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August 16, 2013

10 Brands' Twitter Marketing You Can't Help But Love

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twitter-marketing-loveSocial media conversations have evolved. Rather than broadcasting messages, users and brands are engaging in more direct communication. And the most prominent social channel for these one-to-one conversations is Twitter.

It's a good thing, too. Episerver reports that 30% of brands experience increased customer loyalty after establishing a social media presence. The thing is, some brands are doing it more often, and with a lot more heart, than others.

Because I want you to end your week on a positive note, I'd like to share some brands using Twitter the right way -- you know, conversations, personalization, the stuff that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So, here they are. Ten brands that are totally rocking modern-day Twitter marketing.

1) @SocialSamosa and @Mallikarjunan

This awesome social media agency sent free samosas to my fellow HubSpotter Sam Mallikarjunan after he tweeted about wanting some every time he saw their Twitter handle. Even though the agency is located in India, they contacted a local restaurant in Boston and had samosas delivered to Sam's office here in Cambridge. It was a yummy day.


2) @TacoBell and @RedBull

You might remember this funny exchange, but the humor still resonates with me. There's something about two big brands talking to each other with *gasp* personality that makes them both seem a little more human.


(And speaking to the previously cited customer loyalty metric, I'm also a regular Taco Bell customer, and have even convinced many co-wowrkers to give the Bell a try.)

3) @TacoBell and @MeanGirlsQuotes

For anyone who has seen Mean Girls, this Twitter moment is too epic for words. Disclaimer: Fine, I really really really like Taco Bell. Okay?


4) @Yuengling_Beer and @_Whittle

While on vacation, Sam Whittle tweeted about how wonderful it was to be drinking Yuengling by the beachside. Not only did the brand respond ... but he was welcomed home with a box of Yuengling delivered and waiting for him!


5) @Oreo and @AMCTheatres

After Oreo tweeted about sneaking its cookies into a movie, AMC Theatres cleverly responded with this image.


6) @PeterShankman and @Mortons

After Peter Shankman sent the following tweet, he was pleasantly surprised to find someone from Morton's Steakhouse waiting outside the airport with steak and bread.


7) @Jif

After the creator of gif announced to the world that his animated visuals are pronounced GIF, not JIF ... well, needless to say, well played.


8) @BostonVC, @DunkinDonuts, and @HubSpot

When our CEO Brian Halligan took over the HubSpot Twitter handle for the day around the launch of our new tool Social Inbox, we knew it'd be a fun day. What we didn't know is that David Skok from our advisory board would call him out, and then Dunkin Donuts would jump in on it!


9) @getcrackin and @krystalminer

After Krystal Miner tweeted about her pistachio addiction, Wonderful Pistachios responded in sass-tastic fashion.


10) @O2 and @grahamcummings2

All I have to say about this example is that I'm sorry I had to sensor it. And maybe it doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy ... but it's hilarious.


Bonus: Bodyform on Facebook

Why should Twitter marketers have all the fun? After a concerned boyfriend left this extensive comment on Bodyform's Facebook wall ...


... Bodyform responded with an informative video.

Hopefully these hilarious, caring, and sassy examples inspire your brand to engage in awesome and honest conversations on social media, as well!
Image credit: Penelope Else
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