Our 15 Favorite AI Website Design Tools

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Accenture says that using AI technology can enhance your organization's productivity by 40%. So if you're looking for a way to streamline the process of bringing your website to life, look no further than AI website design tools. (And if you want more AI stats, look no further.)

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Though plenty of AI website design tools are on the market, it can be tricky to determine which are worth your time, energy, and budget. We've rounded up 15 of the best AI website design tools you should consider to leverage this emerging technology. Let's dive in.

Why use AI website design tools?

One primary reason AI website design tools are popular is that they reduce manual labor and streamline the site design process. If you wanted a unique graphic in 2010, you would have had to build it manually. In 2023, that's no longer the case. Instead, you can rely on AI tools to do some of the work for you. (Emphasis on 'some of the work' — these tools aren't perfect, so expect to have to touch some of the creation processes.)

Another reason AI website design tools are popular is that they reduce some of the repetitive manual work required to get your images up to par for the web. Plus, if you're struggling to get started or need some design inspiration, AI tools can fill that gap.

Of course, there are some cons to using AI that shouldn't be ignored, but when it comes to designing your site, it could make a positive difference.

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    What makes a good AI website design tool?

    So, what exactly makes AI website design tools' good?' We're glad you asked. Here are a few ways we gauge the effectiveness of potential tools before we decide to implement them.

    User-friendly and easy to adapt

    When picking your AI website design tools, look for those that are user-friendly and that you can learn quickly. Remember: These tools are resources to save you valuable time and money. If it's hard to learn and adapt, this could prove counterproductive. Suppose you repeatedly read that the tool has a significant learning curve. In that case, you may consider looking elsewhere for a similar one that achieves the same result but in a more accessible manner.

    Reasonably priced or free

    There are a lot of website design tools available, many of which are free. Therefore, think twice before you spend a significant amount of your budget on one. You can find a free or more reasonably priced option available.

    It makes your life easier

    AI website design tools are popular because they reduce the amount of manual labor required to make your site successful. Using artificial intelligence for efficiency has become commonplace. Maybe you've already improved your content creation with tools like HubSpot's AI Content Writer. (If not, check it out!)

    With your content strategy in place, the next step is to ensure your website is as engaging as your AI-generated content. It's time to focus on building a visually appealing, user-friendly website that reflects your brand's quality. You may be wondering, what AI tools are available for websites? Therefore, the best options will simplify your life and streamline the design process. If you feel like your tool isn't doing so, it's time to look elsewhere.

    15 Best AI Website Design Tools

    Ready to dive into our 15 favorite AI website design tools to streamline your site design process? Let's get to it!

    1. Uizard

    AI WEBSITE DESIGN TOOLS: Uizard homepage Uizard is a standout option for those seeking AI website design tools. It's beginner-friendly, and thanks to Uizard's AI-powered Design Assistant, creating UIs, apps, or websites is easy. Uizard is unique because functionality and design are equally crucial. You can transform your hand-drawn ideas into a digital version in just minutes.

    Alternately, you don't need an idea for an interface to begin with — you can also look at the platform's pre-existing interfaces to get a feel for what you like. Then, the tool's AI will create a UX design style unique to your company. It also allows you to use its text assistant to create a page's subheadings, titles, and CTA text. You can also import the design assets you already have to ensure your branding is cohesive. Plus, you can upload an image, and the tool will create a beautiful theme.

    What we like: Uizard offers an attention heat map to gain insight into where your visitor will look the most closely.

    2. Divi AI

    Divi AI

    Unlocking the full potential of AI within WordPress, Divi AI by Elegant Themes sets a new standard in intuitive web design and content creation. Seamlessly integrated within the Divi Builder, this tool automates the generation of on-brand content and visually stunning images, allowing users to produce professional-quality web copy and visuals in a fraction of the time. Whether you're crafting a blog post, designing a landing page, or looking to enrich your site with SEO-friendly content, Divi AI’s smart technology streamlines the process, adapting to your site's unique style and voice.

    What's particularly compelling about Divi AI is its ability to generate content specific to your website's brand, accessible directly within the Visual Builder. This ensures a cohesive and brand-aligned user experience across your site. Additionally, Divi AI offers quick actions for content refinement, such as grammatical fixes and content length adjustment, enhancing the quality and precision of your website's content.

