10 Best Windows Web Hosting Platforms for 2024

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Darrielle Evans
Darrielle Evans



In today’s dynamic digital landscape, choosing the right hosting solution for your website is essential to creating seamless user experiences. So how do you know which one to choose? Well, if you use Windows-based tools like Microsoft Access, SQL Server, or Powershell, you’ve already narrowed your options.

woman chooses a windows web hosting platform

You’re already familiar with the Windows ecosystem, and your programs will work well with Windows web hosting. This type of web hosting operates on a server using the Windows operating system. Windows web hosting integrates well with products like Office and Exchange, making it popular with businesses deeply embedded in the Microsoft infrastructure.

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Now that you know what Windows hosting is, it’s time to pick a provider. Together, we’ll explore your options and see what each host offers. Let’s get started!

1. HostGator

windows web hosting, Hostgator

Looking for hosting run on Windows that’s stable and secure? Check out HostGator. With this platform, you’ll get a 99.9% uptime guarantee, meaning customers can always access your website. Even better, you’ll get unlimited bandwidth and ample disc space. Even if your site has high traffic, you’ll be able to show off your content reliably.

Pricing: Individual plan starts at $4.76 a month. Enterprise plan starts at $14.36 a month.

Key Features

  • Classic ASP and ASP.NET support. The platform’s Windows hosting supports both Classic ASP and ASP.NET. You can work with whatever version of Microsoft you’re most comfortable with.
  • Remote access. You can access your stie’s hosting environment via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). This allows you to easily manage your servers.
  • Internet Information Services. HostGator's Windows hosting uses IIS on its server software. IIS is highly compatible with Windows servers, allowing for top-notch performance.

What we like: HostGator's Windows hosting supports Microsoft Access databases, creating a lightweight database solution.

2. Hostwinds

windows web hosting, Hostwinds

Are you a hands-on admin, looking to oversee all parts of your hosting experience? Or perhaps you’re looking for a hands-off approach so you can turn your focus elsewhere? Hostwinds offers both experiences, allowing you to choose between managed and unmanaged Windows hosting.

This flexibility is great for all Windows user levels. If you’re an expert who needs a highly customizable solution, you can choose an unmanaged hosting plan. If you want to be creative, Hostwinds provides customizable hosting solutions with more support. No matter your price point, you can find an option that works for you, offering the right level of control.

Pricing: Managed plans range from $12.74 to $431.24 monthly and come with 24/365 support. Unmanaged plans range from $10.99 to $376.99 with limited support.

Key Features

  • Microsoft SQL Server database support. If you’re already used to MSSQL, you’ll be able to work with a database you know and love. Now, you have a feature-rich relational database management system at your fingertips.
  • Frequent updates. Programs change all the time, providing security patches and feature updates. Hostwinds ensures that Windows Server updates are regularly applied to the hosting environment.
  • Windows-specific security features. Hostwinds has security features tailored to the Windows environment, helping protect your projects from potential threats.

What we like: Hostwinds has options for both Windows novices and experts. Your team can customize your infrastructure as much as it needs to.

3. Liquid Web

windows web hosting, liquid web

Liquid Web is a hosting company known for its high-performance hosting solutions that put security first. If a secure and stable hosting platform is a priority, Liquid Web provides solutions built for Windows. Their mission is to ensure your website has firewalls and intrusion prevention while giving you the freedom to focus on scaling your work.

Pricing: Prices range from $29 to $510 per month, depending on the plan you choose and the services you need.

Key Features

  • Windows Server OS. Liquid Web's Windows hosting platform runs on the latest versions of Windows Server. This provides a stable and reliable operating system for your applications.
  • HIPPA compliance. If you work in healthcare, you know how important it is to protect patient data. Liquid Web has HIPPA-compliant hosting solutions. This allows you to build the applications you need securely.
  • Windows-based virtual private server. With Liquid Web, you can opt for a Windows-based VPS that runs on the operating system you already use. This helps you build applications in isolated virtual environments, leveling up what you can create.

What we like: Looking to lock in a rate? Do you want to set and forget your hosting solution? Liquid Web doesn’t require contracts, but customers can request up to a 24-month plan.

4. Ionos

windows web hosting, Ionos

If you’re a small-to-medium-sized business, Ionos offers a Windows hosting solution tailored to your needs. They have an extensive data center network that is great for global companies. With a data center near you, you’ll be able to reduce latency and build a great experience.

Getting started with a new platform can be intimidating. When you get started with Ionos, you’re designated a personal consultant who can guide you through the process.

Pricing: Business plans cost $12 a month. Pro plans cost $14 a month. Expert plans cost $22 a month.

Key Features

  • HTTP/2 protocol. Customers want your site to load quickly. That’s all possible because of HTTP/2, which makes dealing with secure, encrypted data faster. This technology combines and compresses information, so your web pages load quickly.
  • App center. Ionos provides an app center with a selection of applications that can be easily installed on hosting accounts.

What we like: You can get a free domain upon signing up for Windows hosting with Ionos.

5. Hostinger

windows web hosting, Hostinger

Hostinger offers affordable Windows hosting solutions that cater to a wide range of customers, from individuals to big businesses. If you’re on a budget, Hostiger is a great option. In fact, the platform is known for its budget-friendly hosting plans.

Pricing: Plans range from $9.99 to $24.99 a month, plus discounted rates if you renew with them.

Key Features

  • Solid state drives. All Hostinger hosting plans come with SSD storage. Solid state drives result in faster data access times, so your user has a speedy experience.
  • AI assistant. Sometimes, you have a quick question, and you don’t want to wait for a person to answer. That’s where Hostinger’s AI support feature can help. This AI tool can guide you through all sorts of tasks, from installing WordPress to configuring firewall rules.
  • Snapshots. We’ve all lost data or progress in a crash, leading to frustration and potentially tears. Hostinger provides automated weekly backups so you won’t lose your work. If you ever need to make significant changes, you can easily create a manual snapshot. Should any errors arise, you can revert to the previous version within minutes.

