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December 10, 2012

People Make 80% Larger Nonprofit Donations in December [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The holiday season is a pretty important time of year for nonprofit marketers. People are already in the "giving" mood, and with many trying to get their donations in before the end of the year for tax deduction purposes, there's no better opportunity for nonprofit marketers to make sure their particular cause is top of mind.

With the holidays in full swing, all you nonprofit marketers out there probably have your holiday marketing ducks in a row already. And if you don't, there's still time to leverage the holiday season to achieve your 2012 fundraising goals. In fact, in 2011, 10% of all donations came on the last 3 days of the year. Furthermore, approximately 33% of online gifts are given in December, and donors also give 80% larger gifts on average in December.

All this according to online fundraising software company StayClassy, which created an awesome infographic about how to leverage peer-to-peer fundraising tactics to make the most out of holiday fundraising this season. So whether you're looking to make a few last-minute tweaks to your current nonprofit holiday marketing campaigns or learn some lessons you can apply to next year's holiday fundraising strategy, check out StayClassy's infographic below for some helpful holiday fundraising tips and tricks.

(Click infographic to enlarge.)


In what other ways are you nonprofit marketers leveraging the holiday season to boost your fundraising efforts?

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