50 Real Estate Hashtags You Can Use to Capitalize on Your Online Presence

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Today, most prospective home buyers use their mobile devices to find agents and seek out properties for sale. As a real estate agent, one of the best ways to reach these audiences is through social media posts and accompanying real estate hashtags. 

best real estate hashtags

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What Are Real Estate Hashtags?

Hashtags help social media users find content based on specific topics — you can create them by using the # symbol followed by words, like #realestate.

Though the process might seem simple — like you can hashtag any words you want and expect to see results — but in reality, you have to find hashtags that aren’t over- or under-used if you want prospects to find your content.

If you use a hashtag that has been used millions of times, your post might get lost in the shuffle. But if you use an abstract hashtag that has only a few other posts, most people won't search for those terms, and you'll lose out on connections with potential clients.

Why Do I Need Real Estate Hashtags?

Real estate hashtags can help you market your content to wider audiences. And as virtual tech continues to have a bigger place in everyday life, creating posts with searchable hashtags is only becoming more of an asset when it comes to finding potential real estate buyers and sellers.

This is especially relevant for people who are home-searching remotely in hopes of relocating. These kinds of prospects might not see your local advertising, bus benches, or billboards — but they can still connect with you over social media.

Plus, creating engaging social posts that are found through hashtags can help you build your brand and connect to your audience — leading to both new and repeat customers.

How Many Real Estate Hashtags Should I Use?

While real estate hashtags can be a big help, they're not immune from the "too much of a good thing" dilemma. It might seem like it makes sense to fill your posts with as many hashtags as possible to reach new viewers, but that's not the best approach.

Some platforms have a cap on the number of hashtags per post. For example, Instagram allows 30 hashtags in a post. Twitter and Pinterest have character limits — of 280 and 500, respectively — that include hashtags.

For most platforms, you'll want to stick to one to three hashtags per post. On Instagram, which has a higher limit for hashtags, choose five to 10 per post. And keep in mind that stuffing a post with as many keywords that fit can look spammy rather than inviting.

How to Find Trending Real Estate Hashtags

While there’s no "right" way to find trending real estate hashtags, there are certain tips and tricks you can leverage to help with the process. One approach is to visit a social media site or app, then type in a hashtag that comes to mind. This will bring up both top and most recent posts using the hashtag, so you can see how often it's used and what the top posts that use this hashtag look like.

There are also several websites that help generate and track trending hashtags on various topics. For example, Best-Hashtags allows you to type in a hashtag, and it will bring up popular related hashtags.

How to Use Real Estate Hashtags

Most platforms — particularly Instagram — have algorithms that don't like when a profile uses the same hashtags for every post. So you want to find a wide variety of hashtags that will work for you, and apply just a few for each post.

Vary them depending on the post. For example, you might use #interiordesign for an interior shot, and you might use #architecture for an exterior image of a home.

Now, it’s time to consider placement. Regardless of platform, there are a couple of common methods for weaving hashtags into a post.

First, you might place a hashtag into a post caption, such as, "So happy to see this gorgeous #luxuryhome on the market. Set up an appointment for a tour today!"

Or, you could place your hashtags at the end of the post. For example, "Look at this stunning home for sale! Contact me for a viewing today. #realestate #dreamhome"

Another popular hashtag tactic is to add hashtags as the first comment on the post to avoid visual clutter in the caption — a strategy that's typically used on Instagram. Hashtagging on Instagram can be intimidating compared to other platforms, which are easier to do on an app or a desktop.

Luckily, you can post to Instagram from your computer by transforming the desktop site to a mobile view or simply copy and paste your preferred hashtags in a draft post, then handle the rest on your phone from the app.

Best Real Estate Hashtags for Every Platform

You know the how, why, and where of hashtagging. Now, let’s dive into some of the best hashtags for each platform. Since the various natures of social media apps can vary — Instagram is more visual, while Twitter is all about short, captivating, word-oriented posts — some hashtags work better for different platforms.

Best Real Estate Hashtags for Instagram

These are the top real estate hashtags for Instagram. Rotate through them based on what you’re posting, and stick to five to 10 hashtags per Instagram post.

As Instagram pivots more toward video, like IGTV or Reels, you can still use hashtags to promote your content. For videos, use one to three hashtags to avoid visual clutter.

  • #realestate
  • #realestateexperts
  • #realestateadvice
  • #homeforsale
  • #homeforsale[state or major city]
  • #luxuryrealestate
  • #condoliving
  • #housegoals
  • #househunting
  • #housesofinstagram

instagram (1)

Best Real Estate Hashtags for Twitter

It’s easy to find and follow content by hashtags on Twitter. Here are some top hashtag options for real estate on this platform.

  • #[location]realestate
  • #property
  • #homesforsale
  • #homeowner
  • #newlisting
  • #openhouse
  • #topagent
  • #fixandflip
  • #homebuyer
  • #virtualtours

best real estate hashtags: twitter real estate hashtags exampleImage Source

Best Real Estate Hashtags for Facebook

Hashtagging on Facebook isn’t as useful as it can be on other platforms, as Facebook’s algorithm gives more weight to paid advertising. Still, you can try some of these common real estate hashtags to organically boost your Facebook posts.

  • #realestate
  • #realestateagent
  • #realestateinvesting
  • #realestategoals
  • #realestatetips
  • #homesforsale
  • #homerenovation
  • #househunting
  • #houseforsale
  • #housedecor

best real estate hashtags: facebook real estate hashtags video examaple

Image Source

Best Real Estate Hashtags for Pinterest

Pinterest users primarily search for content through hashtags, so this is a great platform to use hashtagging to get noticed.

  • #dreamhome
  • #interiordesign
  • #architecture
  • #homeforsale
  • #realestatetips
  • #housestyles
  • #househunting
  • #midcenturymodern
  • #homeinspiration
  • #starterhome

best real estate hashtags: pinterest real estate hashtags exampleImage Source

Best Real Estate Hashtags for LinkedIn

Are you properly utilizing LinkedIn for your business? Since LinkedIn is a professional social media platform, it’s great for real estate agents who want to get their name out there. You can use it to promote open houses, showcase current listings, and share successes of recently sold properties.

It’s an excellent way to connect with potential clients, even high-profile executives who might be searching for luxury homes. To get your content noticed on LinkedIn, try some of these popular real estate hashtags.

  • #realestatebusiness
  • #realestatefinance
  • #realestate
  • #realestateagentlife
  • #realestatecompany
  • #houseforsale
  • #realty[location]
  • #sellersmarket
  • #realestateagent
  • #realestatesuccess

best real estate hashtags: linkedin real estate hashtags exampleImage Source

Utilize Top Real Estate Hashtags to Grow Your Business

Real estate agents that use social media to market themselves and their work can find new audiences, both locally and from interested buyers interested in relocating to a new city.

But not all hashtags are created equally, so it’s important to use both popular evergreen hashtags and trending hashtags for your posts. Sprinkle them in effectively to help your posts gain attention online, which can convert to hard sales.

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