7% of Web Designers Aren't Using AI: Here's Why [New Data]

Madison Zoey Vettorino
Madison Zoey Vettorino


While web designers largely embrace artificial intelligence (AI), there are still AI barriers in web design that have stopped others from diving in headfirst. Whether you're a web designer that has found AI to be a helpful tool or you are resisting changes due to this technology, look at our research to get a feel for how widespread the use of AI tools is in the web design industry. Then, discover some of the leading AI barriers in web design — and how you can navigate these challenges.

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What are the leading AI barriers in web design?

According to HubSpot Blogs research, 93% of web designers have used some form of AI to assist with web design or a design-related task in the last three months. 6% of web designers haven't used AI in the last three months, and 1% aren't sure.

ai barriers in web design: graph shows breakdown of what percentage of designers have and have not used AI in the last three months.

Interestingly, web designers have been using AI technology more than website developers. According to HubSpot blogs research, 90% of web developers have used an AI tool to assist with web dev-related tasks in the prior three months. Additionally, 8% of developers have not used AI, and 2% are unsure.

ai barriers in web design: image shows a graph of what percentage of web developers have used some form of ai within the last three months.

Now that you're in the know about how many web designers (and developers) are using the technology in practice, let's dive into some of the AI barriers in web design.

There are three primary reasons for web designers that have not yet embraced AI technology. Of those who haven't used it, most have resisted the technology because they don't believe it can help them (57%).

The second most common reason designers who don't use AI indicated is that they've never considered leveraging AI (29%). The least common reason is that the designers feel AI tools return poor or inaccurate results (14%).


How to Navigate AI Barriers in Web Design

If you're a web designer who has yet to experiment with this new technology because of perceived AI barriers in web design, the good news is you don't have to navigate it alone. We're here to help you figure out how to successfully navigate these difficulties and get the technology working for you. Let's dive in.

How to Navigate: Misconceptions Around AI's Capabilities

57% of web designers that haven't used AI state that they do not believe it can help them. By getting to the bottom of any misconceptions around AI's capabilities, designers who are yet to use the technology could learn that it's actually more capable than they believe.

The best way to navigate misconceptions around AI's capabilities is to give the technology a go yourself. By diving into some of the best AI web design tools headfirst, you'll learn firsthand what the technology can achieve.

How to Navigate: Educating Yourself About AI

Because AI is so buzzy right now, you might think you have a pretty sound understanding of what it does, only to realize that you aren't fully informed of its capabilities. You can effectively break down AI barriers in web design by educating yourself about what AI can do (and what it can't).

Need help figuring out where to start? We've created a comprehensive topic learning path to answer any and all questions you have about AI. Regardless of where you are in your AI education journey, this path has information that will help you determine how you can better integrate AI into your work as a web designer. If you're just starting out, you can begin on the 'Beginner' tab, work through 'Intermediate,' and eventually reach 'Advanced.'

You're ready to dive deeper once you've checked out our topic learning path. Our State of Generative AI report is an excellent jumping-off point for those with a base understanding of what AI does but who would like more concrete examples. Plus, our report will provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of how your peers are experimenting and working with AI, thanks to a variety of statistics.

By educating yourself on what AI is capable of, you're better equipped to navigate AI barriers in web design.

Next Steps: Navigating AI Barriers in Web Design

The reality is that this technology is new, which means it's understandable if you're having some trouble navigating AI barriers in web design. However, considering a majority of designers are harnessing the power of this tech, there are plenty of resources available to help you make the most of it and fill whatever knowledge gaps you may have.

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