3 Lucrative Ways to Help Seniors Live That Fit and Fabulous Lifestyle

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Cyan Zhong
Cyan Zhong



No matter how advanced longevity tech gets, the most powerful anti-aging drug will still be physical exercise. 

It could be a cure for loneliness in seniors, too — 38% of baby boomers believe that regular physical exercise is an essential way to connect with their peers.

We’re not just talking about Tai chi in the park or 5am walks. Seniors need more specialized training that boosts their health, confidence, and social connections.

Source: Fortune Business Insights

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Despite the $112B fitness club market, current options aren’t doing elderly folks any favors. Those aged 59-77 are much less likely than younger generations to join group exercise classes or boutique studios.

Given that…

  • One in six people will be over 60 by 2030
  • Over 50% of US wealth is in their hands

… there's a massive business opportunity to create fitness experiences that better serve the seniors.

Senior-only Boutique Studios

Over 60m people are members of health clubs in the US, but fewer than 25% are older than 55. An obvious opportunity is to build fitness spaces highly tailored to these folks.

Boutique studios – small gyms with instructor-led group exercises that focus on a few fitness areas – took off in recent years.

The industry is projected to grow to ~$80B by 2029, and the top players are minting millions:

Sources: CNBC, CB Insights, Nasdaq, Finmodelslab

To design a studio for seniors, pick regimes that emphasize strength and mobility, or other senior-friendly activities like chair yoga (51k searches/mo globally) and water aerobics (16k searches/mo).

The key is to customize everything, from instructors and equipment (like a robust post-lift recovery zone), to music and vibe (like dancing to popular jams from their youth).

Low-cost Ways to Get Seniors Active

Not ready to own a gym yet? No worries. Once seniors are hooked on that active lifestyle, there are plenty of ways to serve them that require lower upfront cost:

🏋️‍♀️ Train the trainers: Develop training programs and certifications specifically for retirees to become group fitness instructors. Having someone their age help them get fit can be hella inspirational. ✨

👯 Special classes: We’ve written about animal-inspired fitness classes; you could copy the same model and rent out cheap community spaces to organize special senior fitness events, like inviting their adult children to work out with them. Intergenerational fitness could be a great way for seniors to bond with their offsprings who are too busy to visit.

🤸 Wellness coach: Provide personalized coaching service to older clients and develop a fitness plan for them, physical andsocial. Curate resources, sign them up for classes, help them rediscover their athletic abilities and social importance.

Adventure Tourism and Extreme Sports

For many active boomers, retirement is now “rewirement,” a renewed period where they explore passions outside of work.

Travel is top of the list — 52% of seniors rank traveling as their No.1 priority to spend discretionary income on.

Combined with the $325B+ adventure tourism market, we’re seeing a new niche: Active vacations or adventure tours designed for seniors who are physically fit, and seeking a thrill.

Think older people can’t handle adventure? Think again:

🏔️ Yuichiro Miura climbed Mount Everest at 80

🛸 William Shatner went to space at 90

🐧 Dave Thomas went to the South Pole alone at 68

They’re also doing more extreme sports, like Ironman triathlons, skydiving, and motorcycling.

This class of seniors are cooler than you. Source: Pinterest

For the daring entrepreneur, there are plenty of opportunities waiting to be explored:

  • A boutique travel consultancy that creates custom trips for thrill-seeking elders. 
  • A booking or review platform for agencies and professionals in this space (e.g., mountaineering coaches and tour operators).
  • Content on how to safely seek that adrenaline rush and how to train or prepare for sports events that might be challenging for their age.
  • Exclusive events where adventure tourists above 55 can gather, share their experiences and safety tips.
  • Specialty insurance — we’ll wager the fine print on your travel insurance says nothing about an unplanned collision with a satellite.

Forget rocking chairs – this class of seniors are rocking that fit and adventurous lifestyle. 🤘

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