29 Exceptional Real Estate Logos to Help Inspire Yours

Sheryl Green
Sheryl Green


With the housing market heating up across the country, it’s an amazing time to be a real estate agent. But there are plenty of people who get into the field only to struggle and discover that it’s not for them — to the point that several aspiring real estate professionals back out within the first few years.
That trend begs the question, "Why do so many try and so few succeed in real estate?" Well, some new agents don't have the people skills Others might not have the work ethic or know how to manage their time effectively. But one key element of the practice that trips up many aspiring agents is establishing a strong brand — and that often starts with a memorable real estate logo.

Here, we'll review why real estate logos are important and take a look at some of the best ones we could find. Let's dive in.

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Why is a Real Estate Logo So Important?

Why are we talking about establishing a brand in a piece about logos? Because your logo is a visual representation of your brand — it's the most striking, immediately memorable component of your marketing strategy.

Picture some of the most iconic brands in the world — Coca-Cola, Disney, Amazon, Tesla — and think of what comes to mind before anything else. It's not unreasonable to guess that each business's respective logo was probably where your thoughts went.

Those companies' visual branding is emotionally resonant — for better or worse— and no business could ever use any of their design elements without catching a lot of grief.

Real estate isn't immune from those trends and consumer tendencies. So whether you are just getting your bearings in the industry or think it’s time for a brand refresh, having the perfect logo can help you stand out and keep you top of mind with prospective clients.

Real Estate Logos

Your logo should reflect what you do and who you are. Agents often ask, "Do I really need my own logo? Isn’t my company’s logo sufficient?"

Real estate is an inherently personal field. Sure, your company’s reputation matters — but ultimately, clients are hiring you. That makes you both the "brand" and the business that needs to be marketed.

While a good graphic designer is an essential part of your branding and marketing team, it’s helpful to get a picture of what designs speak to you. You also need to understand current industry trends — before you start discussing your ideas.

Exceptional real estate logos are not created by accident. They require skill, research, vision, and a lot of inspiration. So to help you out, we've compiled a list exemplary real estate logos — both traditional and modern — to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Ogden Valley

real estate logos ogden valley

Nestled in Eden, Utah, Ogden Valley Real Estate wanted to pay homage to the majestic mountains in their area.

What We Like About It

The designer gets points for creativity incorporating the mountain tops into the rooftops.

2. House of Hawley

real estate logos house of hawley

Exuding luxury and class in everything it does, House of Hawley incorporated the same feel into its logo.

What We Like About It

The ornate front gates perfectly communicate luxury and high-class living.

3. Godfather Properties LLC.

real estate logos godfather properties<

The colors in this logo scream power, luxury, and authority — just like the firm's name.

What We Like About It

This company accomplished a new spin on the traditional "house" icon while paying homage to the classic film that inspired its name.

4. Michael Gourkani

real estate logos michael gourkani

Much like the example above, Michael Gourkani managed a new spin on an old classic — the traditional key.

What We Like About It

The color choice is classy and targets the group's affluent clientele, looking to sell and purchase multi-million dollar, luxury homes.

5. Compass

real estate logos compass

Unlike many other brokerages that put branding on the back burner, Compass considered it an essential part of their early development and created their brand in-house.

What We Like About It

The value and utility of this logo are in its simplicity. Sometimes keeping things straightforward is the way to go.

6. Christina Teahan

real estate logos christina teahan

Speaking of compasses, Christina Teahan — an agent with Compass — found a way to mesh her personality with her brokerage’s brand.

What We Like About It

The compass element is a classy take on her brokerage and the placement of the letters compliments the design perfectly.

7. Ellen Mazzoni

real estate logos ellen mazzoni

Another agent with Compass, Ellen Mazzoni opted for a simple but strong logo design.

What We Like About It

Her logo not only stands on its own, but it looks great beside her broker’s.

8. Cobalt Residential

real estate logos cobalt

This residential property construction company’s logo is just as solid as its construction work.

What We Like About It

The sturdy, thick lines help communicate the quality of the firm's work — and the colors reconcile simplicity with sophistication.

9. One Street

real estate logos one street

This art deco design is timeless and attractive while providing a visual treat.

What We Like About It

The backward "N" is playful without being childish.

10. The Peach Team

real estate logos the peach team

With a clever tagline, this mortgage services business played off its company name to create a truly unique design.

What We Like About It

It’s different! Incorporating the peach into the house design is creative and whimsical.

11. Hilton and Hyland

real estate logos hilton and hyland

You'd expect Beverly Hills’ most prestigious brokerage to have a prestigious-looking logo, and Hilton and Hyland doesn't disappoint.

