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It's already the end of January. I know -- I can't believe it either. Though you may've decided to give up on a New Year's resolution or two, there's one I think you oughta have your list: redesigning your website.

With other projects in the pipeline in 2014, I can understand if a redesign wasn't your top priority entering the year. But, when you take a look at these redesigned beauties below, you'll want to find the time to give your site a revamp, too.

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We’ve compiled some of the best website transformations we've witnessed from HubSpot customers and detailed exactly why they’re so awesome. Who knows? Maybe one or more of these sites will inspire you to get a redesign project underway. (And if you do decide to go that route, this planning kit can help you get going.)

Flip through the SlideShare below first to get a quick overview of the newly redesigned sites, and then be sure to head on down to read more about these companies' website makeovers.

6 Incredible Website Redesigns From HubSpot Customers

1) CheckPoint Consulting

Challenge: Unify the theme of your website.

Michigan-based firm CheckPoint Consulting started out with a not-so-savvy, run-of-the-mill website. Sure, it had all the information there, but the outdated design, lack of available information, and disjointed color scheme made it impossible for someone to move through the funnel.

Your website is the first impression a new potential customer has with your business. They’re deciding whether or not you're worthy of buying from. CheckPoint Consulting realized it needed a more modern, professional look to give its visitors a clearer route to conversion.


Solution: Use consistent colors and themes to entice visitors to convert.

My, they grow up so fast. With the help of HubSpot Certified Partner media junction, Checkpoint Consulting was able to pull together a brand new look and feel for its website. The new website established company credibility and engaged visitors with an image slider and carefully crafted color scheme.

Take a page from Checkpoint's playbook and ensure your visitors stay on your page by having a consistent look and feel throughout your website.


2) CloudMGR

Challenge: Stand out from the competition.

CloudMGR, previously known as CloudSafe365, is a technology service provider that allows you to manage all of your cloud-based solutions. The background on its original website was a cloud to illustrate its services -- not the most original idea.

While the homepage served its purpose, showcasing the company as a reputable service provider, it still looked like one of many in an overpopulated industry. Thus, the company needed to add some "pop" and leave a lasting impression on its visitors.


Solution: Use a clean, minimalist design approach with bold colors.

Talk about pop. CloudMGR went through a full rebranding to completely change the look and feel of its website from crowded and common to minimalist and different. The business turned to media junction as well to rebrand the company's name, logo, and website. (Sometimes, if you’re going to change your website, it may be time to revisit everything and make sure all of your branding ducks are in a row.)

CloudMGR’s new site uses strategic design elements and a lot of calls-to-action (CTAs) to pull leads down the marketing funnel. Now, when customers visit this site, they'll view CloudMGR as a serious candidate to consider in their purchasing decision.

Who said technology services aren't sexy?


3) Surge Accelerator

Challenge: Refocus and clarify your messaging and content.

Surge Accelerator is a startup accelerator in the Houston area. Before switching over to HubSpot, the company relied on old-school design tactics for its website. Its previous homepage had a lot of content on it. Surge wanted you to click on its primary CTA, clearly indicated by the arrows point at "Apply Now," but there was just too much going on design- and messaging-wise.

Along with the content overload, this site wasn't optimized for mobile use. Given that more and more consumers are making purchasing decisions via their mobile devices, not having a responsive site can impact businesses' bottom lines.


Solution: Add high-quality images and clearly understandable content.

Surge created a brand new website that completely blew the old one out of the water. The new website has all of the design goodies you could ever imagine, like parallax scrolling throughout the site, image slideshows, and customized menus. Now the site has a much more modern look and a better UX to help catch visitors' attention.


4) Orbital Alliance

Challenge: Practice what you preach.

We all know the saying "the cobbler’s children have no shoes" -- and how true it can be in real life. Orbital Alliance was like a cobbler. It is a web strategy and inbound marketing agency that has designed countless gorgeous sites for other HubSpot customers ... but, its initial website, before migrating over to HubSpot’s new COS, looked busy and chock-full of information.


Solution: Go bold or go home.

Orbital Alliance did a full 180 with its branding when it migrated over to the COS. The company used HubSpot’s easy-to-use design tools to add in custom animation, among other features. It also chose a stimulating and captivating image for the homepage background that was also way simpler than the previous background. 

The site is tied together nicely through parallax scrolling, and the minimalist look that Orbital Alliance provides its customers is now one it can proudly have on its own site.


5) iOffice

Challenge: Reduce the abundance of text and add more appealing CTAs.

iOffice is a facility management software company, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that based on its original website. The abundance of copy mixed with the lack of a clear call-to-action on its homepage makes for an overwhelming and confusing site.

Before the redesign, the business ask itself, "How long does it take a prospective customer to figure out what we’re selling them?" The answer was "too long" -- so iOffice adjusted its webpage accordingly.


Solution: Add a clearly understood slogan, CTAs, and animation.

This is more like it. iOffice's redesigned site has more white space and images, less text, orderly navigation, and a clear call-to-action.

iOffice also recognized it needed a responsive design to run a successful business, resulting in the following functional, yet beautiful design.


6) bluleadz Inbound Marketing

Challenge: Eliminate the "busyness" and offer a clearer next step.

bluleadz, a HubSpot certified partner that sells inbound marketing services, needed to pull out the key points of its homepage. What was the company trying to tell visitors with the site above?

Fortunately, bluleadz also recognized this and realized it had to tighten up the content on its site, use its color scheme more effectively, and reorganize its homepage to tell a more cohesive story.


Solution: Implement bold imagery and colors to grab visitors' attention.

The method is a tried-and-true for a reason. Bold animation, clear calls-to-action, and relevant offers all add up to a successful marketing website. Now, with a single glance on the page, people know what they’re looking at and what products and services are offered.


Believe me: Your site can look just as incredible as these ones ... especially when you've got a redesign kit like this one to help you out. So what are you waiting for?

Can't get enough of these amazing website redesign examples? Go ahead and get inspired at

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