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More and more marketers are jumping on the mobile-optimization bandwagon, but it's important to remember that being a mobile inbound marketer extends beyond simply having a mobile-friendly website. If you haven't thought about optimizing your email marketing for mobile yet, your email marketing program may face some seriously sad results.

Consider this if you're not totally convinced of the importance of sending mobile-friendly emails: email opens on mobile devices increased 34% from April 2011 to September 2011, while the relative number of opens on webmail and desktop decreased by 11% and 9.5%, respectively. So tell me, how long do you really want to wait before optimizing your emails for mobile?

Probably not much longer, right? If you're interested in leveraging the power of mobile email, we've compiled the 7 best infographics we could find to help you stay informed and get started. Take a gander at these great visualizations that explain the booming mobile email market!

7 Awesome Mobile Email Marketing Infographics

1) Email Viewing Habits by Litmus

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2) Email in Motion by Return Path

mobile email stats infographic

3) Mobile Email Marketing by Marketing Technology Blog

mobile email marketing infographic

4) Anatomy of the Perfect Mobile Email by Litmus

anatomy of a mobile email

5) Strong Signals: Mobile Email Marketing is Connecting With Consumers by e-Dialog

mobile email connecting consumers

6) How Small Businesses Use Apps to Drive Email List Growth by Constant Contact

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7) Using Mobile Channels to Grow Your Email Database by Silverpop

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What are your favorite mobile email infographics on the web? Share them in the comments!

Image credit: Robert S. Donovan

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Originally published May 21, 2012 12:30:00 PM, updated July 28 2017


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