    What we like: Divi AI revolutionizes website creation by offering a sophisticated suite of AI tools that automate content and image creation, ensuring every piece of content is perfectly aligned with your brand’s identity and voice. With Divi AI, Elegant Themes has crafted a truly innovative solution that caters to the needs of modern web designers and content creators, making it an indispensable asset for anyone looking to leverage AI technology in their web projects.

    3. Fontjoy

    ai website design tools: fontjoy homepage Next up is FontJoy, a tool that makes font pairing easy. (Psst: If you need more tips on how to pick a font, we're here to help.) Fontjoy is a tool that uses deep learning to generate visually gripping font combinations. One reason we love this tool is because of how user-friendly it is. To begin, click 'generate' to make a new pairing.

    When you find a font you want to keep, you can lock it or click the edit button to select fonts and see how they look together manually. You can edit the text additionally to see how your organization name looks in the font. If you already have a font you like to use but want to see which other fonts can complement it, you can also use this tool by picking your pre-existing font and perusing complementary options.

    What we like: Fontjoy lets you toggle between high and low contrast, which is accessibility-friendly and gives you a better idea of what the font will look like on your site.

    4. DALL·E 2

    ai website design tools: dall e 2 landing page of open ai First up is DALL·E 2, a product offered by OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT . With the help of this AI system, you can craft realistic art of imagery from a text description. One highlight is that the imagery DALL·E 2 creates is original, which adds authenticity to your website. DALL·E 2 features pictures with 4x greater resolution than the original tool launched in 2021 had.

    In addition to image generation, this tool enables outpainting, which expands images beyond their original state. Plus, the tool makes inpainting possible, which allows you to edit photos realistically. DALL·E 2 also makes image variations in a different style.

    What we like: OpenAI took steps with DALL·E 2 to emphasize safety to guarantee the images this tool creates are appropriate.

    5. Hostinger

    Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 3.02.01 PMHostinger AI Website Builder simplifies website creation with the help of AI technology. It’s a no-code and intuitive platform that caters to all website owners, allowing them to create websites instantly. The platform also comes with eCommerce features and SEO tools.

    The AI website builder analyzes your preferences and requirements to generate personalized website templates. With its drag-and-drop interface, you can customize layouts, colors, fonts, and content according to your brand. 

    What we like: The AI tool continuously evolves, learning from user interactions and staying up-to-date with the latest design trends, ensuring your website is always ahead of the curve.

    The State of Artificial Intelligence Report

    New research into how marketers are using AI and key insights into the future of marketing.

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      6. AppyPie

      ai website design tools: appydesign homepage For those seeking a no-code AI platform, AppyPie fills the gap. With AppyPie, you can make a website or mobile application and automate workflows quickly and efficiently. The company also offers various design tools that make creating your site simpler.

      There's an AI text-to-image generator and photo enhancer. The tool also boasts an avatar, animation, music, video, and voice generator. To say there's a lot to love about this platform would be an understatement.

      What we like: You can get started for free with a maximum of four monthly projects. You can then upgrade to premium for unlimited.

      7. Human Generator

      human generator ai website design tools

      Human Generator is an AI tool that enables users to create diverse AI-generated humans. Its standout feature is the ability to generate unique humans across various ages, genders, and ethnicities. Beyond this, users can seamlessly overlay real faces onto AI-generated bodies, ensuring a personalized touch.

      The tool also offers extensive body customization options, including over 115 ethnicities, more than 20 hairstyles, and a variety of poses. Additionally, users can choose from a wide range of clothing styles and over 30 background settings. To further enhance customization, Human Generator allows users to fine-tune their creations with simple, clear prompts. It's a must-have for those seeking to create or modify human imagery using AI.

      What we like: You can create hyperrealistic pictures of people in seconds.

      8. Jasper AI Art

      ai website design tools: jasper ai art This art generator can make an image or art in seconds, an attractive option for designers who want original imagery but don't have time to make it. Jasper's imagery is high-resolution, 2K px, features no watermark, includes unlimited generations, and is royalty-free for commercial use.

      What we like: Jasper AI is exceptionally user-friendly. To start, write a prompt describing the image you want to see, choose the style you want, and ta-da! The tool generates the art.

      9. 10Web

      AI WEBSITE DESIGN TOOLS: 10web HOMEPAGE If you have a WordPress website and want to harness the power of AI, you are in luck. 10Web is an AI-powered WordPress platform to bring your site to life. It offers a variety of tools, from the AI site builder to the AI assistant and beyond. Let's walk through the primary capabilities of these two notable features.

