LinkedIn is the world's most popular social networking platform for professionals. It has millions of members, and like other social networking platforms, it can be integrated into a WordPress site. In this article, we've presented a list of LinkedIn WordPress plugins to integrate.

If you use this platform properly, you can drive tons of traffic to your website. Unlike many other social sites, LinkedIn users are more aware and don't spam.

WordPress offers you easy solutions to integrate your site with this amazing social media platform so you can make the best out of it. In this post, we have listed the best LinkedIn Wordpress plugins for your site.

Top LinkedIn Plugins

1. WP LinkedIn

WP LinkedIn plugin allows embedding the LinkedIn profile on the WordPress homepage. You can embed LinkedIn recommendations and profiles at the bottom of the blog posts or add a scroller to display LinkedIn shares on the WordPress site in real time.

You can also display a badge with the name and company. Simply install the plugin from the dashboard, setup the Settings, and activate the plugin. Go to the Widgets section to add the LinkedIn section.

WP Linkedin

2. LinkedIn Auto Publish

With the LinkedIn Auto Publish plugin, you can share any recently published blog posts on the LinkedIn account automatically. You can select the posts you want to share by filtering them on the basis of the blog post categories. You can share simple text messages or a message with an image. You can enable or disable WordPress page publications and customize the message formats for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Auto Publish

3. LinkedIn Master

If you want to build professional connections through a WordPress website, you should use the LinkedIn Master plugin, which is available for free or as a premium add-on. The plugin allows you to publish personal and business LinkedIn profiles on any WordPress dashboard. You can embed the profile page horizontally or vertically depending on the WordPress template. The premium version is available for $25 for a single site and $69 for unlimited sites.

With the free version, you can add the LinkedIn share button, recommend button, and follow button. The buttons can be further customized to your native language. In the premium version, you get additional features that include embedding the member profile, full member profile widgets, company profile widgets, company insider widgets, alumni widgets, and available job widgets.

LinkedIn Master

4. WordPress Social Ring

The WordPress Social Ring plugin helps embed major social media networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and StumbleUpon, on WordPress sites. You can display social sharing buttons in various areas, such as blog posts, pages, homepages, category pages, and the archives. The location of the button, whether above or below the content, depends on the administrator setup preferences.

WordPress Social Ring

5. LinkedIn Login

The LinkedIn Login plugin enhances the usability of the WordPress website. As the name suggests, the plugin helps add a ‘log in with LinkedIn feature’ on the site. Once the plugin is set up and activated, it will allow new users to create an account on the website through their LinkedIn login credentials. Similarly, the existing website users will be able to login to the dashboard through the LinkedIn email and password. The plugin accomplishes this by matching the LinkedIn email ID to the registered email ID on the WordPress website. The administrator needs to enter the LinkedIn API key and the Secret key on the settings page to activate the plugin. The process to create the API key and the secret key is given below:

  • Go here to create a new application and fill out the name and description.
  • Add the domain name and URL in the Integration field. The website domain should match the current hostname localhost.
  • Replace \”OAuth 2.0 Redirect URLs:\” to (replace with your domain name).
  • Create the application and you will see the API and the Secret key. Copy them to the plugin setup to activate it.

The LinkedIn Login page will be set up.

LinkedIn Login

6. RDP LinkedIn Login

RDP LinkedIn Login is technically similar to the above plugin, but it comes with extra capabilities. With this plugin integration, you can add both individual users and companies to the WordPress account. There is a login button shortcode that shows a ‘sign in with LinkedIn button’ when users log out of the page.

You get the ability to register a visitor with the WordPress installation process, and you can push newly registered visitor info to other sites using the same plugin. It allows you to display the number of members registered on a WordPress site, and records the logged-in session security details of each user.

There are OOP hooks and filters for easy integration and customization. Using the custom JavaScript functions, you can setup a login redirect URL on the login page.

RDP Linkedin Login

7. GD LinkedIn Badge

If you want a single plugin to redirect your website visitors to your LinkedIn profile, you should install this WordPress plugin. It offers simple functionalities. By adding the relevant widget to the sidebar, you can embed the profile as a button or a badge, and invite website visitors to view your LinkedIn profile.

The plugin is available in various languages, such as Serbian, French, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian, and Slovak. There are various configuration options such as setting up unique titles for widgets, adding an ALT tag for LinkedIn images, adding text above the LinkedIn badges, adding LinkedIn public profile URLs and target attributes, and specific alignments for widget content.

GD LinkedIn Badge


With any of these plugins, you can fulfill the simple requirements for making a LinkedIn profile that is more visible and interactive with your website visitors.

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Originally published Jul 13, 2017 11:12:14 AM, updated October 18 2019