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    An Overview of the Major Google Algorithm Updates of 2014

    By Lindsay Kolowich


    Inbound marketers are constantly on alert for changes in Google's ever-evolving algorithm ... but that doesn't mean we don't miss one every now and then. The combination of frequent algorithm updates and a busy workload means that sometimes a critical update gets lost in the sauce.

    To make sure you're fully up to date on the latest major changes in SEO, we've compiled a full list of the most important Google algorithm updates from 2014. This year, we saw changes from pirates and penguins and pandas and pigeons; the removal of authorship, and other notable updates. Let's take a closer look at what those updates were.

    The Animals: A Quick Refresher

    For your reference, here are the names given to Google's algorithm updates that were relevant for 2014 and a brief description of each.

    • Pirate: A search filter designed to prevent sites that have a lot of copyright infringement reports ... Read More
    We Completely Redesigned the HubSpot Blog. Here's Why.

    By Pamela Vaughan

    If you're a regular reader of HubSpot's Blog, you've probably noticed things are looking a little bit different today. It's not just you. Last night, we gave the HubSpot Blog a pretty drastic makeover. 

    A lot of planning and strategizing went into the new design, so we thought we'd share how the current design came to be and why we made the changes we did.

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    The Top 50 Marketing Blogs on the Internet Right Now (+ Advice From #1)

    By Dharmesh Shah

    If you're anything like me (and my apologies if you are), you like lists. And, if you also happen to work in marketing, you've probably heard of the old AdAge Power150 list -- it was a list of the top marketing blogs in the world. I use the past tense, because a few months ago AdAge said they were "powering down" the list. As the folks from Monty Python would say ... the Power150 has ceased to be. (Video link here -- you're welcome.)

    Read More
    10 Powerful Blogging Hacks for the Efficient Marketer

    By Ginny Soskey

    When I first started to blog for a living, I found it hard. Like, really hard. I always felt like I had writer's block. It took me forever to write my first article that was over 1,000 words.

    And I certainly didn't feel validated after I hit publish -- the posts would rack up a handful of shares and views, usually from my wonderful

    Read More
    How to Write a Darn Good Sentence [SlideShare]

    By Lindsay Kolowich

    Literary theorist and legal scholar Stanley Fish wrote, "The skill it takes to produce a sentence, the skill of lining events, actions, and objects in a strict logic, is also the skill of creating a world."

    Remarkable writing isn't just for academics and authors; it's a fundamental skill for marketers, too. The "remarkable" part is where it gets tricky.

    Read More
    Want to Improve Your Blog's Conversion Rates? 11 Tests to Try

    By Pamela Vaughan

    These days, I spend a lot of my time on blog optimization. I'm constantly trying to figure out how we can fill the top of our funnel with more blog visitors, and how we convert more of those visitors into subscribers and leads. 

    Because my role is focused on optimization and growth, I try to make sure we're always testing something.

    Read More
    How to Screen for Top-Notch Writers

    By Corey Eridon

    Most people I talk to that lean on content marketing for their business don't consider themselves content marketers themselves. Either they're not inherently talented as writers, or they're just not interested in doing it -- whether due to resource constraints or a lack of inclination toward the written word. 

    That's totally fine. As long as they're ready to hire writers that can do the job for them.

    Read More
    6 Company Blogs We Actually Enjoy Reading

    By Lindsay Kolowich

    You know that feeling when you read a brand's blog post and think to yourself, "This is awesome. Who can I tell?!" I sometimes find myself sending certain posts to a whole list of my marketing friends. That's when I know I've hit gold.

    When this ritual happens consistently with posts from one particular blog,

    Read More
    12 Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers [Infographic]

    By Ginny Soskey

    For lots of bloggers, publishing blog post can feel a little anticlimactic. You spend all this time researching and writing and editing and designing to get your post out the door, and when you finally hit publish ...

    ... Nothing happens. (Except maybe a tweet or two from your mom and the intern. Thanks, Mom and Intern!) But wouldn't it be nice if

    Read More
    How to Get People to Read Your Entire Blog Post

    By Neil Patel

    Once upon a time, you wrote an article. It was a good one. It took you four and a half hours, required a ton of research, and maybe cost you a very late night. 

    After you wrote the article, proofread it, edited it, added images, and published it, you felt good about yourself. Clicking the “publish” button gave you a huge sense of satisfaction.

    Read More
    Why You Need to Stop Neglecting Your Old Content

    By Pamela Vaughan

    Raise your hand if this sounds familiar ...

    As an inbound marketer, you work hard to keep your content engine going. You publish new blog posts, launch new ebooks, and produce new webinars regularly. You rinse and repeat, pumping valuable time and resources into new content creation to keep your blog fed and your offers fresh. 

    Read More
    How to Write Better Headlines [Infographic]

    By Ginny Soskey

    Truthfully, I think the hardest part of blogging is coming up with a great headline. Headlines are a special breed of difficulty because they have to accomplish so many things in such a small amount of space. In just a few characters, you've got to instill intrigue, yet answer questions. You've got to make it work for Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and

    Read More
    The Week's Best Content About Content

    By Lindsay Kolowich

    When it comes to promoting content and expanding a company's reach, lots of shares is one of those metrics that every marketer wants to achieve. The more shares you get, the more traffic you get, the more leads you get ... and so on and so forth. So while shares certainly aren't the be-all-end-all for online marketing metrics, they certainly indicate future success.

    Read More
    These Bad Blogging Habits Are Stunting Your Growth

    By John Bonini

    I said I wouldn’t have ice cream this week.

    Yet there I was, leaning over the freezer door surveying my options like the indecisive person in front of you at Starbucks. It wasn’t until I was two spoonfuls into a mint chocolate chip sundae that I realized my oversight.

    Read More
    How to Get More People to Share Your Blog Posts [Infographic]

    By Sam Kusinitz

    I'm sure you've heard that if you want people to share your blog posts, all you have to do is create exceptional blog posts. It’s that simple, right?

    Truthfully, it's not that easy. Without optimizing posts for sharing and actually coordinating some promotion of your own, it's very possible that they could fall flat. 

    Read More
    How to Make Your How-To Content More Helpful

    By Diana Urban

    Whether you're writing a how-to post for your blog, documentation for your software, or instructions on how to use your product, it's important to make your content easy to read. Otherwise, you'll lose your readers' attention and they'll never even get to the end of your post.

    These tactics will help you create more helpful how-to posts that your readers will love (and hopefully even finish reading):

    Read More
    Want to Be a Better Blogger? Embrace Structure

    By Rachel Sprung

    What is the first step you take as you begin writing a blog post? Lots of people just like to start from the beginning -- they stare down the blinking cursor until they're suddenly inspired to write a clever introduction. 

    But that's not always the best way to start a blog post. That cursor? It's daunting. 

    Read More
    How to Give (and Get) Better Feedback on Blog Posts

    By Dominic Hung

    A few months back, I had written what I thought was an excellent blog post. From the first round of internal feedback it seemed it was all but ready to go, but when a second round of feedback from another interested party was provided, it ended with a sentence pretty much anyone hates to hear.

    “Maybe we should rewrite this.”

    Read More

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