Three Marketing Mistakes Hurting Your Business Growth

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Bailey Maybray
Bailey Maybray


Feel like no matter how much money, effort, and time you throw into marketing, it never helps your business grow? It might come down to a handful of marketing mistakes stunting your business growth.

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Marketing manager Tory Bullock identifies five mistakes potentially hurting your business’s ability to expand. We introduced three to get you started, but to get all five plus more details, check out HubSpot Marketing’s video.

1. Not correctly leveraging social media

You opened an Instagram and Facebook page for your business. That’s all you have to do, right?

Not quite. A business page alone isn’t enough to get the full potential of social media. Think of it like a cafe. You need to chat with your customers and build meaningful, lasting relationships with them.

Ideally, your social media should engage with your audience and understand their needs. Otherwise, you end up with weak brand loyalty, fewer repeat customers, and less word of mouth — all translating into low growth.

Thankfully, many free tools can help you up your social media game. Instagram, for example, offers a free insights page where you can identify metrics such as website clicks, total profit visits, and more.

2. Ignoring content creation

Even today, your business cannot afford to ditch content marketing. This means creating valuable, informative, and interesting content for your business, such as:

  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Blog posts

Without content, your business may struggle to build a solid brand reputation and establish authority on search engines. After all, business-created content gives you an opportunity to showcase skills, provide value to customers, and improve your search engine optimization.

You can easily fix this problem by starting a blog and publishing relevant content, such as guides, industry insights, and solutions.

3. Using outdated methods

Your business cannot always look to ol’ reliable for high growth, especially in the age of artificial intelligence. Failing to adapt to new methods or even sticking too closely to traditional ones might cause your business to:

  • Lose its competitive edge
  • Fail to reach potential customers
  • Stagnate instead of grow

To avoid this mistake, stay on top of trends by conducting regular industry research and checking in on your competitors. Through this, you might find a better way to run your business — helping you tap into greater growth opportunities.

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