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    5 Apps That Will Help You Write Better Prospecting Emails

    By Leslie Ye


    Ah, emails.

    Love ‘em or hate ‘em (I fall into this camp), emails are crucial to sales, and reps have to be good at writing them. But emails are a difficult medium to master.

    Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. There’s a whole world of email apps and extensions that make it easier for you to improve your writing. We’ve picked five of the best.

    5 Apps That Improve Sales Emails, Fast

    1) Crystal

    Everyone communicates differently; more importantly, everyone likes to be addressed differently. Crystal is a Gmail extension that aims to help ... Read More

    Have Agencies Abused the Term 'Storytelling'? [Interview]

    By Peter Levitan

    Marketing communications agencies use various industry terms to describe their services and create market differentiation. Some are fairly generic, e.g., full service, social media, and digital. Some go beyond generic to be media specialists in mobile, video, or SEM. Others smartly concentrate on specific demographics such as millennials or hit client categories such as healthcare and financial services.

    But in the past few years, we’ve seen an increase in agencies that define their agency by saying they are experts in the art of "storytelling."

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    10 Simple Edits That'll Instantly Improve Any Piece of Writing

    By Eddie Shleyner

    Editing copy boils down to two key things: recognizing weaknesses and knowing how to fix them. It’s a critical part of the writing process and yet, one that’s all too often overlooked. After all, if you don’t know that there’s an issue to begin with, how can you fix it?

    That's why, if you struggle with editing, you’re going to love this article ...

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    How People Are Really Using Snapchat: A Glimpse Into Its Growing User Base [Infographic]

    By Lindsay Kolowich

    Snapchat has grown up a lot since its release back in 2011. While most people know it as the app that lets you send "private," disappearing photos to your friends, the app has a whole lot more depth to it now. It offers branded and interactive filtering options, live news stories, and even a feature that lets you send cash to a friend.

    Its popularity and growth all the way up until now has been impressive.

    Read More
    Super Bowl 50: The 15 Best Commercials of the Last 50 Years

    By Matthew Kane

    Alright, so the headline isn’t completely accurate. While this Sunday does mark the 50th anniversary of the big game, the frenzy surrounding Super Bowl commercials didn't begin until after 1973. That year, Noxzema aired a spot starring New York Jets’ quarterback Joe Namath and a pre-Charlie’s Angels’ Farrah Fawcett. Featuring an awkward catchphrase, bad acting, and heavy innuendo, it should have faded into obscurity alongside the other (many) terrible Namath ads. Somehow it didn’t, and the modern Super Bowl commercial was born. But 15 for 43 isn’t nearly as catchy.

    Read More
    Attack of the Robots: The Right (and Wrong) Role SOPs Play in a Creative Agency

    By Nicole Vece

    Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are powerful tools, but like any tool, they can be dangerous if used poorly -- and in a creative agency, they need to be used very carefully. The last thing a creative agency or marketing director wants to do is create an army of robots who pump out bland, identical copy or design work. After all, you hired these people because of their talent and originality. You shouldn’t be stifling that creativity.

    Read More
    4 Big Ideas for Growing the Size of Your Client Retainers

    By Jami Oetting

    It's an easy mistake to make. You want to land a coveted client account, but the client's budget doesn't match up with your typical retainer plans. You go ahead and discount your services -- you know this business will lead to more business so it will all be worth it in the end. 

    Fast-forward three years later: The client is still paying the same discounted price. What's worse is that your agency never made an effort to grow the retainer. The client was happy. Why go messing with something that works?

    Read More
    Understanding Native Ad Guidelines – Before Your Brand Gets Banned

    By Matthew Kane

    Mention “listicles” in conversation, and it won’t be long before someone declares them the death of journalism, or language, or attention spans, or whatever. They’re the online content equivalent of Nickleback: popular to pile-on to and outwardly condemned. And yet, just as the band continues to pack stadiums, so too have “listicles” become near-ubiquitous, garnering heavy traffic on websites ranging from Wired to the New Yorker. It appears people do, in fact, enjoy their information delivered in easily digestible numerical chunks. And, of course, advertisers have noticed.  

    Read More
    Your Agency Is Offering Too Many Services. Here's How to Decide Which Ones to Keep.