      First, the AI Website Builder allows you to craft or recreate a website with AI. Plus, this tool lets you get AI-generated imagery and content in minutes. Then, you can customize it in the 10Web editor compatible with Elementor. Less relevant for web designers but still important is the AI Assistant. This feature helps you create SEO-optimized content 10x faster than you'd usually be able to.

      What we like: You'll answer a few questions regarding your business to help smooth the process. Then, 10Web's AI will create content and imagery based on your answers.

      10. Designs.AI

      ai website design tools: designs.aiDesigns.AI is a multifunctional tool that allows you to create a voiceover, video, social post, logo, or text in minutes. You can also craft banners or mockups, so this website has a variety of uses.

      The logo maker is a standout option, as you can apply your brand styling across projects, export the logo in whatever format you'd like, and apply your style guidelines. With the video maker, you can turn posts or text scrips into fully-edited videos in over 20 languages. You can then resize the videos for social media.

      With the speech maker, you can use text-to-speech technology to create a voiceover with over 50 sound options and more than 15 languages. The tool also features a design maker where you can input text, choose a template, and instantly generate thousands of variations. Design.AI also offers a copywriting tool.

      What we like: This tool is highly versatile and isn't just an excellent fit for website designers.

      11. VanceAI

      ai website design tools: vance ai homepage Next up is VanceAI. This tool provides photo enhancement, sharpening, background removal, and upscaling. For instance, if you have a pre-existing image that you want to beautify, this stool can help you do it. Alternately, with the upscale, you can make upscale images up to 4k, and there will be no loss in quality.

      What we like: All of VanceAI's tools are entirely free to use.

      12. Let's Enhance

      ai website design tools: let's enhance homepage This technology allows you to rectify blur and pixelation, adjust lighting and correct color, remove JPEG artifacts, and even upscale images with AI.

      You will not lose any picture quality when you use Let's Enhance to upscale your images which is another reason it stands out. Plus, creative professionals will love that you can save time and energy with AI that enhances low-quality photos. You can also resize the pictures you upload to ensure they meet website standards. And did we mention you can use this technology to create AI-generated art?

      What we like: With Let's Enhance, you can quickly transform words into artwork in seconds.

      The State of Artificial Intelligence Report

      New research into how marketers are using AI and key insights into the future of marketing.

      • Marketing AI Tools
      • Practical Tips
      • Trends and Statistics
      • And More!
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        13. Colormind

        colormind ai website design tools homepage We can't emphasize the importance of using attention-grabbing color combinations on your website enough. Thanks to Colormind, one of our favorite standout AI website design tools, you can rapidly generate a color scheme for your website. One of the most impressive features of this tool is that you can upload an image, and the technology will generate a cohesive color palette. For instance, if you upload an image with your company branding and want to figure out other complementary colors, you can do so easily.

        However, you don't need to upload an image to get started — there's also the opportunity to peruse other complementary palettes the technology put together. Therefore, this could be a great place to start if you're completing a branding or website refresh and aren't sure which direction you want to take things.

        What we like: Whether starting with a color in mind or from scratch, Colormind can help you decide what palette works best for your site.

        14. Sensei

        sensei ai website design tools homepage on adobe If you use Adobe software, you'll want to listen up. This tool was designed to help ensure your site's customer experience shines while quickening the process of putting it together. With Sensei, you can add effects and manipulate photos, make content creation more efficient, and even find assets you need through intuitive search in Adobe Lightroom and Stock. This tool utilizes machine learning and AI to make informed decisions regarding your site.

        For instance, you can use this technology to predict customer behavior on your site, optimize experiences, and even manage assets more seamlessly. Plus, designers will love that making edits is quick and easy. Another standout is that Sensei's intuitive search allows you to find the content you need when you need it.

        What we like: Sensei provides designers with invaluable insights to help them make more effective decisions while streamlining the creation process.

        15. ZMO.AI

        Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 12.01.15 PM

        ZMO.AI is a great AI tool with the most reliable on-model imagery, creation of AI-generated fashion models, or other types of AI for fashion services including virtual models, fashion image recognition, and more. ZMO allows you to create images in 30+ different art styles. You can edit, change, or completely remove background images or alter images as needed.

        What we like: ZMO provides a wide variety of animation styles depending on your specific industry, niche, or need.

        Use AI website design tools to design your site today.

        Now that you have a better idea of which tools are worth taking a second glance at, you're ready to begin designing your site today. Good luck, and don't be afraid to get creative with this emerging technology!

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