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[V2 TEST POST FOR REDESIGN] Why You Should Measure New and Mature B2B Blogs Differently (Clone again)

By Pamela Vaughan


With blogging, success doesn't happen overnight.

I know, right? How many times have you heard that little nugget of blogging wisdom?

But seriously -- a B2B business blog is a huge time investment. It can take a while before you've grown it into a truly valuable marketing asset. 

In the past, we've written about the blogging metrics you should be tracking to report on your blog's success. But we've never really talked about the strategy behind blog measurement. 

Yes, there's a strategy. And it all depends on the maturity ... Read More

What Are UTM Tracking Codes? [FAQs] (Clone)

By Ginny Mineo

measure_your_marketingOne crucial aspect of being a great marketer is being able to measure your success. No matter which metrics you use, you want to prove to your boss and the company at large that you're worth your salt. You deserve your budget -- and maybe need more of it. You deserve to hire another person to supplement your marketing activities. You deserve to dedicate time to the marketing activities that work. 

Read More

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