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    September 10, 2013 // 11:00 AM

    How to Embed a Google+ Post [Quick Tip]

    Written by Pamela Vaughan | @

    google+-image-1First, there were embedded tweets. Then we had embeddable Pinterest content. And recently, we caught wind of embedded Facebook posts. Well guess what we have now, folks ... Google+ Embedded Posts! 

    That's right! Yesterday, Google announced the ability to embed posts from Google+ to your website or blog. This means you can now showcase public Google+ posts you find (yours or others'), and visitors can interact with it by +1'ing, commenting, and following you right then and there -- no need to navigate to Google+. Embedded Posts support text, photo, and media posts, and you can find out more about Embedded Posts in Google's documentation here.

    Excited to start playing around with Google+ Embedded Posts? Let me walk you through it ...

    How to Embed a Google+ Post in 5 Simple Steps

    1) Locate the Google+ post you want to embed. For our example, I'm going to use one of HubSpot's posts about our free Introduction to Google+ ebook.  


    2) Hover over the post for the menu icon to appear (it looks like this: menu-icon). Then click the menu icon, and select 'Embed Post' from the dropdown that appears.


    3) Copy the embed code in front of you.


    4) Paste the code into your website or blog post's HTML/source code where you want the embedded post to appear.


    5) To center the embedded post on your page, add <div align="center"> before the second part of your code, and a closing </div> after.

    <div align="center"><div class="g-post" data-href="https://plus.google.com/114124401690420551118/posts/8u5Vb7kXG6w"></div>

    That's it! Now you have a lovely embedded post on your site like the one you see below:


    Use it to highlight interesting Google+ conversations, engage your Google+ audience, and promote your content, offers, or events in an interesting way. To learn more about how to use Google+ for business, grab the free introductory Google+ ebook we highlighted above -- recently updated to include information about embedded posts!

    How else could you use Google+ Embedded Posts on your site? Share your ideas in the comments!

    Image Credit: Sean MacEntee

    google+ for business ebook 2013

    Topics: Social Media

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