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    September 25, 2012 // 12:30 PM

    50% of Facebook Fans Prefer Brand Pages to Company Websites [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Written by Corey Eridon | @

    facebook igintroductory3

    So, you like us. But do you like like us? As in, would you put it up on Facebook?

    That's the question Lab42 set out to answer -- they asked 1,000 social media users how they felt about 'Liking' a brand on Facebook. And as it turns out, people take Facebook brand pages pretty seriously. Like, it-matters-more-than-your-website serious. Wowza.

    So if it's that important, how do you get people to 'Like' your brand's Facebook page? Well, this infographic will break it all down for you -- Lab42 asked respondents to identify what motivated (and prevented) them from showing their support for brands on Facebook. The results are interesting, and they actually bring up a few new feature ideas Facebook should consider if it wants to keep business owners and marketers happy. Here, take a look for yourself to see what the people are saying!

    (Click infographic to enlarge image)

    Facebook infographic

    Has this breakdown of the motivators for 'Liking' Facebook pages made you rethink your Facebook marketing strategy?

    facebook-charts-and-stats-ebook like-what-youaposve-read-click-here

    Topics: Social Media

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