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7 Ways to Improve Your Relationships With Tough Clients (Clone)

By Nicolas Boillot

tough-clients-1This post originally appeared on The Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to The Agency Post.

I recently wrote a piece on bad clients and the bad attitudes of agencies. In writing it, I was reminding myself as much as anyone else that clients who are willing to pay for expertise to solve important business challenges are often in pain.

They may be difficult to deal with on any number ... Read More

Are You an Ambivert? What It Means for You at Work

By Ben Lodge

ambiversionI've never been a fan of making a cold, hard distinction between extroverts and introverts.

Although I myself identify as an extrovert because I draw energy from others, I wouldn't say I possess every quality typical of an extrovert. I'd guess that if I surveyed our readers, most of you would say you're somewhere in between the two.

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