    By Michael Brown

    As a general rule, if you look at your site and say, “Wait, we still do that?” then your agency might be offering too many services. If you need to pause for air when listing all your services to a prospect, then you probably have too many. If the margins are so low on some services that you secretly hope a deal doesn’t get signed, then you are definitely offering too many. Perhaps, it’s time to cut back.

    Read More
    Perfect the Pitch Process: A 7-Step Method

    By Jeremy Chase

    Pitching new business is my favorite aspect of agency life. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the challenge of making a memorable impression with a killer idea. 

    This is the "big show" every agency needs to be prepared for -- you never know when or where you'll have to pitch.

    Read More
    How Your Agency Can Use Social Data to Win More New Business

    By John Donnelly

    How do you attract and sign new clients?

    Whether you’re an established agency or a boutique shop trying to make a name for yourself, you need to differentiate yourself, you need to appeal to executives and their teams with bold strategies for the future of their brands, and you need to prove you know their target market. Catching the eye of a brand executive takes something new and interesting.

    Read More
    How to Disagree With Clients Without Being Disagreeable

    By Carly Stec

    This post originally appeared on the Marketing section. To read more content like this, subscribe to Marketing.  

    George S. Patton once said: "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."

    In business, stirring the proverbial pot can be a good thing. And while negotiating these matters can be challenging -- especially when they involve our teammates or bosses -- differences in opinion will often lead to progress. 

    Read More
    How to Differentiate Your Agency's Brand: 9 Ways to Stand Out

    By Jami Oetting

    When’s the last time you heard someone ask, “Do you know of any great massage therapists who can also cut my hair?”

    Or “I just wish my physician could fill this cavity after we’re done with my yearly physical?”

    Most people don’t trust people who claim to be experts in multiple services or skills. We want to choose a provider of services based on her qualifications and expertise to solve our specific problem. We want to have a strong reason for going with this provider over that.

    Read More
    The 11 Stages of Inbound Marketing Agency Growth

    By Mike Lieberman

    It's the beginning of a new year. And today, your agency feels shiny and new. You've renewed your resolution to conquer the world.

    But come February or the close of Q1, you’ll settle into your previous bad habits, and the world won’t look so inviting. The same issues you had in December will reemerge, and you’ll be talking about the same challenges over and over again.

    Read More
    11 Interesting Print Ads From the Past Century & How They Hold Up Today

    By Mike Whitney

    In the history of American advertising, print has played a vital and interesting role.

    Print advertising has been around as long as any medium, surviving the advent of radio, television, and internet, maintaining its steady influence all the while. There’s something truly iconic about a well-crafted print ad, and the agencies and brands that have done it well over the years have seen immense benefits as a result.

    Read More
    5 Steps to Modernize Your PR Processes

    By Jami Oetting

    You need to move fast to capitalize on press opportunities for your clients. But fast-moving doesn't mean a lack of processes and procedures. In fact, if you don't have an adaptable yet repeatable workflow in place for planning and executing on a client's communications plan, you're probably wasting resources, including your time and your client's budget. 

    Read More
    Are You a Micromanager? Take This Quiz to Find Out [Infographic]

    By Lindsay Kolowich

    Ever heard the term "helicopter parents"? They're the hyper-present, overbearing parents who take pay excessively close attention to their kids' experiences and problems.

    Well, helicopter parents are to their kids what micromanagers are to the people they manage. While being engaged in your colleagues' lives is important, micromanaging their every move can backfire.

    Read More
    How to Pick the Perfect Font for Your Design Project [Infographic]

    By Lindsay Kolowich

    When it comes to delighting people with design, details matter -- a lot. The fonts you choose every time you lay out an email, an ebook, or an image for social media end up giving your marketing a polish that makes a big difference.

    Trouble is, with so many options to choose from, finding the right one isn't always as obvious as we'd like it to be. Thankfully, there are a few guiding principles out there to simplify the selection process.

    Read More
    What Does the Agency of 2020 Look Like?

    By Jami Oetting

    It can be hard to imagine that change will actually happen.

    Oftentimes, we are blind to the forces that will cause our business offerings and services to become devalued or worse, irrelevant. After all, we have to believe wholeheartedly in our agencies and what we do to be able to survive the late nights and weekend hours.

    Read More

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