20 Recruitment Website Design Examples We Love [+ How To Make Your Own]

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The best recruitment websites consider the audiences they typically serve: candidates and employers. As a result, the website must be easy to navigate and have a clear call-to-action (CTA), so visitors know where to go and how you can help them.

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Your website design must also showcase the industries you serve, as many talent solutions companies work in certain niches. Finally, don’t be afraid to provide social proof or tout your achievements to build trust with website visitors. You can use HubSpot’s free CMS to bring your vision into reality.

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Looking for more inspiration? Here are 20 recruitment website design examples you can use as role models.

1. CloserIQ

The website homepage for CloserIQ, a recruitment agency.

CloserIQ is a recruitment agency that helps build sales, engineering, and executive teams — and that’s immediately clear upon landing on the homepage. The design is straightforward, prompting visitors to click the CTA button more relevant to their needs.

CloserIQ also provides immediate social proof with the tagline “800+ companies trust CloserIQ…” followed by a block of client logos, all above the fold.

Pro tip: If you offer services for employees and candidates, create CTAs for each type of visitor.

2. 24 Seven

The homepage for 24 Seven is an example of a recruitment website design.

Visitors to 24 Seven’s homepage are met with a full-screen hero image and a clean design that’s easy on the eyes. Centered on the page is a search bar with simple inputs that give visitors a clear next step.

This site features a dynamic header that changes to various phrases. For example, it may first show “Looking for digital marketing jobs?” The words then transition to “Looking for creative jobs?” Users know that the company can help them find multiple types of roles across disciplines.

Pro tip: Adding moving and changing elements to your site helps keep users engaged.

3. Betts Recruiting

The homepage for Betts Recruiting is an example of a recruitment website design.

You're given multiple CTA options as soon as you land on the Betts Recruiting homepage.

The clean design includes a simple navigation menu and straightforward headlines. As you scroll, you’re met with engaging elements like videos, a moving logo slider, and animated graphics that make the recruitment website feel interactive.

Pro tip: Integrating video and CSS animation can help create movement on your site. This is a growing web design trend that you can follow to create a sleek, cutting-edge user experience.

4. Candidate Labs

The homepage website design for recruitment firm Candidate Labs.

Candidate Labs’ homepage hits a lot of selling points above the fold. The first element you see is a big, bold sentence that immediately captures visitors’ attention.

The black and white header image in the background also paints a picture of the type of companies and candidates they work with. Plus, there’s an award badge front and center. Becoming a top search firm on G2 instantly provides social proof.

What we love: The website’s navigation bar sticks to the top of the page. No matter how far you scroll, you can always find this important information.

5. Hirewell

The homepage for Hirewell is an example of a recruitment website design.

Hirewell is a recruitment firm that works in technology, marketing, sales, and HR. Because the agency is involved in a variety of industries, its website design needs to appeal to a broad audience of professionals.

Through the menu, you can easily find the section of the site tailored to your niche. These sections all maintain a consistent color scheme. Featuring the same orange and greys across the site creates a sense of cohesion. The color scheme only changes if you enter a microsite with different branding.

The brand also features diverse images with people of different ages, races, and genders. This helps visitors envision themselves working with Hirewell.

What we like: Makes the most of typography, using larger fonts and wider spacing to call attention to important information.

6. Sales Talent Agency

The homepage for Sales Talent Agency is an example of a recruitment website design.

This recruitment agency specifically focuses on sales roles, a mission reflected on every step of their websites. You can find sales industry language on every page.

You’ll find several accolades to provide social proof. That includes testimonials from real candidates right on the home page.

What we love: Visitors see the site’s helpful salary tool first. Even if they don’t work with Sales Talent Agency, visitors can use this tool to figure out how to pay or get paid as a salesperson. This shows how helpful the site can be and builds trust.

7. Aerotek

homepage for the recruitment website aerotek

Aerotek is a recruitment agency focused on niche industries, like industrial, government, and energy. Upon landing on the homepage of this recruitment website, it’s clear that Aerotek knows its audience.

From the imagery to the headers, the website is geared toward candidates and employers in those specific industries. The experience reflects the types of jobs and solutions they can help with.

Pro tip: Include a search bar for your website that allows people to search by job type and industry.

8. Hunt Club

The homepage for recruiting company HuntClub is an example of a recruitment website design.

Hunt Club is a modern recruitment agency that focuses on leadership and management positions. The recruitment firm’s website design reflects its professional clients through modern elements, cohesive branding, and seamless navigation.

What we love: This site features a combination of fonts in the header, drawing your attention and making the text more interesting to read.

9. Rocket Recruiting

homepage for the recruiting website rocket recruiting

Rocket Recruiting focuses on tech roles and uses machine learning for the candidate sourcing and outreach process. Not only does this recruitment website take advantage of white space, but it also emulates the companies it works with, which are modern and tech-focused.

Pro tip: If you have an artist in-house, you can create custom imagery, all in the same style, to create cohesion on your site.

10. Mathys + Potestio

homepage for the recruiting website mathys + potestio

Mathys + Potestio is a recruitment and staffing agency for creative roles. We love that this website is fun and people-focused. The first hero image visitors see is of the agency’s team — and if you scroll down past the fold, the next element you see is each team member’s bio.

