedback form example: Mood Fabrics

        Why we like this feedback form example: After collecting more general feedback, this form from Mood Fabrics speaks to a segment of its users, people who sew. By asking about this skill set instead of their brand relationship, it gives Mood a chance to learn about its customers more organically.

        10. Rose Quarter

        Feedback form example: Rose Quarter

        Why we like feedback forms like this: This form shows the many different areas that can impact customers at a public event. The form breaks down these pieces in a way that's easy to understand. Then it gives customers a chance to offer details in the areas that are most important to them.

        11. JessiCurl

        Feedback form example: Jessicurl

        Why we like this feedback form example: Jessicurl's feedback form is very specific. While this form could take a little bit longer to complete, it also lets customers know that Jessicurl understands curly hair care. This approach builds customer trust in their authority.

        At the same time, it helps Jessicurl get a better understanding of the other products their customers are using and why.

        12. Glassdoor

        Feedback form example: Glassdoor

        Why we like this feedback form: This excerpt of a Glassdoor form shows a few excellent questions that quickly cover the most important moments of an interview. The insights from this form help Glassdoor offer more reliable insights to people who are researching the interview process at different companies.

        13. Capital One

        capital one

        Why we like this feedback form example: This feedback form is quick and easy to understand, with icons for each sentiment about a recently sent email. With this format, Capital One is helping make the process of offering feedback easier for their customers. This makes them more likely to offer more insights in the future.

        14. DoorDash

        Feedback form example: DoorDash

        Why we like feedback forms like this: Instead of offering a one size fits all experience, DoorDash recognizes that it has three different communities that want to offer feedback. So there are separate forms for their customers, their employees, and their restaurant partners. When you click each icon it opens up into a specific form for that group.

        15. Hilton Hotels

        Feedback form example: Hilton

        Why we like this feedback form: This simple customer feedback survey lets guests quickly rate specific aspects of their stay with Hilton Hotels. The language of the form shows that Hilton is looking for the opinions of both vacation and business travelers, not just one or the other.

        16. Netflix

        Feedback form example: Netflix

        Why we like this feedback form: This radio-button survey focuses on specific customer service categories. This information helps Netflix deliver improved streaming options.

        This survey is a useful example because it shows how consistent language can make it easier for customers to offer their opinions on more complex topics.

        17. Zoom

        Feedback form example: Zoom

        Why we like this feedback form example: Zoom’s form welcomes customers to provide feedback on their video communications software. The form is designed for ideas, comments, and criticism. This form also requires users to specify the device type, making it easier to diagnose technical problems.

        18. TaskRabbit

        Feedback form example: Task Rabbit

        Why we like this feedback form example: TaskRabbit offers a basic, open-end feedback form for their users and Taskers. It also allows for file attachments with requests. This addition can help their team quickly troubleshoot unique issues. This means they can get back to their customers more quickly.

        5 Free Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

        Easily measure customer satisfaction and begin to improve your customer experience.

        • Net Promoter Score
        • CSAT Score
        • Customer Effort Score
        • And more!
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          What do you want to learn about your customers today?

          Both kind and critical feedback can help your business measure success. Honest feedback is the best way to make positive changes for your customers. These changes can be the engine that drives your efforts forward.

          The right feedback data can help your team create better marketing strategies and branding, new products and services, or update your sales funnel. Are you ready to get started?

          Editor's note: This post was originally published in March 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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