What we like: Hostinger has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If your team wants to try out hosting solutions before committing, you can make it happen!

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    6. AccuWeb Hosting

    windows web hosting, accuweb hosting

    AccuWeb Hosting is a web hosting provider known for its global data centers. What exactly does that mean? If you have a potential customer in the Philippines, it will take longer for your site to load if data is being pulled from the U.S. AccuWeb Hosting would connect that customer to a data center nearby, resulting in faster load times.

    If you have customers around the globe, AccuWeb Hosting may be for you.

    Pricing: Self-managed plans start as low as $6.99. Fully managed plans start at $7.99 a month.

    Key Features

    • 24/7 customer support. Sometimes, you hit a roadblock, and you just need to talk to a person. AccuWeb Hosting makes sure you can. There’s round-the-clock customer support via live chat, email, and phone.
    • Fully redundant platform. No matter what package you purchase, you’ll have backups that account for hard drive failures, ensuring processing power, storage, and more are adequately covered.
    • Stress testing. The days of manual stress testing are long gone. AccuWeb will test your website’s reliability by mimicking real user traffic. You can then observe your application’s performance and optimize your infrastructure to avoid downtime.

    What we like: Whether you’re supporting a personal project or a business application, AccuWeb Hosting’s network of data centers ensures that you’ll have high performance.

    7. InterServer

    windows web hosting, InterServer

    If you want more bang for your buck, InterServer will give your team great value with its Windows hosting. For as little as $7.99 a month, you can get 25 web pages, free SSL certificates, unlimited email, and much more. InterServer also acknowledges that your plans will change as your operation grows. You can easily adjust hosting resources as your requirements change.

    Pricing: Plans start at $7.99.

    Key Features

    • Price-lock guarantee. Nothing is worse than unexpected fees. Luckily, InterServer provides a price-lock guarantee. The hosting price you initially sign up for remains consistent upon renewal.
    • Website migration assistance. Change can be hard, and InterServer is committed to making the process easier. You can access free website migration services, helping you seamlessly transfer from your existing websites and data to your new hosting environment.

    What we like: InterServer’s commitment to transparency and consistent pricing makes them a great choice. You can ensure affordability and reliability long-term. There’s no need to worry about sudden surprises.

    8. Vultr

    windows web hosting, Vultr

    Vultr is a cloud infrastructure provider known for simplicity, high-performance virtual servers, and competitive pricing. The hosting solution uses modern hardware and networking infrastructure to ensure high performance. You’ll have access to SSD storage, fast CPUs, and low-latency network connections to help power smooth user experiences.

    Pricing: Vultr offers a range of prices depending on the services and size you need.

    Key Features

    • API Access. Vultr offers API access, allowing developers to manage and automate their cloud resources.
    • One-Click Apps. Vultr has a library of one-click applications and operating system templates. You can easily deploy popular software and applications on cloud servers.
    • DDoS Protection. Vultr provides distributed denial of service attack protection. You can safeguard servers and applications from malicious attacks, ensuring uptime.

    What we like: We like Vultr for its cost-effective cloud hosting solutions, allowing users to efficiently deploy and scale web applications without breaking the bank. The global network of data centers ensures low-latency access for users.

    9. TMD Hosting

    windows web hosting, TMD Hosting

    TMD Hosting is a web hosting provider known for its dedicated servers tailored to businesses and individuals. This hosting solution emphasizes speed and reliability, offering features like SSD storage, free daily backups, and a CDN for improved performance.

    Pricing: Shared hosting plans range from $4.99 to $9.99 per month (billed annually). Managed VPS plans range from $89.99 to $269.99 per month (billed annually).

    Key Features

    • Content Delivery Network. TMD Hosting offers a CDN to distribute website content across multiple servers globally, reducing latency and improving loading times for visitors from different locations.
    • Free daily backups. TMD Hosting provides free daily backups of your website data. Did something go wrong? You can restore your site to a previous version and breathe easy.
    • Website builder. Do you need to make a website? TMD Hosting offers a website builder tool with templates and customization options. Soon, you’ll have a site up, hassle-free.

    What we like: TMD Hosting offers daily backups and security measures to give your team peace of mind. You’ll know your data is protected and recoverable in case of unexpected events.

    10. MochaHost

    windows web hosting, Mochahost

    Every application is different. You’ll want a comprehensive web hosting solution that you can customize to your needs. MochaHost provides a buffet of hosting solutions — from shared hosting to VPS hosting to dedicated servers. Just add what you need to your metaphorical plate.

    Pricing: Ranges from $3.48 to $296.65 depending on your needs.

    Key Features

    • Website builder. MochaHost offers a website builder with templates and customization options. If you’re looking to create and launch a new website, you can make it happen without extensive coding knowledge.
    • Content delivery network. MochaHost provides access to a CDN, which distributes website content across multiple servers. This improves loading times for visitors from different locations.
    • High availability. MochaHost's Windows hosting platform has high-availability infrastructure to ensure your website remains accessible at all times. This includes redundant hardware, network connections, and power supplies.

    What we like: MochaHost offers 24/7 customer support to help with technical issues.

    Choose Your Windows Web Hosting Platform Today

    Each Windows web hosting provider brings something unique to the table. Before you get started, make a list. Here, you’ll note all of the essentials you need from your hosting platform. Then, reevaluate your options. Which one checks the most boxes?

    From there, you have your choice. Happy hosting!


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