Our 20 Favorite Simple Website Examples

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If you've ever wondered if it's possible to create a simple website that's visually engaging, we're here to tell you the answer is a resounding yes. By checking out some of our favorite simple website examples, you'll quickly realize that an intuitive user experience, digestible font, and effective branding are crucial to creating a website that succeeds.

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In this post, we'll share some of the most beautiful simple website examples we found on the internet to inspire you as you craft yours. And if you want to get started building your own simple website, use HubSpot's Free Website Builder to craft your site with free themes, templates, and more.

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The 20 Best Simple Website Examples

Ready to dive right into our favorite simple website examples? We've pulled websites from several industries with various purposes to show that you can build a simple website that gets visitors' notice no matter what industry you're designing for.

1. Ollivere

simple website examples: Ollivere home page When you land on Ollivere's website, the company immediately introduces you to its mission: "Great design. No nonsense." Keeping the homepage simple aside from mindfully placed copy makes visitors want to learn more about the brand's story. As you scroll down, parallax scrolling further brings that story to life with visually appealing sketches and compelling examples.

What we like: Ollivere demonstrates its commitment to producing great design without nonsense on its own straightforward yet eye-catching site.

2. Ink

simple website examples: ink homepage with copy and imagery underneath

Ink's homepage is text-centric but is mindful of how much copy it uses. Instead of overwhelming visitors with a daunting paragraph of text, Ink keeps its copy sparse and holds visitor interest.

What we like: Ink places its menu in the form of a small dot in the top right-hand corner. Because of its clever placement, users can infer this is the menu without using any text. This simple yet visually engaging website uses parallax scrolling features to bring it to life.

3. The Shine App

simple website examples: the shine app. image shows a person walking through the street smiling.

The Shine App's website opens with an image, a brief copy, and an acknowledgment of an award the company has won. When you scroll down, the brand's signature colors will meet you. The entire site is relaxing and easy to navigate, which echoes the app's purpose.

What we like: When you scroll down on the homepage, The Shine App offers a demo of what the app looks like when you download it onto your cell phone.

4. Nate Smith

simple website examples: nate smith portfolio site

The Nate Smith website is unique because it features a mobile phone-looking animation. When you click through, the phone changes into a computer. We love the parallax scrolling feature this site uses.

What we like: Nate Smith's site features sparse but effective copy.

5. Cocokind

simple website examples: Cocokind shows product photography center of website homepage

Cocokind offers visitors everything they're looking for in an ecommerce site: Clear branding, digestible calls to action, beautiful brand photography, and easy navigation. Plus, we love how the brand shows products when you click on the menu, so you can easily use a shortcut to add fan-favorite items to your cart.

What we like: Cocokind makes excellent use of neutrals while adding pops of color to accentuate its pages.

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    6. Motto

    Motto is another example of a website that taps powerful fonts to create a gorgeous, visually attractive, simple site. The homepage presents information to visitors in a digestible manner, starting with the brand mission and then introducing a video. From there, Motto invites visitors to read case studies and learn more about what the company offers.

    What we like: Motto's site is modern and uses strong shapes, hard lines, and bold fonts to punctuate that.

    7. Doubble

    simple website examples: Doubble

    This interior renovation group proves that if you're in a creative field, it's essential your website is up to par with your creative services. Doubble's simple yet unique website unfolds the brand's story slowly as you scroll and uses moody, dark colors that feel elevated and bright, easygoing neutrals.

    What we like: Who said your simple website has to stick with neutral colors? Doubble proves it's possible to use darker shades exceptionally well.

    8. Grounded Plants

    SIMPLE WEBSITE EXAMPLES: GROUNDED PLANTS SHOWS A PICTURE OF A PLANT WITH TEXT OVERLAY Next up, we have Grounded Plants, which puts product photography center on its website landing page. As you scroll down, you are invited to book a consultation with a plant specialist who can help you by answering questions regarding your Grounded plant purchase. By showcasing this unique feature, the site stands out. We also love the gorgeous product photography and artful use of the brand colors throughout the page.

    What we like: This website feels intuitive, as the homepage showcases products while also mentioning the company blog and the scheduling tool to set up a time to chat with a professional.

    9. Los Feliz Engineering

    simple website examples: los feliz engineering

    When visitors arrive at the Los Feliz Engineering site, they are greeted with information regarding how many clicks the site has received. Then, the text unfolds in a typing-esque manner that details what the company does.

    What we like: This website is simple but unique. And for that reason, it stands out.

    10. Adrián Gubrica

    simple website examples: adrian gubrica homepage

    When it comes to portfolio websites, simple is often best. Such is the case for creative Adrián Gubrica, whose portfolio site offers a healthy dose of personality while keeping it simple. From just a glance at the home screen, visitors can understand what Gubrica does.

