30 Furniture Website Design Examples We Love [+ How To Make Your Own]

Jenny Romanchuk
Jenny Romanchuk


Are you tired of scrolling through endless furniture websites that all look the same? Want your website to be authentic?

sofa purchased from a furniture website in a living room

You’ve come to the right place. We've put together 30 furniture website design examples that will make you feel like you're walking into a designer showroom.

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From stunning product photography to unique layouts and eye-catching graphics, these websites will inspire your customers to redecorate. Let’s dive in!

1. Format Furniture

rethink furniture; best websites for furniture

Format Furniture knows about custom-made furniture and kills it in website design. This first screen grabs your attention with a fantastic photo from the company’s portfolio and bold typography.

What we like: The overall look and feel of the website are minimalist, aesthetic, and professional. The white background gives the website an open and airy feel, while the high-quality images of furniture products add a touch of elegance and luxury.

2. Case Furniture

case furniture; best websites for furniture

In short, the website design of Case Furniture is stunning. The elegant typography and luxurious and high-quality images of furniture products all over the website create an exclusive and refined atmosphere.

What we like: The layout consists only of product images. No text or filters whatsoever. All categories here are in a broken grid layout demonstrating Case Furniture’s products.

3. Robinson Furniture

robinson website for furniture design

Royalty and luxury paired with modernism and rustic flair. This website conveys all these qualities thanks to outstanding furniture pictures and sophisticated italic typography.

What we like: Like Case Furniture, this site also emphasizes imagery — a tried and tested tactic for furniture websites. For a better browsing experience, the site uses parallax scrolling and smooth animation for changing hero images.

4. Justice Furniture

justice furniture best websites for furniture

Justice Furniture is about minimalism, a clean layout, and a brilliant color scheme in muted hues of aquamarine, mustard, and burgundy paired with royal ivory and white.

For a seamless user experience, the site uses a transition effect and zoom-in animation when hovering over product categories.

What we like: What stands out is the drop-down menu. Justice utilizes this space not only to list categories but also to showcase furniture collections. A pretty smart decision that doesn’t feel intrusive.

5. Hongo

hongo best websites for furniture

This is not a website but a WordPress theme for furniture websites. But how could we pass it by?

Hongo turns the color up to the max and creates an unrealistic combination of geometric figures, colorful gradients, and furniture. Each hero image is an animated piece of art.

What we like: Smooth transition, interactive layout, parallax scrolling, and stylish fonts are a small portion of what Hongo has to offer. Want your online furniture website to look ravishing? Check out this theme!

6. At The Helm

at the helm best websites for furniture

Immerse yourself in the world of Victorian London and its opulence with At The Helm's interactive galleries and captivating hero images.

What we like: You can visit At The Helm’s showroom just from your laptop. To do so, the developers incorporated a 360° online tour. This creates a “wow” effect and makes customers more engaged.

7. The Furniture Gallery

the furniture gallery best websites for furniture

Beautifully designed photography takes center stage on the Furniture Gallery website — from a terrific full-width hero image to neatly organized product listings. To strengthen imagery perception, the website comes in white and light beige colors and has a breathy grid layout.

What we like: You may notice some animation elements on the website, such as buttons that change color when hovered over.

8. James Richardson Furniture

james richardson best websites for furniture

The James Richardson Furniture website is super clean, airy, and minimal. The color scheme is white throughout the entire site. This approach ensures that visitors are only focused on authentic furniture items.

What we like: Browse a couple of product pages to see an unusual method to showcase a product from different angles. You'll see a gallery on the right of a product page, while the center is devoted to a product description and an order form. When you click on any image, it takes the center of the screen.

9. Skyline Furniture

skyline furniture best websites for furniture

This website highlights its products right from the start. With color swatches on the hero image, Skyline Furniture enables visitors to explore each product's material and color variations without leaving the first screen.

What we like: Skyline Furniture makes visitors interact with products from the get-go, strengthening the desire to learn more about your brand.

10. Jardan

jardan best websites for furniture

Jardan is a minimalist and sophisticated website at the same time. It uses black lines to separate screens and highlight buttons. It also celebrates space, so customers are not getting distracted from products.

What we like: To make customers even more engaged, Jardan has animated all imagery on the home page. When you hover over any product, it shows you another photo where the product is part of a complete home design.

11. USM

USM websites for furniture

Besides a wonderful home page with stunning photography, USM tops all furniture websites by providing a 3D experience. USM has developed augmented reality, where you can build your own furniture in any form, size, and color in real time.

You can also add plants and accessories. Moreover, this feature automatically calculates the final price of the item. Then, click that orange button in the top right corner and try on the furniture in your room!

Pro tip: Want to create an unparalleled customer experience? Augmented reality might be your option.

12. Maglin Site Furniture

maglin site furniture best websites for furniture

Maglin Site Furniture favors clean, sleek, and modern design with a focus on conversions. For the latter, you can see numerous CTAs spread across the home page and smart copywriting.

What we like: What stands out is Maglin Product Builder. This interactive platform allows you to select, build, visualize, and confirm your selected components. In the end, you can get pricing for your project.

