How Do You Write an Ebook? [Marketing Cast]

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Magdalena Georgieva
Magdalena Georgieva



Long-form content is a core element of building valuable marketing offers . That is why ebooks present a terrific opportunity for generating buzz online and drawing leads. In this episode of the Weekly Marketing Cast, David Meerman Scott talks about how marketers should go about writing an ebook.

Don’t Write about Your Product

The most important thing about writing an ebook , David notes, is that you should focus on the people you want to reach, not your product or what you have to offer. Try to understand what challenges your audience is facing and figure out a way to address these problems.

Create a Topic that Solves a Problem

In finding a topic to tackle, focus on a question that your target audience is often asking or a challenge that they often encounter. Open your email inbox and select a few questions your customers have shared with you. If a number people have expressed interest in the same issue, it might be worth addressing it in an ebook. 

Leave Your Comfort Zone

“Before you even begin to write it, get out of your office, get up from your really comfortable chair,” says David. “Go out into the marketplace either virtually online or physically in person and have discussions with those people you are trying to reach, your potential customers.” That way you will have authentic conversations that can help you really understand the worries of your audience. Such type of interaction will direct your attention to creative content ideas .

What is the most successful ebook you have launched and how did you go about writing it?

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