22 Delightfully Orange Websites to Inspire Yours

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Few things are more important to a company’s brand than its colors. Research suggests that our opinions about a brand are determined up to 90% by color alone, so this isn’t just about making something that looks nice. Your color palette affects your bottom line.

person visiting an orange website on a laptop

And, when designing a website, some colors can be trickier than others. Unlike the heavy hitters — your reds, blues, greens — orange is tougher to figure out. For many, orange implies fun or relaxation. For others, it’s a basketball, a “Road Work Ahead” sign, or the eponymous fruit that, as it turns out, makes decent juice.

Orange also proves useful in a practical sense, especially for drawing the eye to a part of the page. This makes it a great color for CTAs. It’s bright, but doesn’t have the same “stop” or “slow down” implications as red and yellow.

All in all, choosing to put orange at the front of your brand’s color scheme is a bold and respectable choice (if you hadn’t already noticed, orange is an important color to us too). However, it does present a challenge for your website’s design, especially if it’s your first time crafting a website.

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That’s why we’ve compiled 22 websites that feature orange in their designs. Whether you plan to use it sparingly or go full-on citrus vibes, check out this list for some inspiration.

Best Orange Websites

1. HubSpot

homepage for the orange website hubspot

What we like: We use orange throughout our website for primary CTAs and, of course, our sprocket logo. It’s also common in our software interface for interactive items like buttons, as well as data visualizations. You can learn more about how HubSpot uses color, fonts, photos, and more in our style guide.

2. Wild Souls

homepage of the orange website wild souls

What we like: Wild Souls went above and beyond with just about every aspect of its website, leveraging rich, earthy colors to complement its offerings of unprocessed, plant-based foods. From scrolling and cursor effects to detailed photos to carefully chosen fonts and copy, browsing this site is almost as immersive as sampling the halva yourself.

3. Aardvark

homepage of the orange website aardvark

What we like: Orange is the defining color of sustainable pet food retailer Aardvark’s branding and works itself into the company’s website nicely. As you scroll, you see it appear in buttons, headers, packaging, backgrounds, and cute animated illustrations toward the bottom of the page.

4. Milkshake

homepage of the orange website milkshake

What we like: The Milkshake app lets you create a free and simple personal website to be linked in your social media bio. Milkshake’s own website employs softer shades of orange to accentuate the sparse pages and hold the visitor’s attention. We especially enjoy the colors the designers chose for text, opting for a brighter orange that contrast well enough with its background.

5. Humbleteam

homepage of the orange website humbleteam

What we like: When it comes to lists like this, design agencies have an almost unfair advantage. They’re design agencies, after all. Humbleteam is one such group that uses its trademark shade of orange liberally to tie its diverse illustrations together. The website is a prime example of how a limited color palette can go a very long way.


What we like: According to their site, BOOST is “the first company dedicated to helping you get sick less.” It’s a vitamins company with a brilliant website designed to hook you into that concept. Set against an orange gradient, the website focuses on a rotating bottle that follows you down the screen while highlighting its active ingredients.

7. New Year, New Plan

homepage of the orange website new year, new plan

What we like: New Year, New Plan is an informational website created by the United Nations Development Programme in support of its Sustainable Development Plan for 2022. In addition to its immersive storytelling, the website applies a sand-like web texture throughout site to bring visual richness on each slide.

8. Syracuse University

homepage of the orange website syracuse university

What we like: Syracuse University in New York is recognized for its orange iconography — it’s sports teams are even called the “Orange.” You can expect the color to work itself into the school’s main website in several spots. To stay readable and conform to what users expect from an academic website, however, the designers refrained from going overboard and instead use Orange sparingly, but effectively.

9. Japanese Breakfast

homepage of the orange website japanese breakfast

What we like: The band Japanese Breakfast recently updated its site’s visuals to support the release of its latest album and sports a background reminiscent of persimmons that appear on the album’s cover. The site doesn’t overstay its welcome, with an understated navigation menu at the top and a prominent CTA at the bottom.

