5 WordPress Zoom Plugins to Try in 2023

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Jamie Juviler
Jamie Juviler


If you weren’t regularly doing video calls pre-2020, I’ll bet you are now. In 2020, the demand for video conferencing software increased by 500%. These tools have stuck around in our software arsenal ever since, and the biggest player right now is, you guessed it, Zoom.

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These days, the word “zoom” is synonymous with video calls — it’s the go-to choice for businesses and individuals alike. And if you’re in the market for a plugin to add Zoom to your WordPress website, you’ve found the right blog post.

With a WordPress plugin, you can integrate Zoom’s most important features right into your dashboard, then manage your calls, webinars, and recordings all from one place. Plus, your visitors will have a smoother experience when accessing your Zoom meetings and recordings.

So, whether you need an event management system, a webinar tool, or just a simple solution to use Zoom inside WordPress, we’ve compiled five WordPress Zoom plugins for you to try out.

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1. Video Conferencing with Zoom

wordpress zoom plugin: video conferencing with zoom

Best for: Integrating Zoom with WordPress and monetizing your Zoom content.

If you’re reading this post, our first guess is you’re looking for a simple way to schedule, manage, and launch Zoom calls from inside WordPress. The first plugin we recommend, Video Conferencing with Zoom, allows you to do just that.

The freemium Video Conferencing with Zoom plugin leverages the Zoom API in order to give you access to Zoom’s features through WordPress. After an initial setup process — which involves getting access to the API — you’ll be able to access Zoom’s key features from your dashboard, which include creating meetings and managing recordings of meetings.

Another key benefit of this plugin is its ability to post recordings and meeting links on your pages and posts with shortcode. For example, if you want to offer recorded or live webinars through your WordPress site, Video Conferencing with Zoom makes this possible for free.

If you want to restrict access to your Zoom links and recordings, you can do so with the plugin’s WooCommerce compatibility. By joining these two tools you’ll be able to sell access to your Zoom meetings, making it ideal for paid online courses, webinars, one-on-one sessions, and more.

While the base plugin is free, the WooCommerce integration requires a paid extension. The WooCommerce integration extension is $34 for one website, and there’s also a WooCommerce bookings extension available for $60 for one website.

2. eRoom

wordpress zoom plugin: eroom

Best for: Integrating Zoom with WordPress and monetizing your Zoom content.

eRoom is another freemium plugin that brings Zoom into your WordPress interface through the Zoom API. Upon installation, you’ll be able to create meetings, schedule calls, and manage your recordings from your dashboard. You can add meetings to posts and pages using shortcode as well.

For more advanced capabilities, eRoom also offers a paid version that sells for $29.99 per year (or $99 for a lifetime license). This premium version allows you to sell your Zoom meetings through the plugin and set recurring Zoom meetings through the plugin.

Similar to the Video Conferencing with Zoom plugin, eRoom lets you sell meeting access as a WooCommerce product. For relatively cheap, you can use these plugins together to offer your own premium Zoom webinars, classes, or meetings, making eRoom a solid alternative to the leading plugin mentioned in our #1 spot.

3. Events Manager

wordpress zoom plugin: events manager

Best for: Managing virtual events hosted on the Zoom platform.

While not a dedicated Zoom plugin, Events Manager can be useful if you want to incorporate Zoom video calls into your WordPress day-to-day. This is a popular WordPress event management plugin that helps you host a wide variety of events, including webinars and video calls hosted through Zoom.

With the Events Manager Plugin and the additional free Zoom integration, users can make Zoom events inside their dashboard and manage their Zoom events through the plugin. Plus, Events Manager will handle essential event-related tasks like registration, booking, ticketing, categorization, calendars, and more.

Events manager also offers a premium version ($75 for one website) that lets you import and export event information, integrate payment gateways, and use WooCommerce with the plugin. Essentially, you’ll want the pro version if you want to sell access to your events.

4. The Events Calendar

wordpress zoom plugin: the events calendar

Best for: Managing virtual events hosted on the Zoom platform.

The second featured event management tool on our list, The Events Calendar is focused on displaying your upcoming events in a timetable format. As the most popular event calendar plugin currently available, this is an excellent freemium choice for websites that host many Zoom-based events and need an organized hub to display them.

Besides in-person events, The Events Calendar can handle virtual events hosted through Zoom. The core plugin is free, but you’ll need to purchase the virtual events addon for the plugin ($69) to enable the plugin’s Zoom integration.

With this integration, you can create and organize Zoom meeting links in your WordPress back end, then add these links to your events. Alternatively, you can hide event links and show them only to registered attendees. You can embed Zoom recordings directly on your website too.

Overall, The Events Calendar is another solid choice if you regularly run virtual events and want to drive sign-ups through your website. However, note that you will need to pay for an add on to get Zoom functionality.

5. WebinarIgnition

wordpress zoom plugin: webinar ignition

Best for: Hosting webinars through WordPress, using the Zoom platform.

WebinarIgnition is a WordPress webinar plugin made for creating customized webinar pages. Users can register for your webinar events, add them to their calendars, and receive email reminders when the date approaches, all essential for running impressive webinars.

WebinarIgnition is compatible with Zoom, letting you use it as your video conferencing software. This plugin allows users to embed meeting feeds from Zoom, other teleconferencing tools, and from YouTube.

This plugin is built to adapt to your existing WordPress design system and is compatible with leading WordPress page builders to suit any admin’s workflow. Finally, like other tools we’ve mentioned, WebinarIgnition integrates with WooCommerce if you want to sell access to your Zoom events.

WordPress Plugins That Bring Zoom to You

There are a handful of reasons why you’d want to add Zoom to WordPress — webinars, courses, paid one-on-one sessions, and easy meeting scheduling, just to name a few. Assuming you don’t want to code your own solution from scratch, a WordPress plugin is your best bet.

While your options are somewhat limited when it comes to these kinds of plugins, what’s available is high-quality and will help you connect with your audience, no matter where they’re based.

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