Typography is nothing but the art of presentation that expresses content with a stylish approach. While designing a website, the keen factor that we have to take care of is the typography.

In simple words, we have to choose the appropriate style of font to make it legible and also attractive when displayed.

This list will help WordPress enthusiasts who are searching for the best Typography WordPress plugins. Take a look at the list we've put together for you with detailed descriptions for each plugin.

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Top Typography WordPress Plugins

1. Easy Google Fonts

Easy Google Fonts is one of the best plugins for improvising your website. We can use this plugin to calmly add custom Google fonts to any WordPress theme. Its specialty is there's no need for code writing to add fonts. This plugin contains a Customizer to preview the Google Fonts live.

It has 600+ Google fonts to insert into your site and contains an Automatic Background Updates feature for updating the latest font lists by itself. This plugin is finely suitable for anyone looking to insert various font styles to their WordPress theme without coding required.

Easy Google Fonts

2. Typekit Fonts for WordPress

Typekit is known to be the finest font repository found on the web. Though it contains limited service when used without subscriptions, you can subscribe to get unlimited usage. This plugin has a vast collection of amazing looking fonts that anyone can add to their sites.

This plugin allows you to add custom CSS and helps add codes for loading fonts by connecting your site to the Typekit. It uses font-face standard fonts, so they are entirely licensed and handy. It is compatible with WordPress Multisite.

Typekit Fonts for WordPress


3. WP-Typography

This plugin is very useful for your WordPress theme as it can improvise the web typography by smartly adding things such as hyphens, quick character replacement, CSS hooks, and space control. It can add hyphens to essential places and supports around 50 languages. It can intelligently handle things like quotes, dashes, copyright, and more symbols. It provides an enhanced experience for the readers.


4. Simple Pull Quote

Simple Pull Quote is nothing but a way of highlighting the relevant and catchy lines of an article separately. This technique can help the readers absorb the key points present in the material. Simple Pull Quote has similar qualities to the plugins mentioned above.

This plugin is very useful in adding incredible looking pull quotes to your posts and makes creating them a smooth process. You can either use a visual editor or can use the shortcodes for creating.

Simple Pull Quote

5. TinyMCE Advanced

You can use Tiny MCE for advanced editing features such as font sizes, tables, background colors, and more, which you cannot do using the normal WordPress Visual editor. It enhances and extends the operations found in TinyMCE.

You can add, remove, and even arrange the buttons present in the editor toolbar. This tool is integrated with 15 more plugins for TinyMCE, which get unwittingly enabled and disabled according to the usage of the buttons.

TinyMCE Advanced


6. Zeno Font Resizer

Zeno is known to be one of the best font resizers. Using a font resizer on your website allows you to maximize or minimize any fonts as you please using the browsers.

Zeno Font Resizer has the facility for adding a resizer widget on the sidebar. It uses jQuery and JavaScript to set the size. The fonts stand the same even when you revisit the site as it saves the settings in a Cookie.

Zeno Font Resizer

7. Page Title Splitter

As the name mentions, the Page Title Splitter plugin is a tool for splitting a lengthy title and make a new line for the divided line. You can set individual breakpoints on the posts and pages without the need of adding HTML markers in the text field.

It can do greater pieces of stuff while transforming from desktop views to a mobile device by just adjusting the CSS. For highlighting colors for certain texts in the topic head, you can set markers in the text field.

Page Title Splitter


8. Secondary Title

Secondary Title is a cool lightweight plugin that has features of adding secondary titles, namely subtitles for your posts, custom post types, and pages. You can make specific settings using the advanced configuration options of the plugin. You can modify various things using this extra settings option such as auto show option, the position where the secondary title is to be displayed, and more.

Secondary Title

9. Accessibility Widget

The Accessibility Widget for WordPress can add the font resizer making it accessible for all of its users. It contains around four resizing options such as 90%, 100%, 110%, and 120%, which users can use for increasing and decreasing the text size on the website.

You can go back to the widget settings for saving your settings after each version updates. You can automatically install this widget from the WordPress dashboard.

Accessibility Widget

10. Endnotes

The WordPress plugin Endnotes is a modest solution for including footnotes to your page and posts. Using this plugin is very smooth as you can add endnotes by just inserting numbers to online content inside the square brackets.

A footnote can be anything such as links, texts, images, and more. The thing is you have to provide unique endnote numbers in the presence of similar multi-footnotes. It is highly recommended for desirable results when the post is displayed.



11. Just Writing

Just Writing plugin helps you in adding buttons and features to the DFW mode (distraction-free writing mode). This mode is one of the finest available in WordPress which gets integrated along with the WordPress 4.1 version.

This tool provides more options to this mode such as spell check, modifying the paragraph style. It is added with a lot more new commands for focusing on writing texts, you can quickly switch between the writing mode and edit page.

Just Writing

12. Text Hover

Text Hover plugin is used to add help text to an article. This plugin could be helpful when a viewer brings the mouse pointer over a word or a phrase in the content of an article. This tool can be used to make handy explanations and help certain phrases or acronyms in your post or page. Making this happen is just an easy way by just associating with texts to the hover texts. For example, “WP => WordPress “.

Text Hover


13. Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering

This plugin helps you add numbers next to the WP (WordPress) comments. The key feature of this plugin is it handles threaded comments.  A stylesheet would come along with this tool, so you can make it useful for adding your custom styles for controlling display number.

In common, coders can directly call the functions. In the newer version, a minor modification for admin panel formatting is made. This tool is compatible with versions from 2.7 to 4.6.3 of WordPress.

Greg's Threaded Comment Numbering


14. Tooltipy

Tooltopy has the tooltip generator that enables you to show relevant keywords in the article of your post or page and helps you show responsive descriptions. It automatically creates the necessary technical keywords, making a comfortable surfing environment for website visitors.

For highlighting the keywords manually, you can use the shortcode called Glossary “[kttg_glossary].” It contains Friendly settings page and also includes animations to make thing more impressive. It is compatible with versions from 3.9 to 4.7.2 of WordPress.


15. Typecase Web Fonts

It is one of the best web font management plugin available for you to improvise your site. It contains around 650 types of fonts that you can embed to your site through browsing and searching facilities.

It is a unique and user-friendly typography plugin that allows you to shortly browse and find fonts for applying it on your website. You can insert fonts to any theme via CSS by using this Typecase web font plugin.

You can request the theme author to establish support for the Typecase if you can't target it on your theme. It can easily customize the fonts once the author sets the support. It is compatible with versions from 3.1 to 4.3.8 of WordPress.

Typecase Web Fonts

Bottom Line

These are some of the best typography WordPress Plugins that are available to enhance the look and quality of your posts and pages. We hope, this article has shown the list in a clean and detailed way.

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Originally published Jan 1, 2020 8:50:00 AM, updated August 31 2020


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