13. Star Living

star living best websites for furniture

Star Living is a simple furniture website with a sleek and classic design. It celebrates simplicity and minimalism.

Look at the popular product section below the fold and hover over any product. We like the idea of showing the product name and price on a transparent background.

how to organize popular products on websites for furniture

Best for: Small businesses. This site offers no additional bells and whistles but communicates information cleanly. Simplicity makes Star Living a great reference for small furniture businesses.

14. Megafurniture

megafurniture best websites for furniture

Megafurniture’s website design is created to sell in large quantities. Changing hero images shout about discounts, seasonal sales, and sweet deals. Below the fold, you’ll see product categories in a grid layout and big-size product photography.

Scroll down, and you’ll stumble upon a product carousel featuring deals, trending items, and new arrivals. Hover over any item, and you’ll see it in a different color or state, like an unfolded sofa.

What we like: Closer to the footer, you’ll see video reviews and short videos about products. This adds an extra layer of user engagement and elevates the brand’s credibility.

15. HipVan

hipvan websites for furniture

HipVan is another example of a great, classic furniture website. It comes in a white color scheme that nicely contrasts with colorful products.

What’s cool is how HipVan harnesses the power of user-generated content. You can find comments and customer reviews with photos under each item. The home page also has two blocks for customer reviews.

What we like: HipVan has a 3D size measurer, where you can drag & drop any furniture items and compare them against each other and a human. All dimensions and human height are adjustable.

16. abc carpet & home

abc carpet & home best websites for furniture

This website is a home of coziness and inspiration thanks to its design. For instance, abc carpet & home is all white, significantly improving product perception and not distracting customers.

Secondly, the site features photography of thematic furniture arrangements. As you scroll down, you'll become immersed in the beauty of the home design.

What we like: As humans, we all love pretty things, so gorgeous furniture arrangements inevitably draw our attention and lead to emotional buying.

17. Furnish Green

furnish green best websites for furniture

What we like: Furnish Green has a minimal, reserved, and laconic design. It comes in a white color scheme and grey lines to highlight the authentic beauty of mid-century furniture. Looking for a sleek and clean design? Use Furnish Green as a reference.

18. West Elm

west elm best websites for furniture

West Elm’s home page is one of the most fantastic out there. The layout consists of gorgeous photos of furniture arrangements and fantastically decorated rooms. It’s impossible to resist this beauty and leave empty-handed.

What we love: West Elm’s website guarantees an unsurpassed user experience. It’s easy to navigate and has the most descriptive product pages with a built-in product builder, where you can apply different colors, dimensions, and textures to your furniture.

19. Wayfair

wayfair best websites for furniture

Looking for fresh ideas to drive more sales? Then, how do you like Wayfair’s home page? The first screen is like a big rustic fair or furniture festival. Discounts are popping out everywhere!

What we like: In contrast to a colorful and animated first screen, the rest of the site has a minimal and clean design in white color.

20. Grandin Road

grandin road best websites for furniture

What we like: Grandin Road’s website is an ideal reference for small and medium furniture businesses looking for a simple but glorious design. It combines airy white blocks with picturesque product images to highlight products and leave an elegant flair.

21. Pottery Barn

pottery barn best websites for furniture

Pottery Barn's website design is a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. The first screen welcomes you with a full-width video demonstrating beautiful furniture collections. Likewise, the entire homepage feels like a big art gallery with only images.

In turn, the product pages are well-organized, with high-quality images that show off every detail of the item. The descriptions are informative and provide all the necessary information about the product, from dimensions to materials used.

Pro tip: Although the site is intuitive and user-friendly, it has a low page loading speed due to large, unoptimized images. Make sure you use compressed images so your site loads quickly.

22. Feather Furniture

feather furniture best websites for furniture

Stylish and modern, this website design combines contemporary with bright, dynamic colors. It has an identity and is a great example for furniture companies that drive sales through the owners’ personal brands.

Regarding user experience, Feather is good at generating product recommendations to complete the look.

What we like: Feather inserts super-quality product photos in high resolution, so you can zoom them in and examine every millimeter.

23. Parkman Woodworks

parkman woodworks websites for furniture

Are you planning to open your own custom furniture shop? Get inspiration from Parkman Woodworks! The site is simple and puts product images in the spotlight. Every screen is an acquaintance with Parkman’s ideology and furniture makers.

What we like: These folks hit it big with photography, as all pictures are of top-notch quality!

24. Croft House

croft house best websites for furniture

Elegance, aesthetic, and space are a winning combination for creating a modern furniture website design for a small to medium-sized company. What stands out is that Croft House creates an entire gallery for each product to entice customers and drive sales.

What we like: With such a huge focus on imagery, there’s no need for super-innovative technologies.

25. Angel City Woodshop

angel city woodshop best websites for furniture

Angel City Woodshop is another example of a custom luxury furniture website that celebrates craftsmanship and attention to detail. How do you know? The home page is built the way it tells a story about Angel City Woodshop and showcases its high-quality work.

For example, one of the screens is a full-width video that shows woodworkers in action and invites visitors to watch an interview with the owner.

