How to Leverage Prospect Emotions to Make Sales [Infographic]

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Mike Renahan
Mike Renahan




It’s common advice that sales reps should do their best to create a connection with their prospects. The logic is that if you create an emotional bond, prospects will be more comfortable with you and more likely to buy.

This makes sense: According to Microsoft, emotional campaigns see higher profits than ones appealing to rational thoughts.

But creating that emotional connection is easier said than done. How should you try to build trust between you and the prospect? Excitement makes us want to share and gather new information, but is it better to go negative and play on a prospect's fear of missing out on a new, exciting trend? These are important questions, and their answers change depending on the prospect. And of course, your prospect's preferences influence whether or not they buy from you.

To figure out the best way to leverage emotion in sales, check out the infographic below [click for a larger version] from Microsoft to learn about emotional responses and how to use them to your advantage.


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