What We Like About It

The black and white design is striking, catching the eye and not letting it go!

12. Williams & Williams

real estate logos williams and williams

Luxury real estate agents understand the value of branding. They also understand that you have to spend money to make money.

What We Like About It

The graphic designer used architect Joyn Lautner’s iconic Goldstein residence to showcase a fairly new brand as a symbol of luxury and elegance.

13. Nicholas Property Group

real estate logos nicholas

Rather than leaning on images to communicate its brand, Nicholas Property Group relies on tracking (the horizontal space between the letters) — and they do it well.

What We Like About It

The font choice and tracking are striking and elegant.

14. Denver Real Estate Professionals

real estate logos real estate professionals

This real estate, mortgage, and construction business knows how to get your attention!

What We Like About It

This design is eye-catching and simple with a color palette that we can’t stop staring at.

15. North 8

real estate logos north 8

This funky design is perfect for an artist’s loft building turned new condo development in New York City.

What We Like About It

The colors and the layout scream creative and unique.

16. Rooster Real Estate Group

rooster real estate group

There are many Rooster realty groups, but none created a striking design like this one.

What We Like About It

It’s not a house or a key — it’s a rooster, and that makes us smile.

17. Michael Beeman

real estate logos michael beeman

This Re/Max Town and Country agent knows how to make the most of his name.

What We Like About It

Playing off the spelling of his name, Michael incorporated a bee design into his logo and carried the theme through to his tagline.

18. The Habibi Group

real estate logos the habibi group

This modern design stands out and catches the eye. If you then relax your vision, you’ll notice a three-dimensional H in the brand mark.

What We Like About It

This logo is a bit reminiscent of an eye exam, and we love it!

19. Keller Williams Global Property Specialists

keller williams global property specialists

Speaking of eye exams, this Keller Williams logo is bold and modern while highlighting the GPS which supports its brand.

What We Like About It

It’s simple, classy, and the font-weight change is delightfully subtle.

20. Nourmand & Associates

real estate logos nourmand

Nourmand has been providing exceptional services to California buyers for more than 40 years. Its logo is 70’s-inspired and yet timeless.

What We Like About It

It’s different — from the colors to the layout to the lettering. Different is good when done tastefully.

21. The Ivan Sher Group

real estate logos is luxury

Representing all the luxury and class that Las Vegas real estate has to offer, this logo from the Ivan Sher group communicates it perfectly.

What We Like About It

The design is simple yet gorgeous. The white lettering pops against the background.

22. Julian Pilarski

real estate logos julian pilarski

While the logo is exquisite, the brand mark is strong enough to stand on its own.

What We Like About It

The design of the monogram is elegant, creative, and catches the eye.

23. Gregg Lynn

real estate logos gregg lynn

Another art deco-inspired logo, Gregg Lynn uses elegance and simplicity to represent modern luxury real estate.

What We Like About It

This versatile logo looks good with the logo stacked on top of the name as well as beside it.

24. Warburg Realty

real estate logos warburg

This 125-year-old luxury brokerage knows how to stand the test of time. Adding the established year proves that Warburg has been around forever, and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon!

What We Like About It

The classical lettering provides the perfect nod to the group’s historical roots.

25. Red Oak Realty

real estate logos red oak

Red Oak Realty in East Bay, California rebranded in 2018 with striking colors that catch your attention and refuse to let go.

What We Like About It

The color choice stands out and communicates the fun and funky attitude of this group.

26. Abbott Row

real estate logos abbot row

Simplistic and precise, this logo perfectly connotes the Washington DC condo building it was intended to sell.

What We Like About It

While there are no obvious buildings in the logo, the vertical lines communicate condos perfectly.

27. North Stream

real estate logos norman stream

Clean and simple, this distinct logo is a refreshing departure from conventional elements.

What We Like About It

The "S" shaped like a musical instrument brings the company’s personality into play.

28. Aaron Kirman Partners

real estate logos aaron kirman

Masculine yet elegant, this Los Angeles agent is consistently ranked within the top 15 agents in the country.

What We Like About It

It’s bold and timeless.

29. Riverfront Title Agency

real estate logos riverfront

Taking inspiration from the surrounding scenery at the company’s office building, the river, bridge, and smokestacks create a unique and memorable image.

What We Like About It

The colors are classic yet striking. Taken together, those characteristics project a sense of trust and authority.

Final Thoughts

Designing a logo is not a process that should be taken lightly. Your logo is an essential visual representation of your brand, your personality, and what you stand for as a business.

Find a designer that you trust and be an active participant in the process. If you have an idea, share it. If you don’t like something they’ve created, be honest. And when you’ve arrived at the perfect logo, embrace it.

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