Do you develop solutions to optimize businesses' presence for demand generation success through all their marketing channels? Do you do something that sounds equally as unsexy and immediately sends your friends into a slumber at cocktail parties?

B2B is sooo boring. Too boring for Facebook, right?Free Templates: Facebook Cover Photos for Businesses

Pshh, no way! B2B marketers have just as many opportunities on Facebook as their B2C brethren, and if you're a regular reader of this blog, you know we're dead set on proving it -- we've actually written a post that outlines exactly how B2B marketers can succeed on all the big social networks. All of 'em.

So whether you're looking to get started on Facebook, convince your boss Facebook isn't reserved for B2C companies, or just give your presence there a little extra love, take a look at these Facebook page cover photos from other B2B marketers. It should get your creative juices flowing, and let you see the different ways B2B marketers can approach that giant chunk of visual real estate at the top of the new Facebook business pages.

1) The BOSS Snowplow

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Welcome to Boss country, indeed. This manufacturer of snow removal equipment (and HubSpot customer!) has a cover photo that will jump out of the computer and bulldoze you if you don't like their page. I particularly love the way "The Boss" is outlined in the bottom left photo that really hammers home their epic point ... that these guys are BOSS! (Nineties slang, anyone?)

2) Intel

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Intel's cover photo is ... well, it's pretty weird. It's kind of hard not to let a giggle slip out when looking at that little yellow guy. Or girl? Either way, this is about the last thing anyone would expect to see when stumbling upon Intel's Facebook page. But it actually does make sense -- it's part of their SciArt Series, which is a collection of art celebrating scientific breakthroughs at Intel's International Science and Engineering Fair. And since new art is added pretty frequently, we're excited to see what else graces the cover of their Facebook page in the future!

3) Dropbox

dropbox facebook resized 600

Dropbox leverages one of my favorite tactics for engendering love in the hearts of your audience ... being adorable. First of all, this looks like the happiest place on earth. Maybe colored pencil just has that effect on me. Second of all, what's cuter than that little smiling stick figure guy flying the red plane? Do you see him? Fly safe, little guy! Plus, Dropbox carries over this design to their Twitter account and website for a consistent brand experience.

4) Forrester Research

describe the image

Forrester Research is an independent research company that prides itself on its objectivity and pragmatism, which is why this cover photo is so appropriate! Instead of using a photograph of their researchers, they've echoed the objectivity of their research through the use of silhouettes to represent their researchers. Now those are some faces I can trust.

5) PR 20/20

pr facebook resized 600

But that doesn't mean you can't show your employees' smiling faces! HubSpot agency partner PR 20/20 shows off their team in their cover photo, providing a more personal experience for clients that visit their Facebook page. It doesn't hurt that they're all wearing nice shades of blue that echo their company logo ... and that they're a pretty handsome bunch, to boot! Oh, PR 20/20, you heartbreakers!

6) Deloitte

Deloitte facebook resized 600

You can also showcase your employees in a new light -- one outside of the office -- like Deloitte has done in their Facebook cover photo. They've selected the Deloitte China dragon boat team in action as their cover photo, and I gotta say it humanizes the brand a bit. It's nice to see an organization many might consider "stuffy" doing something pretty darn cool outside of their office's four walls.

7) W.B. Mason

wb mason facebook resized 600

W.B. Mason's cover photo has that antique look that embodies the W.B. Mason mascot (can you call him a mascot?). Makes sense, since they've been going strong since 1898 -- probably because they're adopting inbound marketing methods like using Facebook ;-)

8) Salesforce

salesforce facebook resized 600

Salesforce is focused on promoting the social enterprise -- the company description on their Facebook page is, "Born Cloud. Reborn Social." So it only makes sense that they use their Facebook cover photo to promote not only their own investment in the social enterprise, but also their investment in one of their customers, too. Caesar's Palace is actually a customer success story for Salesforce, and they're doing what all B2B organizations should be doing in this cover photo -- giving some serious customer love ... with a touch of whimsy, of course!

9) Weidert Group

weidert facebook resized 600

Of course, you could always just fall back on creating something beautiful. This cover photo from one of our awesome partners is bright and eye-catching, but still showcases simple and clean design. Take those white icons in the upper-left corner, for example -- they give indications of what Weidert Group might do, but it doesn't give away the farm. Like any great cover photo, this one grabs your attention so you're compelled to learn more about the company.

10) General Electric

general electric facebook resized 600

General Electric is a common visitor on our social media rockstar lists, because they inspire you to think outside the box when you're working in a traditionally dull industry. If you haven't already, I recommend you take a look at the cool things they're doing on Pinterest for more inspiration. But this cover photo positions them as a classic icon -- a beacon of light! -- for the energy world. There's nothing wrong with a little simple elegance now and again.

11) Yoh

yoh facebook resized 600

Yoh is a HubSpot customer that provides HR outsourcing solutions. Their cover photo is excellent because it promotes something everyone can support -- National Military Appreciation Month -- and it also relates back to their business in some way. Yoh can help their clients hire military veterans, a cause everyone can get behind and is happy to see promoted on social media by a company who can actually help the cause.

12) HubSpot

hubspot facebook resized 600

Finally, a shameless plug for our own Facebook cover photo ... but we actually think it's pretty cool. Why? Because this new photo (we used to have an orange-ified Boston skyline) helps us promote one of our events. You might remember that the new Facebook page Timeline design restricted your ability to make your photo a call-to-action -- but when you click on this photo, the description includes a link that leads to the landing page on which you can register for The Science of Inbound Marketing, what we hope will set the new record for the world's largest webinar!

What other B2B organizations have excellent Facebook page cover photos? Share them in the comments!

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