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According to Statista, there were more than 2.4 billion social media users worldwide in 2017. Social media networks have transformed into online hangouts for people to get their daily news, stay up-to-date on cultural events, and see what family and friends are doing on the weekends. 


Brands recognize the growth of social media as an opportunity to connect with potential consumers. Whether it’s responding to followers with funny memes or participating in random hashtags, brands understand that social media can boost brand awareness and sales. 

So, the next step for brands is to build a social following that can continuously drive traffic to their websites. You can achieve this goal with Social Locker, a social media WordPress plugin that allows you to lock specific content on your website until a visitor shares or likes your social page. Plus, you can use sign-in buttons to capture visitors’ email addresses, and then you can track the results in the tool’s built-in analytics dashboard.

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In this post, we’ll cover why you should use Social Locker and the key features of this must-have WordPress plugin

example of social locker wordpress plugin

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Why use the Social Locker for WordPress plugin?

Social Locker gives people a reason to share your content. This WordPress plugin helps you drive social traffic to your website. When visitors share or tweet your page to access locked content, their network sees it and clicks on the social posts to visit your website. This process repeats as more visitors come to your site and unlock your content. 

It’s difficult growing your social following as a business on a limited budget. That’s why Social Locker helps you gain quality followers. Visitors interested in your brand will quickly take action to receive the content.

Key Features of the Social Locker for WordPress Plugin 

Growing your social following can help drive more traffic to your WordPress website. Social Locker builds your social following using content lockers to entice your visitors. Here are a few key features of the plugin. 

Popular Social Networks

The Social Locker plugin allows you to increase social traffic on major social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Youtube. You can offer your visitors multiple social share options to optimize your results. For example, you can set up a locker to use three social buttons to get tweets on Twitter, likes on Facebook, and subscribers on YouTube.

social network settings social locker wordpress plugin

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Buttons

Instead of asking visitors to unlock content with likes or shares, you can also ask them to sign-in through their social networks to access your locked content. This action automatically registers visitors to your website, where you can receive their names, email addresses, and social profile links. This powerful feature allows you to generate quality leads for your business. 

sign in buttons social locker wordpress plugin

Source: OnePress

Content Blurring

With Social Locker, you can create interest in your content with overlay effects. The plugin allows you to completely hide or blur your content to generate curiosity around your locked content.

content blurring social locker wordpress plugin

Source: OnePress

Built-in Advanced Analytics

Social Locker comes with a built-in analytics tool to track how visitors interact with your “lockers”. You can pinpoint which lockers on which pages performed well and decide how to optimize your lockers to improve your results. This plugin also integrates with Google Analytics.

analytics social locker wordpress plugin

Source: OnePress

Ways to Use Social Locker for WordPress Plugin 

Social Locker offers a variety of methods to customize locked content to fit your brand message. Here are a few different options you might want to try. 

Lock Downloads

With Social Locker, you can offer free resources to your visitors in exchange for a like or share. That way, visitors receive something of value, and your free content generates traffic to your site. 

lock downloads social locker wordpress plugin

Source: OnePress

Lock Promo Codes and Coupons

Consumers are constantly seeking discounts to purchase their favorite products. Reward visitors who like or share your content with a promo code. You’ll boost immediate sales while earning social traffic for your business.

lock coupons social locker wordpress plugin

Source: OnePress

Lock Videos

Social Locker comes with an overlay locker to blur and stop a video from playing until the visitor shares the content or subscribes to your YouTube channel. By encouraging visitors to take action, you can build an online community on other social platforms.

lock videos social locker wordpress plugin

Source: OnePress

Lock Tips and Secrets

Your content may include a list of useful tips or reveal some top-level secrets. Social Locker allows you to lock a portion of the content and require visitors to sign-in to read the remaining tips and secrets.

lock videos social locker wordpress plugin

Source: OnePress

Social media is a powerful tool for driving traffic and increasing brand awareness. With Social Locker, you can build your social following and drive traffic to your website. The plugin allows you to blur content with overlay effects and generate leads with sign-in buttons. Connect your brand with consumers with the help of social media.

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