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Sales Professionals Share What Their First Sales Job Taught Them [Infographic]



Everyone has to start somewhere. We asked today's sales thought leaders where they got their first taste of sales. This is where they started and what they learned in those first years.

The great thing about sales is even if you got your start by selling lemonade, your career potential is truly unlimited. These pros are proof.

Keep their lessons learned in mind as you continue to become a badass salesperson!


We’re happy to feature sales thought leaders Alina Vandenberghe, Jamie Shanks, Nancy Bleeke, Afi Ofori, Alen Mayer, Mike Kunkle, S. Anthony Iannarino, Ali Powell, Jill Rowley, Brian Trautschold, Shaun Ricci, Brandon Redlinger and more!

What did you learn from your first sales job? Share with us in the comments.

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