Shortcodes make life a lot easier for WordPress users. You can add functions like custom buttons, content boxes, tabs, alert notes, and more by using shortcodes.

Nowadays, shortcode plugins offer you advanced functionalities for page designs. Shortcode plugins are a better option than the shortcode systems in themes because you can lose all of the carefully added functions when changing your theme if you don't have separate shortcode plugins.

When choosing a plugin, you should consider quality, functionality, and update frequency. Once you decide the plugin you want to use on your site, stick to that plugin so that you don't mess up your site by changing it later.

Let's have a look at the best shortcode plugins for WordPress that you can use on your site to add buttons, notes, and other functionalities.

Best Shortcode Plugins for WordPress

1. Supreme Shortcodes

With this plugin, you can create fully responsive rows and columns to add different types of content into those spaces.

You can create static boxes, lines, dividers, and 3D-animated buttons and tabs. This plugin is created with Twitter Bootstrap, and it is highly flexible and user-friendly.

This plugin is fully compatible with the Visual Composer page builder plugin, and once you install both plugins, you will be able to add elements into your pages right from the Visual Composer elements interface.

Supreme Shortcodes Plugin

2. Intense Shortcode Plugin

Intense is a remarkable shortcode plugin for WordPress that offers more than 110 shortcode options. In addition to the shortcode options, it also offers 19 different post types, 140 different animation effects, and more than 5,000 icons.

The plugin works perfectly with the Visual Composer drag-and-drop website builder plugin. The plugin's shortcode elements include buttons, sliders, progress bars, counters, members, social icons, and more.

You can easily add the code into your pages using the visual or text WordPress editor. It is a fully responsive plugin, so your page elements will respond with the screen size and device on which your site is viewed.

Intense Shortcodes plugin

3. GT ShortCodes

GT ShortCodes is a simple yet powerful shortcode plugin for WordPress that comes with more than 40 useful shortcodes. The clean and user-friendly interface of the plugin will help you add the coding into your pages easily.

You have options like buttons, banner ads, animation effects, different types of progress bars, alert notes, tabs, tooltips, carousels, charts, and more.

gt-shortcode plugin

4. Vision

Vision is a powerful shortcode plugin that comes with a simple interface. Anyone can make use of this plugin and insert codes with just one click. This plugin comes with a pack of more than 100 shortcodes, which will bring different functionalities to your pages.

You will find many useful functions, like accordions and tabs, buttons, pricing boxes, columns, animated icons, progress bars, etc. You also have a huge list of color options for various elements, such as the buttons and content boxes, to make sure that they match your website's design.

vision shortcode plugin

5. KnB

If you want to have a knowledge base section on your site, you can use this shortcode plugin. You can easily create shortcodes using the KnB generator.

It offers a post voting system and a like/dislike feature, which will help other users understand if a particular post is helpful or not. You can create up to four columns to show your content.

This plugin also gives you the option to place content in the sidebar of your site. If you are running a product-based site, you can show some of the knowledge base content on your sidebar to help your users.

wiki shortcode plugin

6. WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop

This is a free, high-quality shortcode plugin that helps you add buttons, alert notes, page breaks, and a variety of different functionalities to your pages.

With thousands of downloads, it is one of the most widely used shortcode plugins for WordPress. Because there is a strong support team for this plugin, you will always get updates and new features for the plugin.

WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop

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Originally published Jan 1, 2020 1:57:00 PM, updated January 29 2020