10. Chirpley

homepage of the orange website chirpley

What we like: I know this isn’t a list of adorable websites. But if I ever end up writing one of those, Chirpley definitely makes the cut. It’s a marketing platform for helping brands reach their audiences through small influencers. Unlike other sites here, Chripley’s palette is almost all orange with varying levels of saturation.

11. Kelsey Dake

homepage of the orange website kelsey drake

What we like: The website for illustrator Kelsey Dake utilizes orange as the background color for their portfolio entries, rather than the traditional white. We think it’s a nice complement to the art’s bold and vivid style.

12. Armadillo

homepage of the orange website armadillo

What we like: Armadillo offers subscription-based protection for home appliances. Its website is another instance of using orange to tie separate visuals together, including illustrations, copy, and CTAs. Each time the color pops up, it serves as a subtle reminder of where you are.

13. Happy Tooth

homepage of the orange website happy tooth

What we like: Pediatric dentistry Happy Tooth aims to create a warm and welcoming environment for its patients, and the same can be said for its orange website. Adorned with bright images and fun illustrations, the homepage makes it easy to schedule while easing nerves.

14. Chandon Gardon Spritz

homepage of the orange website chandon gardon

What we like: Chandon Gardon brews sparkling wine flavored with orange peels, making it a fitting choice for a website with orange theming. The site’s homepage is one of the coolest here, featuring a rotating bottle animation that accompanies you on your tour of the company and its history.

15. Orangetheory Fitness

homepage of the orange website orangetheory fitness

What we like: Thanks to group fitness classes, high-intensity interval training has never been more popular or accessible to anyone. Orangetheory Fitness leads the way in this type of fitness class with a website to prove it. Once again, we see how the occasional touch of orange unifies elements throughout the page.

16. Re Grocery

homepage of the orange website re grocery

What we like: Re Grocery is a package-free grocery store based out of Los Angeles, California. Its website expertly balances negative space with content, providing just enough to keep users scrolling. Sharp hints of orange text work with alluring images and parallax effects to ease viewers down the page.

17. Bitter Renter

homepage of the orange website bitter renter

What we like: If you’re looking to rent an apartment in New York City, Bitter Renter can make your job at least a tad easier. Enter in relevant information including your income and roommate preferences, and this website calculates where in the city you can afford to buy or rent. The site maintains a two-paneled interface of white and orange to structure its content.

18. Cincinnati Bengals

homepage of the orange website cincinnati bengals

What we like: Look, I’m not going to pretend I know a thing about sports. But, I can say that sports franchises generally do a good job with their websites. The Cincinnati Bengals makes smart use of its trademark color throughout its site, especially with its CTAs to help them stick out among other content.

19. Humain

homepage of the orange website humain

What we like: The website of AI consulting group Humain features a brilliant cursor effect. As you move your mouse, your cursor acts like an orange spotlight that reveals bits of hidden text on the page. In particular, we enjoy how its navigation menu works — instead of clicking the hamburger button on the top right to reveal its items, just hover your mouse over to expose them.

20. Tropical Moscato

homepage of the orange website tropical moscato

What we like: I don’t know what it is about beverage websites specifically, but they seem to know what makes websites work. Tropical Moscato is one shining example — the scrolling experience is a wonderful barrage of different flavors, each more tempting than the last.

21. The University of Texas at Austin

homepage of the orange website the university of texas austin

What we like: Here’s another university website that harnesses its orange branding with great results. The color is utilized to draw attention toward important areas of focus, namely stats, quotes, CTAs, and navigational links. The animated vector art toward the bottom of the homepage is a nice touch as well.

22. Florida’s Natural

homepage of the orange website florida's natural

What we like: You wanted orange websites, didn’t you? Bad jokes aside, Florida’s Natural orange juice serves a surprisingly fresh website with interesting and creative effects. Particularly clever is the way the orange sticks to the center of the window as you scroll, telling the story of how it reaches your glass.

Orange Websites to Inspire Yours

As we’ve seen, orange is an underrated and versatile color. It works for both minimalist and maximalist designs, and can evoke warmth as a background, encourage playfulness in an animation, or draw attention toward a CTAs — whichever your brand needs the most.

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