This demonstrates the staffing agency’s personality and affinity for connecting with people — which, if you’re hiring for a creative role, is a quality you want to prioritize.

Pro tip: Using black-and-white with limited accent colors can make your site feel stylized and editorial. The staff headshots on the site use illustrated accent colors to keep the user visually engaged.

11. Aquent

homepage for the recruiting website acquent

Looking closely, you can see that the background hero image on Aquent’s homepage is a line illustration of the world. This represents Aquent as a global workforce solution, which sets the tone for the rest of your time on their recruitment website.

Aquent implements a clean and simple design that highlights different elements of the business, such as a salary guide, an overview of its various sub-brands, and client successes.

What we like: Case studies allow potential clients to envision their own success working with Aquent.

12. Prometeo Talent

homepage for the recruiting website prometeo

Prometeo is a recruitment agency that’s focused on tech and engineering talent. We love the animated graphic you see when you land on the homepage. It’s an engaging element that captures your attention and gets you to scroll down even more.

What we like: The site lists key metrics on the home page. That includes the average time they take to fill an open role, their pay-per-hire guarantee, and the number of candidates who use their database.

13. The HT Group

The HT Group, a recruitment firm, offers a great recruitment website design example.

The three-panel design guides visitors to what they’re looking for, which makes for a seamless user experience. Plus, The HT Group’s branding is cohesive throughout the website, with its professional colors and fonts being used in different elements, from the headers to the icons.

What we like: The HT Group offers free resources and a blog. These elements can introduce potential clients to the brand and keep the organization top-of-mind for any future recruiting needs.

14. GSG Talent Solutions

The homepage website design for GSG Talent Solutions, a recruitment firm.

We love how easy it is to navigate GSG Talent Solutions’ website. Big and bold text, full-screen hero images, and clear CTAs all make this recruitment website easily digestible.

The two different CTA buttons on the homepage are easy to follow whether you’re a job seeker or an employer. This differentiator is key to include if you’re catering to two audiences, like many recruitment firms are.

What we like: Elements on the page load on scroll. This can minimize load time and add movement to the site, making the experience feel modern.

15. HireBetter

homepage for the recruitment website hire better

HireBetter takes the less is more approach with its bold website design. The first element of its homepage is a header that gives visitors an idea of who they are (“Your Strategic Talent Partner").

They then follow up with a CTA button to learn more and a big logo placement. If you scroll down below the fold, you can see their areas of focus, client logos, and resources page.

What we love: The site features a dynamic counter which shares key statistics, such as how many clients they’ve worked with and their placement success rate.

16. Robert Half

website for the recruitment website robert half

Founded in 1948, Robert Half is one of the oldest and most recognized staffing agencies in the world. Robert Half’s recruitment website leans into this recognition with a simple yet powerful CTA: “Hire. Get hired. We’re the best place for both.”

What we love: This bold statement immediately lets visitors know that whether you’re a job seeker or an employer, you can expect to find what you’re looking for with Robert Half.

17. The Christopher Group

website for the recruitment website the cristopher group

With this recruitment website, you’re given a clear path to follow as soon as you land on The Christopher Group homepage. Choose between the two options — recruitment services or consulting services — to navigate to the next step.

If you scroll down just below the fold, you can see an entire section of company logos representing clients they’ve worked with. Even better, if you hover over each client logo, you can see a list of roles they helped recruit for that company.

Pro tip: Place the feature of your most recognizable clients on your websites. If prospects know you already work with the best, they’ll be more likely to use your services.

18. Adecco

homepage for the recruiting website adecco

Adecco is another recruitment website design example that presents visitors with two paths once they land on the homepage. Addressing different audiences in this way helps provide a clear CTA and allows visitors to easily navigate your website based on their needs.

What we love: Multiple CTAs and menu options are tied together with cohesive fonts and brand colors.

19. Korn Ferry

homepage for the recruiting website korn ferry

Korn Ferry is a consulting firm that helps clients with talent acquisition. The firm’s website offers multiple opportunities for visitors to engage and peruse its offerings. The homepage also features a video background, which is more engaging and interactive than a static hero image.

What we love: There are multiple CTAs and menu options, all tied together with cohesive fonts and brand colors.

20. The Ford Agency

The website homepage for The Ford Agency, a recruitment firm.

The Ford Agency makes the case for why minimal design can be so powerful. The recruitment agency’s website homepage offers a simple navigation menu, presents an engaging hero image, and includes only its agency name and a trademarked tagline above the fold.

If you scroll a bit further down, you can choose between two landing page options — one for clients and one for candidates — and then find the agency’s contact info. It’s not a flashy site, but it gets the point across in a professional way.

Pro tip: Don’t shy away from minimal designs. As long as you make the most important information prominent, prospects will be able to navigate your site with ease.

Building an Attention-Grabbing Recruiting Website

Now that you know what the best recruitment firms are doing right, it’s time to make your own recruitment website design stand out. Use HubSpot’s free CMS tool to build or expand your recruitment website with seamless navigation, bold CTAs, and engaging visual elements.

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