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Madison Zoey Vettorino


Creative website templates can take your site from drab to dazzling. Regardless of where you’re building your website (Content Hub, WordPress, or using plain old HTML), these creative website templates will help elevate your website to make it more visually engaging.

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Whether you work in a creative field and therefore seek creative website design templates to suit your needs or want to infuse personality into your site, these templates will allow you to achieve this. Here are 30 of our favorites.

Creative Website Design Templates: Content Hub

Let’s run through the creative website design templates on Content Hub. There are over 400 themes in the Content Hub theme marketplace, so it’s an understatement to say there are plenty of options. Here are 10 of our favorite creative website templates you can find here.

1. StudioCanvas

First up, we have StudioCanvas. This is one of the most versatile templates on our marketplace. It features visually compelling customizable modules, five page templates, and 15 system templates. It is also known for its incredible support. The template boasts enough white space to make it well-balanced and mobile-friendly. And with over 59% of global website visits from mobile in the fourth quarter of 2022, we really can’t emphasize enough how crucial mobile responsiveness is.

creative website templates: studiocanvas demo page

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2. Jupiter Free

Next is Jupiter. This free template is a gorgeous option no matter what type of site you’re looking to build with creative website design templates. It includes a robust gallery feature to showcase your products or imagery, features a module to introduce your team to site visitors, offers a timeline module so visitors can learn more about building your organization, and even boasts a portfolio section.

Jupiter: creative website templates

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3. Bold

Bold is a quirky, fun, creative website template to add a burst of personality to your site. Because this template is more playful than others on this list, ensure it fits your company’s branding. However, it’s easily one of our favorite examples because of how customizable it is. Switch up theme colors or Lottie animations to make your site more engaging. The template has 25 modules to get inventive with and is mobile-responsive.

creative website templates: bold homepage

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4. Play

Technically speaking, this free Content Hub theme is for the arts and entertainment industry. However, you can easily personalize this template and make it applicable. You don’t need coding knowledge to begin; this site also features drag-and-drop functionality. The site is also optimized for speed so that you won’t be battling slow page load times. There are nine page templates and several features that you can add, such as an SEO schema module, when you upgrade to the premium version.

play: creative website templates homepage



AUSTYLE is a trendy Content Hub template, and we understand why. It’s sophisticated yet digestible, trendsetting yet timeless. This is one of our favorite creative website templates for those building an ecommerce site. It’s fully responsive, features user experience and interfaces best practices for ecommerce, and offers various modules to make your site more engaging.

austyle creative website templates

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6. Creativ

Pretty fitting for one of our favorite creative website design templates to be named ‘Creativ,’ right? Once you check out this template, you’ll quickly realize why. If you’re looking to build a site where you’ll regularly publish content, Creativ could be an excellent choice. This theme is fantastic because you can implement different page templates, 18 modules, and even a subscription preferences template.

However, you should know one thing about Creativ: It is premium, so you’ll have to pay to get it on your site.

CREATIV creative website templates home page example

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7. Leonas

Leonas is one of the most modern creative website design templates featured in this roundup. We love it because it’s clean, sleek yet visually appealing, and offers 28 modules. Leonas, similar to Creativ, is a paid theme, so keep that in mind. If you’re creating a blog and need a creative website theme to suit it, you could find Leonas is the right fit.

Leonas creative website templates

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8. Generator

Generator is a free Content Hub theme with a speedy page load time. You don’t need any coding experience to make it your own — plus, it’s mobile-first, so you can rest assured visitors on phones and tablets will have a seamless experience. This theme features visually attractive call-to-action (CTA) buttons and 16 modules.

accelerator creative website templates

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9. WebTrappers

WebTrappers offers a completely code-free website-building experience, so it’s optimal if you need creative website templates but don’t have any coding knowledge. This theme is search engine optimized, so it helps bolster your chances of ranking on the search engine results page (SERPs). The template is also fully responsive, and there’s cross-browser compatibility.

web trappers creative website templates home page

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10. Relaxm

Relaxm is a free theme that features a customizable module design. Initially, this is a health and care theme, but you can easily update it to suit your needs, whatever they may be. The mobile responsive template features a balance of whitespace to make your site more engaging.

RELAXM creative website templates

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Creative Website Design Templates: WordPress

Ready to dive into the best creative website design templates for WordPress? Here are 10 of our favorites to bring your website to life on this platform.

11. Bridge

Bridge is an excellent WordPress theme for those looking to use a creative template to bring their site to life. It offers over 600 demos, works seamlessly with Elementor, and allows you to import demos, making getting started a breeze.

bridge creative website templates home page

12. Alioth

Next is Alioth, an excellent example of creative website design templates for WordPress. This theme is compatible with WooCommerce, so if you want to add an ecommerce feature to your creative site, you can do so quickly. It offers Ajax page transitions, dark and light modes for enhanced accessibility, and even parallax animations.

creative website templates alioth homepages

13. Impeka

Where do we begin with the things we love about Impeka? This template will bring your site to the next level, making it an interactive, engaging user experience. Impeka is an excellent choice because it packs a punch with personality, uses a highly advanced grid system, and integrates with WooCommerce.

creative website templates impeka store home page

14. Oshine

With Oshine, there are 52 demo sites you can use. Plus, the theme offers more than 100 already created sample pages to inspire you. You can import a demo site onto your own with a click. Plus, adding parallax sections to your site with this theme is easy.

