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    May 26, 2010 // 10:00 AM

    17 Examples of Great Presentation Design

    Written by Kipp Bodnar | @


    Last week we shared 10 rules to help instantly improve your presentations. While readers mostly agreed with the rules, they requested some examples of well-designed slides, so Dan and I did some digging.  We gathered some of the best examples of slides and presentation design to help provide a clear picture of what great presentation design is and isn't.

    Garr Reynolds' Expert Presentation Design

    Garr Reynolds, author of Presentation Zen, has become known for his well-designed presentations. His books and presentations have helped him become one of the most noted experts on presentation design. Here are a few sample slides from Garr that demonstrate great before-and-after slides along with some of the best slides from his presentations.

    [Download our free ebook with our handpicked PowerPoint presentation examples and tips for creating top-notch presentations.]

    Sample before-and-after slides

    Quotes & Lessons from "Comedian" 


    Sample Slides Based on Food, Inc.

    Brain Rules for Presenters

    View more presentations from Garr Reynolds.

    Secrets of the Best Presentations and Presenters

    Steve Jobs is one of the best presenters in the world. Presenters envy his presentation skills and his clean and near-perfectly designed slides. BusinessWeek columnist Carmine Gallo has created a well-designed deck about the presentation secrets of Steve Jobs. Use this as an example of good slide design as well as great presentation lessons.

    The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

    View more presentations from Carmine Gallo.

    The Best PowerPoint Presentations According to SlideShare

    Great presentations can be about anything. The winners of SlideShare's World's Best Presentation Contest demonstrate this well...

    Healthcare Napkins All

    View more presentations from Dan Roam

    Sheltering Wings

    View more presentations from Sarah Cullem.

    Feels Bad on the Back

    View more presentations from Mohamad Faried Aguslemi.


    View more presentations from João Paulo Reis Alves.

    Eco-nomics, The Hidden Costs of Consumption

    View more presentations from Josh Beatty.

    A Crime So Monstrous

    View more presentations from Missing Link.

    The Best PowerPoint Presentations Aren't Necessarily Visual

    Great slides don't have to be only about images and fancy gradients. Sometimes great slides can be only text. This presentation serves as a good example of how typefaces and colors can make text visual.

    Why most presentations suck

    View more presentations from Slideware Manager.

    Great Presentations Need Great Presenters

    Great slides are only effective if coupled with a great presentation. The following presentation examples from TED show great slides combined with good presenting tactics and speaker timing. Check out these videos for examples of great slides.

    Examples of Our Favorite HubSpot Presentations

    At HubSpot, we are always working to make our presentations better. Here are a couple of examples of what we think are some well-designed presentations of our own. 

    The Science of Social Media Marketing

    View more presentations from HubSpot Internet Marketing.

    HubSpot Guidelines For Presentations

    What do you think makes a great slide design? Let us know in the comments below. 

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