Pro tip: Find opportunities to tell your brand’s story so you can differentiate yourself from competitors.

26. CBD Glass

cbd glass furniture best websites for furniture

Meet CBD Glass for more inspiration for custom luxury furniture websites. Like Angel City Woodshop, this site uses a dark color palette in black, dark wood, and gold colors.

What we like: The hero image is a full-width animated slideshow of CBD Glass’s projects. Below, you’ll find several blocks that describe the company’s specialization and a handful of customer reviews.

27. Glassisimo

glassisimo best websites for furniture

This is the last example of a luxury, custom furniture website design. It also comes in dark shades and puts exclusivity front end center. The home page greets you with a video of crafting custom furniture. And below the fold, you’ll see some exceptional Glassisimo products.

Then, the third screen invites the website visitor to explore more projects grouped by materials.

What we like: What actually stands out is the fourth screen that explains step-by-step how to order custom furniture items.

28. Gothic Cabinet Craft

gothic cabinet craft best websites for furniture

Gothic Furniture is a simple and elegant website in white and beige colors. It uses a grid layout and offers carefully curated product collections.

What we like: The second screen highlights product originality and invites customers to examine Gothic Furniture’s portfolio.

29. New York Heartwoods

new york heartwoods best websites for furniture

The website design for New York Heartwoods is simple yet elegant, focusing on sustainable wood products. The wood tones and ivory background create a welcoming atmosphere that complements the company's mission to promote sustainable forestry.

What we like: Product pages hold a special significance as they tell a unique story about each product and showcase them in the context of home decor. This helps customers to “see and feel” products as if they were already delivered and assembled in their homes.

30. Classic Sofa

classic sofa best websites for furniture

While the hero image looks good, what really captures your attention is the scroll-down button. Once you notice it, you tend to follow it. And this takes you to the most powerful screen for custom furniture websites with the slogan, “If you can dream it, we can design it.”

The following screens prompt you to discover Classic Sofa products.

What we like: Overall, the site is user-friendly, cozy, and welcoming, thanks to minimalist design, pastel colors, and beautiful imagery.

How to Design a Furniture Website

We've gathered some essential steps to help you create a visually stunning and user-friendly website.

1. Know your target audience.

Before you begin designing your furniture website, you need to know who your target audience is. Why? It will help you to choose a color scheme that evokes particular emotions in your prospective customers.

For instance, clients who favor exclusive, expensive furniture will likely appeal to a website in the earth, grey, or dark hues like CBD Glass. In contrast, Wayfair attracts people looking for nice furniture on sale.

Consider your target audience's lifestyle, interests, and behaviors to create buyer personas and customize your website design to meet their needs.

2. Create an engaging visual experience.

Furniture is all about aesthetics, so creating an engaging visual experience for your website visitors is essential.

Choose a color palette that reflects your brand and products, and make sure your website's typography is easy to read. Balance your website design by using negative space and intuitively organizing your content.

For instance, the furniture brand Croft House showcases the beauty of its products with stunning, detailed photography.

use detailed images for furniture website design

Image Source

3. Lift your sales with 3D commerce.

With 3D commerce, customers can rotate and zoom in on products, view them from different angles, and even see how they would look in their own space through augmented reality (AR) features. This enables customers to make more informed decisions about their purchases.

USM and Maglin Site Furniture utilizes 3D technology on their websites to drive more sales. Likewise, luxury furniture company Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams incorporated 3D commerce and saw a whopping 60% growth in sales.

4. Utilize color swatches.

Furniture pieces come in various colors and finishes, so customers need to see what each option looks like before making a purchase. Color swatches allow customers to easily visualize how different colors would look on the product they are interested in.

This feature also saves time for both the customer and the retailer as it reduces the need for physical samples or back-and-forth communication about color choices.

Animated pictures change according to the chosen color. Take this one step further by giving customers a dynamic representation of each color option.

Check out Skyline Furniture’s site again and see how they incorporated animated changes in furniture color and texture triggered by clicking on color swatches.

best practices for furniture website design color swatches

Image Source

5. Add configuration numbers to the product configurator.

Can customers customize a sofa on your website, like changing textures, size, color, and type of wood? If the answer is yes, then explain to your users what they should click on first, second, etc.

It’s hard to believe, but a simple change like adding configuration numbers (steps) can increase time on the page and orders of custom furniture.

Case Study

The Good, a conversion optimization agency, helped furniture company Knoll increase conversion rates up to 500% by:

  • Improving the checkout page design.
  • Simplifying the navigation menu.
  • Adding configuration numbers.

As a result, such minor changes at first glance can lead to a striking lift in conversions and sales.

Design your best furniture website.

Want to develop or redesign your furniture website? Get inspired by the 30 best furniture website examples and follow the latest best practices. With that, you can create a site that stands out from the competition and attracts customers.

Remember, a visually stunning website is only half the battle. It's also important to create a frictionless user experience that makes it easy for customers to find what they need and complete transactions.

Keep these principles in mind to create a sales-driven website.

examples of brilliant homepage, blog, and landing page design

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