WordPress related post plugins can be effective in reducing the bounce rate of your site to a huge extent. Bounce rate is a very important factor for any blog, and you must do everything in your power to reduce it.

The engagement of users on your site can influence your search result position in search engines like Google, so you need to understand the process to improve user experience and make it easy for them to find more content of their interest easily on your blog.

But before you do anything, you have to make sure that you are publishing quality content which creates value for your user because no matter what you do, if your content is not good enough, the users will never stick to your site. So offer them quality content regularly and design your site the way that it can retain visitors on your site.

Related post plugins for WordPress come as a very handy tool in this regard, as it can show related posts to the current topic and engage the user for longer. Nowadays, most of the modern WordPress themes come with their own setting to show related posts.

If you don't want to spend money on a premium WordPress theme, we have a collection of the best free WordPress themes where you can find premium quality themes with tons of amazing features. Most of these themes come with a setting to display related posts already.

However, if you can't find a quality theme that shows related posts by default, you can use any WordPress related post plugin from this below list.

List of WordPress Related Post Plugins

#1 - Related Posts Pro

A premium related post plugin for WordPress that comes with a beautiful design to show the posts which are similar to the current post. This plugin works perfectly with any content a type like the custom post types, multi-sites, categories, terms, mixed content, custom content, etc.

The plugin is fully responsive and retina ready so that your content looks great in all kinds of devices. It is highly customizable, and with over 200 options, you can change almost everything about the plugin. You have three different layouts to choose from and over 65 different templates to choose from.

Other than normal blog posts, this plugin will work perfectly with WooCommerce products, bbPress forum topics and any other kind of content you wish to place. The plugin is easy to use and comes with a comprehensive options panel to define your requirements.

Related Posts Pro for WordPress

#2 - Better Related Posts Widget

This plugin will engage your visitors with related content on your site while they visit any of your other articles. You can use this related post plugin in any of the widgetized sections of your site including the sidebar.

It offers you customization options so that you can fine-tune the widget as per your requirement. There are multiple options in the settings section such as the option to show the title of the post, option to display the author detail, comment counts, the option to show text excerpts, etc.

Better Related Posts Widget

#3 - Shareaholic - Related Content

Shareaholic was initially a social media sharing plugin, and the post feature got introduced later. This plugin is quite effective in showing related posts to all content on your site. It provides you the option to choose the design of the related post to match your site design.

Overall a very effective, accurate and one of the best WordPress related post plugins.


#4 - Related Posts for WordPress

This related posts plugin is especially easy to use. With just one click, you can have Related Posts for WordPress to analyze all of your posts and link them together with their advanced matching algorithm. Then, you can go back to any given post and change the related posts manually if you're not happy with what the algorithm came up with.

Also, Related Posts for WordPress creates its own cache, so it won't slow down your site.

#5 - Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin is one of the most popular and widely used related content plugins for WordPress. This plugin comes in free as well as pro versions with some amazing features to customize the related posts on your site.

This plugin can show related content for posts, pages as well as custom post type. So, all kinds of content on your site can be covered by this single plugin. The strongly customizable algorithm of this plugin helps you to show posts depending on post titles, content, tags, categories, and custom taxonomies, etc.

The pro version of the plugin offers you features to pull related content from multiple sites, also provides you a lot of customization options to make the widget perfectly fit your current design.

One thing which you must consider is that Yet Another Related Posts Plugin needs more server resources as compared to other plugins in this category.

Yet another related post plugin

#6 - Contextual Related Posts

A powerful WordPress plugin to enhance user engagement, it provides some amazing features to improve the overall experience of your site. It will pull content based on the title or content of the current post to make it relevant to users' interest, which will increase the possibility of user retention.

Contextual Related Posts plugin is extremely easy to use, and it will start showing similar content automatically on your site and feed at the end of the current post once you activate the plugin. You can also place the widget in any widgetized area of your theme to make it even more comprehensive and to experiment with the layout.

This plugin comes with strong caching feature and output is automatically cached as visitors goes on browsing through your site. It's a complete tool that can read and showcase content from post, page, attachments or even custom post types.

This plugin support thumbnails, shortcodes, widgets, custom post types, caching and CSS styles.

Contextual Related Posts

#7 - CP Related Posts

A simple related post plugin that can show related posts depending on the content, title or abstract, including the tags assigned to the articles.

You can also set related posts manually for each post if you want to drive more traffic to a particular post.

CP Related Posts

#8 - Jetpack Related Post Module

Last but not least, the related post module of Jetpack. This powerful plugin by Automattic is a collection of a number of useful modules to perform different activities on your WordPress site.

Showing related posts is one of the components of this powerful plugin and it's very effective. The Related Posts feature scans all of your posts, analyze them, and lets you show contextual posts to your visitors.


#9 - Related Post for WordPress

This is a free WordPress plugin that can help you display your related posts beautifully to your visitors. This amazing plugin will automatically link one post to another so that it gets displayed once your visitor is done reading a post.

With this plugin, you can display your posts on the sidebar and even edit, add or remove a post manually from the widget. It also has some awesome shortcodes that allow you to display your related post anywhere in the middle of your content.

Related Posts for WordPress, related post plugin

#10 - Yuzo Related Post

Yuzo is another free plugin that can help you show your related posts in style. This plugin has been designed with a minimalist style and loaded with great features to boost its performance.

You can edit each and every part of this theme and allows you to display the related content both vertically and horizontally. You can also limit showing your related posts on a specific page or post on your website.

related posts plugin

#11 - Inline Related Posts

This is another option that you may want to test to let visitors know about the related content on your website. This plugin like the others in the list can help you reduce your bounce rate, increase attention and help boost your page views.

The plugin also allows a lot of customization to make your content appeal to your visitors. The best thing is that it offers a live preview to help you decide which look to finalize without having to go back and forth to check the preview.

related post plugin

#12 - Related Posts

Here is another free plugin that you might want to consider for your website. With this plugin, you can use customized thumbnails on your site that can be arranged in a specific order. You can also go ahead to choose a vibrant color or a good size to make them stand out.

It even allows you to specify the number of related posts to be displayed, the start date, categories etc. This plugin is compatible with tons of other amazing plugins too. So you can use it without having to uninstall any of your favorite plugins on the site.

#13 - Related Post by Taxonomy

Although a free plugin, this one has been jam-packed with tons of amazing features that will let your site remain updated all the time. With this plugin, you can choose the way you want to display your posts.

This may be in the form of an excerpt, a link, full post or even in terms of thumbnails. You can also limit the search term by number or by date. This plugin does not slow down your site and works beautifully with other plugins too.

related Post plugin


Related posts are a very important and unavoidable component of any website because they pay a vital role in engaging your visitors and reduce the bounce rate of your site.

All the above-mentioned WordPress related post plugins are tried and tested so that you can use them on your site without any issue.

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Originally published Jan 1, 2020 1:36:00 PM, updated May 13 2020


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