    What we like: Gubrica infuses personality in their font by adding hints of italic letters.

    11. Kobu

    simple website examples: Kobu homepage

    Because Kobu's homepage features massive, thick text introducing the brand name across the header, it's reminiscent of a magazine cover. This nostalgia is to the site's benefit, and semi-grainy images enhance that feeling of a time gone by. The overall effect is that the site feels like a dreamy step into a different time or dimension, which is effective as the brand advertises hotel getaways.

    What we like: The photography is exceptionally cohesive with the rest of the branding, plus we love the mix of fonts used throughout the site. Their differences complement each other effortlessly.

    12. Luxitalia

    simple website examples: Luxitalia homepage picture of california

    Luxitalia's website is more image-centric than some of the others that make our list of favorite simple websites. Despite the strong introductory image, Luxitalia keeps it easy to navigate with its digestible menu and sparse homepage.

    What we like: Luxitalia customized their cursor so that the navigation stands out as you move around on the site. This element can help you tell your brand story or create a more memorable experience for visitors.

    13. Plastic Design

    simple website examples: Plastic homepage with text centered

    Talk about cohesive branding! Plastic's website tells a crystal clear story: If you are seeking a brand to transform a concept into a digital reality, this company is the one to hire. The organization does this by first establishing its expertise with copy wisely placed in the top right-hand corner. Once that copy disappears, the brand mission greets you.

    What we like: Sometimes, it's better to keep it simple regarding fonts. Plastic doesn't use a particularly remarkable one, but because it's black, it contrasts against the beige background and stands out.

    14. Postevand

    simple website examples: postevand shows a person with a water bottle

    Up next is Postevand. The brand draws visitor attention to its visually eye-catching brand photography by keeping the image front and center. We also love this brand's easy-to-read font and use of a grid-style website.

    What we like: Parallax scrolling features make this site come to life and make simple photography and copy feel alive.

    15. Build in Amsterdam

    simple website examples: build in amsterdam Build in Amsterdam scores points for effectively splitting the screen with active (moving images) and stationary elements. The beige background is minimalistic and so is the text, which balances the energy of the moving pictures on the left side of the home screen.

    What we like: Your website can be simple and use a fun and funky menu. Build in Amsterdam proves this.

    16. Kyle Johnson

    simple website examples: kyle johnson portfolio site shows images of people spread out with whitespace

    Check out Kyle Johnson's photography portfolio site, and you'll quickly understand why it's on our list of favorite simple website examples. Because portfolio sites offer photographers an opportunity to showcase their past work, this site is image-heavy and keeps the text sparse.

    What we like: This site makes excellent use of white space. Though many images are displayed, they feel manageable and smooth, as they're correctly spaced.

    17. Golde

    simple website examples: Golde

    Golde's ecommerce site demonstrates how simple websites can go above and beyond to tell the brand story. The homepage introduces visitors to a limited-time offer and uses the brand's signature font.

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      When you scroll down, you are introduced to other products and recipes to try. The site features plenty of green, which feels on-brand for a superfood company, and showcases soft, abstract shapes which are both calming and visually appealing.

      What we like: Golde demonstrates precisely how important font is — this brand's font is aesthetically pleasing and strong.

      18. Ohm Studio

      simple website examples: Ohm studio homepage with a stool shown

      Immediately upon your arrival on the site, Ohm Studio explains what the company does. When you scroll, you are introduced to one of the brand's products with compelling product photography. The page features less than 30 words, as little copy is a recurring theme in these simple website examples.

      What we like: Ohm Studio's website is on-brand and trendy while staying minimalistic. The site's bare-bones copy and emphasis on photography allow the products to shine.

      19. Uncle Bobbie's

      simple website examples: uncle bobbie's homepage shows cafe and store hours

      This Philadelphia, PA-based coffee and bookshop presents a visually appealing yet simple website that captures visitors' attention effortlessly. When you arrive on the site, your focus is drawn to the black and white photograph demonstrating the shop's location. An overlay menu also floats down and reveals the address, hours of operation, and phone number.

      What we like: This site focuses on functionality, proving that you can provide an aesthetically appealing yet simple digital experience.

      20. Pink Moon

      simple website examples: pink moon homepage shows product photography

      Pink Moon's ecommerce website is simple yet effective. It maintains focus on the site's primary focus: The company's products. The menu is centrally displayed and easy to navigate, and as you scroll down on the site introduces relevant information in an intuitive cadence. This site's strength is its straightforwardness.

      What we like: Unlike many other simple website examples, Pink Moon uses pops of color, allowing it to shine.

      Use these simple website examples to inspire yours.

      Now that you've checked out some exceptional simple website examples, you can begin to craft one that suits your branding and tells your company's unique story.

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