OSHINE creative website templates

15. Stockholm

Stockholm is one of the most versatile templates on this list. With more than 140 demos, getting started couldn’t be easier. Plus, it is well-documented and responsive. Thanks to this theme, you can easily add a blog or social share option to your site. We also love how this theme is SEO-ready

creative website templates: stockholm

16. Axtra 

Axtra offers more than 30 demo sites in addition to 200 section templates. With this template, you can get as colorful and playful or sleek and cool as you want. It’s highly flexible, works with Elementor, and has responsive design, so it will look excellent regardless of how visitors access the site.

axtra creative website templates

17. Hiroshi

Hiroshi is a responsive and Gutenberg-optimized WordPress template to build your site. While it was originally created for architecture firms, you can make it your own as it’s customizable. Whether you use the theme’s one-click import feature or start building from the different page templates, your site with Hiroshi will be sleek, visually appealing, and compatible with WooCommerce.

hiroshi architects creative website templates

18. Tampa

Up next is Tampa. This minimalist WordPress theme is sophisticated, streamlined, and sleek. It is SEO-friendly, has more than 80 elements, and features responsive design. Plus, you can add unique animations that bring your site to life. Images are also included, so if any match your company theme, you can use those. tampa creative website templates

19. Swipy

Swipy is one of the most cost-effective options on this list. The well-documented theme has a one-click demo import option, offers 15 demo homepages and more than 55 inner pages, and is Elementor compatible.

swipy creative website templates homepage

20. Orbito

Last is Orbito. This WordPress template is multi-purpose so you can customize it to fit your website. Additionally, you can easily import a demo site with simply one button click. It integrates with WooCommerce, offers more than 50 sections you can mix and match to build your ideal site, and it’s responsive.

orbito creative website templates home page

Creative HTML Website Templates

21. Harington

This template is retina-ready, plus it’s fast-loading so you can be sure visitors won’t bounce due to slow page load speed. The theme is also search engine optimized and features different color options to customize your site. You can also make it more visually engaging with Ajax page transitions.

harington creative website templates home page

22. Humpton

Humpton is another of our favorite creative website templates for HTML. If you need a fully responsive template that’s ideal for building a portfolio or site for your agency, look no further than here. This theme is well-documented, offers Ajax page transitions, GSAP animations, and allows you to add customized color to your pages.

HUMPTON creative website templates

23. Tilia

Technically speaking, this creative HTML website template is for wedding photography sites, but you can easily switch it up to make it fit your needs. This template is fully responsive and well-documented, plus it offers 12 gallery pages, 11 homepage layouts, and more than 20 portfolio page variations. Plus, did we mention this template is search engine optimization friendly?

Tilia creative website templates

24. XOXO

Up next is XOXO, a blog magazine HTML theme. This template is similar to Bold on Content Hub as it’s graphic, fun, and blocky. Similarly, if you want to use this template, be sure it’s cohesive with your branding. This template is SEO-friendly, quick to load, and lightweight. Plus, it features five unique layouts you can get creative with. At $17, this premium theme is reasonably priced.

XOXO creative website templates home page


PANORAMA is an excellent option for creative HTML website templates because it’s simple and beautiful. Look no further than this template for those looking to show off gorgeous product photography or create a portfolio of images. It’s high-resolution, well-documented, and responsive. This is a premium theme, but it is reasonably priced so it won’t break the bank.

panorama creative website templates home page

26. Droow

Droow is an SEO-friendly site with over 40 reusable components to create your ideal site. (Psst: There’s also a WordPress version of this template, so pick whichever works best for you.)

DROOW creative website templates home page

27. Nui

Nui is a highly flexible theme that’s easy to customize and features responsive design. You can enable smooth scrolling for an enhanced user experience, experiment with different menu styles, and implement parallax effects which can make the site more engaging.

NUI creative website templates home page

28. Pixlab

This is one of our favorite HMTL templates because it’s easy to customize and features pre-made pages so you can get your site up and running as quickly as possible. Plus, you can make the HTML files your own.

pixlab creative website templates home page

29. Slope

Next is Slope, an HTML5 template that’s sleek and ideal for creative sites. You can choose from multiple homepages; there are smooth page transitions to make the entire user experience seamless. This site is also highly customizable, so make it fit with your branding.

slope creative website templates theme homepage

30. Collax

Lastly, Collax is one of our favorite creative HTML website themes because it’s trendy and features various pages to make your completely customized site. It’s responsive, visually appealing regardless of device, and well-documented. It also boasts more than 35 HTML5 files up to W3 web standards. You can also mix and match over 65 sections. We also love how this template is touch-friendly.

collax creative website templates

Use creative website templates to take your website to the next level.

Creative website templates can help you reimagine your site in a fresh, engaging, and appealing way for visitors. With these 30 templates, you're on the right path to transforming your site.

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