3 Form Fields That Kill Landing Page Conversion Rates

    by Dan Zarrella


    October 6, 2010 at 2:00 PM

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    Web users are, for the most part, used to giving out personal information online, especially in exchange for content they want. But certain kinds of information are more sensitive than others.

    I analyzed over 40,000 customer landing pages and identified three types of information that tended to lead to lower conversion rates.

    First I looked at pages that asked users for their age.

    age resized 600

    I found that landing pages that asked users for their age tended to have much lower conversion rates than pages that did not.

    I then analyzed pages that asked for telephone numbers (or suggested that the user would be called).


    I found that pages referring to telephone numbers or calling had lower conversion rates than pages that did not.

    Lastly I examined pages that asked users for geographic information.

    address resized 600

    I found not only that pages that asked for any type of geographic information had lower conversion rates than pages that did not, but also that street-level information seemed to be much more sensitive to users than state or city level information.


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